Today we are proud to announce The 2015-16 HOOP GROUP ALL FRESHMAN TEAM. Every player who has ever made First Team ALL FRESHMAN  has gone on to play Division one basketball (one player decided to play Lacrosse, but was certainly a D1 player. That player was Grace Fallon) This streak will be tested as every player on the All Freshman team of 4 years ago has signed with the exception of one (that should change before May). In previous years the ALL FRESHMAN TEAM members had appeared on the Pre- season All Freshman team, but for the 2nd year in a row.  There is a member  who did not appear in any of the pre-season teams or discussions about incoming freshman. She will join last years Freshman of Year Lucy Thomas in accomplishing this feat.





There are some things you should know. First the All Freshman team does not mean these are the best freshman in the shore, it does not mean they will be the most recruited. What it does mean, is these players had the best seasons of the 2019 class. You must understand, many talented freshman did not get the opportunity for a number of reasons to get on the floor. Sometimes talented freshman are asked to wait there turn. St. Rose’s Jen Louro did not play as a freshman and now has multiple D1 offers. RFH’s Nicole Morris spent the bulk of her freshman year watching, she today has a real case for 1st team ALL SHORE and signed at Holy Cross. The ALL FRESHMAN TEAM IS A MEASURE OF THIS YEAR ONLY.



I take these awards very seriously. I understand what these awards represent and its power. I also understand many talented kids  will be disappointed and hurt.  I also know these awards can jump start a young ladies career, like in the case of Lucy Thomas last year. I do not seek the advice from anyone when choosing the members. I will tell you this, If I hear a player has a bad attitude or not a good teammate. I check around and if it’s found to be true, that plays a big part in my decision making process. I’m very proud to say, it has only come into play twice in ALL my years.

This years freshman class was hardest to pick IN ALL MY YEARS. Sara Karpell, Isla Brennan and Dakota Adams all had real cases and a legit beef, being left off the team. Sara Karpell played against the best competition BY FAR and helped win some big games for SJV. Isla Brennan was asked to grow up faster than any other freshman in the shore. She had A MAJOR responsibility in handling the ball for her team. Dakota Adams was having a MONSTER SEASON until her injury. More proof to her value is what has happened to Manchester without her. To all  the other talented freshman who did not make the team….MAKE ME EAT MY WORDS…NOTHING WILL MAKE ME HAPPIER, use my lack of knowledge of you… as fuel. CONGRATS TO THE 2015-16 ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBERS…YOU ARE NOW PART OF A VERY EXCUSIVE CLUB.



I believe there are two high majors on this years team. All THE PLAYERS are no less than Mid Major locks….truth be told if you are a D1 coach and not know there names, you are already behind in the process. EVERY ONE OF THESE PLAYERS….PLAYED MAJOR PRIME TIME ROLES FOR THERE TEAMS.


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She is one of the most talented players to enter the Shore Conference in years. The talented freshman is already one of the best players in the state for any grade. She not only lived up to the hype this year, but proved she could handle any type pressure. In big games her performances were breath taking. She was nothing short of sensational in the SHORE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. She averaged over 17 points a game against teams ranked in the Top 10 in the state (not counting her opening game of her career). This season Faith Mansonius averaged 13.1 ppg…6.4 rebounds and 2.5 assist on the season. This was just a start to what will be a brilliant career. While playing out of position all year, Masonius at times was dominate on the biggest of stages. Her ability to impact the game in so many ways, made it impossible for most teams to prepare for her. The shooting ability along with the ball handling skills make for a dangerous combination. She no question will be one of the most recruited players in all of America… Before she has played her last game she will enter the discussion as greatest player in Shore History.





No freshman has seen their stock rise like this in all my years watching Shore basketball. She started her rise in the spring and carried into the fall where it all blossomed during the season. Her impact on the Colts Neck team cannot be understated. Her show stopping performance in the WOBM was just a start to what was to come. She averaged 14 points a game against Top 20 opponents( we will give her a pass on SJV) this season. Her shooting range and ability to score are not just rare for a freshman but remarkably consistence. Lola Mullaney scored in double figures in every game except four. This with teams game planning and double teaming her at times.  But the stat, that gets lost in Mullaney’s show stopping freshman year was her rebounding ability. Mullaney averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds from the guard spot. She will have chance to be one of the best Colts Neck history before she is done. One college coach called her another Kelly Hughes…She just may be right….maybe!





She is everything a coach wishes in a point guard. She has length, size, quickness, shooting ability, cool under pressure and can make big plays. No freshman this season had more responsibility with the ball than Rahmena Henderson this season. When things got hot Coach Brown did not take the ball out of her hands as many coaches do with freshman. Her ability to make big shots as in the buzzer beater against Marlboro was a classic example. She not only distubuted the ball, but she rebounded and most importantly KNEW WHEN TO GO GET A BASKET. Her stats for the season, are classic point guard stuff…5 points…6 rebounds…5 assists….and 4 steals a game and lights out defense. If not for this future D1 stud, Neptune would not have been able to do something they could not do last year…become a Top 20 team in the state. She never left the floor for John Brown’s team and most likely led the entire shore in minutes played. She did not appear on any Pre-Season All Freshman list or enter any discussions at the start of the season. She joins Lucy Thomas as players who were not listed as top incoming freshman, only to BLOW UP DURING THEIR FRESHMAN CAMPAIGN.




She was a freshman of the week winner, during the season. Not a easy task when you consider the Shore has 4 of the best freshman in the entire the state. There were big expectations with her arrival to TRN. She was expected to score and rebound while playing out of position all season.  Does 14 points and 6 rebounds in her first game count as answering the bell. It was like this all year for Jenna Paul who started the year as one of the best incoming freshman in the state. She scored in double figures in every game except 4; remember while playing out of position and on most nights against bigger and stronger opponents. She is a gym rat who plays  with a real edge and passion that you can’t teach. Just like you can’t teach a freshman to average 13 points.. 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Jenna Paul will be one of the best in the state for years. More importantly TRN will be ranked. I think it safe to say, she did more than just answerer the bell all year….she cracked it.





She just may be the best two way point guards in the state one day. She one day will be one of the best players in all of New Jersey. Make no mistake, this is the total package. High Majors will bang down her door in 2019. She started her high school career with 23 points and went on to score 15 points or more in her next 9 games. She was the FRESHMAN OF THE WEEK  in back to back weeks. She already is one of the most physical and hard nosed guards we have seen….dare I say it?  Since former Player of the Year Sy Davis. An award she might win herself one day. She is the ultimate gym rat, who lives and sleeps the game. Blessed with lighting quickness and a wicked handle,  make her upside down right freighting. She will help keep TRN in the ranking for the next three years. Brielle Bisogno this season averaged 13.7 points…6 assist…5  rebound and 4 steals…she is the future of the Point Guard position in the shore and maybe the entire state.





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