The best recruiters are those that can see into the future. A year ago, St. Joseph’s University of PA did just that and offered Elizabeth “Lovin” Marsicano a scholarship to join the A-10 school. It turned out to one of the best moves the school could have made. Because 2018 Swing forward, Lovin Marciano on Thursday night gave the Philly school a verbal commitment, and became a part of the St. Joseph basketball family.

When you bring up the name Elizabeth Marsicano to anyone, usually what follows next is, ”WHAT A GREAT KID”. The term great kid is tossed around rather loosely these days. But in the case of Marsicano, it fits her like a glove. No kid is more respectful to coaches, teammates and opponents than Lovin Marsicano. She is a shining of example of what a student should behave like on and off the court.  Two weeks ago she attended Academic Elite, she did not do so to help herself in the recruiting process. She did so in order to help her teammates. She asked she if could attend Academic Elite and could she play with her teammates and help them showcase better. Folks do I need to say anything more?


Marsicano loves the big lights

When Marsicano was a freshman, she showed flashes of greatness. Her ability to knock down three’s, along with her exception passing and defense was something rarely seen in freshman. But what none of us knew, was how competitive the 6’2” swing forward was, she played with fire. What really made Marsicano special was how she saved her best for the biggest stages. In fact at times she carried her team in some of the biggest games. In St. Rose’s showcase against powerhouse Long Island Lutheran,  it was the baby Marsicano, the carried the Purple Roses in the first half with her scoring and rebounding… they say a baby shall lead and that’s exactly what Lovin Marsicano showed. We just didn’t know she would do it, so often in such a small period of time. In EVERY SINGLE BIG GAME AS A FRESHMAN, SHE SHINED… right up to her last game against eventual State Champ Manasquan, as she finished her freshman year with a Double/Double in the state championship game.

By now everyone knows the St. Rose players get up every morning and shoot at 6 am. They do it because it’s a way to separate themselves from all other players and programs. Marsicano’s early morning shooting sessions have clearly paid off as she now is one of the best shooting swing forwards in the state. But what most don’t realize is that Lovin Marsicano can play all five positions. Last season in the SCT when SJV’s pressure started causing problems, Coach Joe Whalen moved his young star to the point….ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED. On Friday she and her teammates led the NBS camp in a drills run by Coach Whalen. I walked over to her court and said, “I think you can play all 5 positions, including the point. She smiled and said “you think so” ….trust me I don’t think so, I know so!


Joe Whalen continues to be a star maker

St. Joseph, has just picked up a player that could one day be the face of their program. They are not just getting a mega talent. They are getting an ambassador for years to come. Lovin Marsicano, will be that kid the alumni, classmates and fans will love. She will be the kid who represents everything that is good. I say, she may be the face of the program because she has not even  come close to what she will be in two years. Marsicano seems to get bigger, stronger and better EVERY TIME I SEE HER…. Before she plays her last high school game, she just may be one of the best players on the entire East Coast. Players with Marsicano’s skill sets are rare and almost impossible to find in a player with her size. Her skill set check list is pretty scary….Can she shoot? Check…Can she dribble? Check…Can she rebound? Check…Does she play next level defense? Check. Is she ultra-competitive? Well THAT’S A BIG CHECK… look at her track record in the biggest games St. Rose have played in her young career. She has been stellar against some of the best forwards not just in New Jersey, but the country. GREAT PERSON AND GREAT PLAYER, that’s what the face of any good program should look like…MARSICANO FITS THE BILL


Her competitive nature is special

There are few things Lovin Marsicano is still working on before is arrives at St. Joseph. Like first trying to win a SCT, TOC and National Championship as a junior. These are all real possibilities, and Lovin is a big reason why. But what is crazier is she will get to do it all over again as a senior a year later. There is only one player who has started at St. Rose every game since her freshman year for Joe Whalen, her name is Lovin Marsicano. Joe Whalen has seen her development, since she was thrown into the fire 2 years ago. He has watched her go from a shy kid, who was not sure of herself into one of the best players in New Jersey. He has watched her in the Best of Maryland out play some of the best forwards in the country. I remember when she as an 8th grader, she made her only appearance at NBS to date. She was baby and not the confident player we see today. She was upset and disappointed after her session. I tried to explain to her, she was playing against players 4 to 5 years older than her. Players going to Wake Forrest, Nova, Fordham and Rutgers. But it didn’t matter, she expected so much of herself, that competitive fire we see today…was there even then.  Who knows maybe she will come back one day to NBS and repay some young un-expecting 8th grader….LOL, not Lovin she is too good of kid to do such a thing.


Marsicano, Louro and Stoll’s  Journey started togethter!

Soon St. Rose’s two senior guards will give verbal commitments to Division one schools.  Jen Louro, Ellyn Stoll and  Marsicano, were all thrown into the fire together. The three were asked to be role players to superstars, Jess Louro and Kat Phipps. Then last year all three were asked to be STARS  when Jess Louro and Kat Phipps moved on. They have more than stepped up and now this is the last time at the rodeo together. So it only fitting they all will have chosen a college before three part ways.


Lovin Marsicano’s smile and friendly nature is something we all need more of these days. My guess is that she gets it from her two parents. St. Joseph’s University is getting ready for some good Lovin, as in Elizabeth Marsicano. Congrats to the St. Rose family, you have been better because of her. The Hawk is flying high today, because….LOVIN MARSICANO IS COMING TO PHILLY!



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