Reasons why basketball is the best sport on earth

There are devotees of every sport who say their game is best. Heck, even curling players probably view stone-sliding and ice-sweeping as the ultimate athletic thrill ride. Undoubtedly, there are more people who favor team sports such as football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and yes, basketball. One blogger explains why he thinks basketball is tops.

1. With five- or even three-person sides, basketball is an easy sport to play with friends. Just round up a few buddies, and head to the local school or park.

2. Basketball players are more accessible to spectators. Their faces aren’t obscured by helmets or hats, so you can see their facial expressions and feel their emotion.

3. You can play basketball all by yourself. Unlike most team sports, you can shoot hoops alone for hours and stay entertained.

4. Crowds are arguably more intense at basketball games. Maybe it’s because screaming indoors can get really loud.

5. Basketball is always changing with the times. Relatively new additions include the shot clock, 3-point line, and instant replay on certain calls in the NBA. Meanwhile, the NFL still clings to its sudden-death overtime system that heavily favors the team that wins the coin toss.

For more reasons why basketball is No. 1, check out this blog. Share your own thoughts on which sport is best (and why) in the comments.

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This is so true. I love basketball. The best sport in the world. All ya need is some sneakers, a rock, and a hoop.