When you play on team where every player is a star, everyone must accept their role; in order to have success. There are teams in recent years with more talent that St. Rose, but few that have been better. Joe Whalen has created a culture where team is always first and the players compete against the competition and not themselves. No player has given more of herself for her team than…..ELLYN STOLL WHO GAVE NJIT A VERBAL COMMITMENT YESTERDAY.


 For the past 3 years, Ellyn Stoll has played her role to a “T” at St. Rose. But while doing so, she has been an afterthought at times. She seems to never get acknowledged for what she brings to the table. There is no doubt at times it must hurt. When it comes awards time, rarely does she get any love. This year at a sports award banquet, the entire St. Rose starting five was invited except her…trust me, she won’t admit it, but that had to hurt. When she put St. Rose on her back in the SCT and single handily tried to beat St. John Vianney, there was barely a mention of her 21 points and breath taking perfomance in the media…that had to hurt. When the All Divisional Awards were given out at the end of the year, all five St. Rose starters were honored except one. That one was Ellyn Stoll…she may smile and it may appear it doesn’t matter. But make no mistake …IT HAD TO HURT AND IT HAD TO CUT DEEPLY INTO HER CORE. While  Ellyn Stoll may have been hurt, she never changed her game in order to benefit herself. She is the ultimate teammate and will NEVER accept personally glory or attention over winning…never!


Who was St. Rose’s leading scorer against #1 team in the state, the SCT and TOC Champs this past season? Who was the St. Rose leading scorer against #2 Rutgers Prep this season? Who was one of two players in double figure scoring against Top 10 Lenape, this season? Who had 16 points, 4 dimes and a steal against #7 Franklin this season? Who had 11 points, 3 dimes, 3 rebounds, a steal and block against powerhouse Spalding of Maryland? The answer to all those questions is Ellyn Stoll. Who ran off 21, 18 16 and 15 points in consecutive SCT and TOC games to close out the St. Rose season?  The answer again is to Ellyn Stoll, now tell me a guard any guard who had a better tournament time run, last year.  You can’t… are you surprised? Of course you are, it’s the story of Ellyn Stoll’s basketball life. But you see, I pay attention to the real games. I know who is REALLY GETTING IT DONE!    Now ask yourself, HOW IN THE WORLD IS SHE NOT ON ANY THE ALL SHORE TEAM? It’s because when you watch St. Rose play she doesn’t overwhelm you. She is a quiet assassin who in every single big game for St. Rose, not only showed up but delivered the goods.


This summer Ellyn Stoll decided to play with her high school team during the AAU season. It was a risky move because she would not dominant the ball. It also meant sharing the spotlight vs dominating the spotlight. There are plenty of AAU teams that would let her throw up shots and make wild drives to the basket. She could get her’s as they say. Social media can be a tough thing on a kid with dreams. It’s hard when every day you turn around and one of your peers is on Twitter or Facebook announcing they are committing to a University. It’s then, when you find out, what a kid is really about. Do they start jacking up shots, start playing selfless; or continue to trust their time will come. But more importantly, are they happy for peers who have made their dreams come true. Ellyn Stoll is a program kid as you know and we know she passed that test with flying colors.


Mark and Robin Stoll, know what it’s like to have a talented kid with dreams. They know the pain of watching a daughter chase their dreams. Mark and Robin, have been team players every step of the way. They moved their daughter from an elite AAU team to join her high school teammates. They allowed her to get up every day at 5 pm to get to early shooting, they live 45 mins form St. Rose. They have seen the tears and the fear of not knowing what the end game would be. But they believed in their daughter and let her chase her dreams….yesterday two parents, two very kind and gentle parents….SHED TEARS OF JOY after so much doubt along the way, their daughter has accomplished her mission


Ellyn Stoll’s time came yesterday, when she gave her verbal to NJIT. But there is so much more to this Verbal that even Ellyn Stoll knows. Like of all the players in the 2017, she had picked the best academic school of all. The average SAT score for incoming freshman at NJIT is OVER 1200. She will travel and become the worldliest player in the 2017 class. She will see travel and see the country. Like to places like FLA, SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, TENN, VIRGINIA AND MICHIGAN and that’s just in conference play. She will find out that NJIT is building a spanking new sports complex. She will learn NJIT is now eligible for a NCAA automatic bid in conference play. But most of all she will find out that she has something in common with her new home. NJIT was rated by Princeton Review as the #1 underrated college in all of America.two of the best and both underrated coming together…it’s only seems right!



The NJIT basketball staff is getting it done. They’ve already created a great following at their games. Downtown Newark is becoming a real hot spot for young upward bound mobile kids. This year they hit the ultimate home run, when Dezzy Allen gave NJIT a verbal commitment.  I don’t have to tell you; how big a recruit this is… I remember Dezzy Allen father saying to me, “other shore kids may want to come and play with Dezzy”. He was right,  Ellyn Stoll and Dezzy played together when they were younger. Now they will form the best back-court in the ATLANTIC SUN CONFERENCE one day.  You can trust me on that one. The speed, defense and offensive talents these to bring to the table is insane.

I don’t want to put pressure on NJIT; If they get a stud post player. They are going to be real good, I’m talking mid major power good, I’m talking paid raise good, I’m talking NCAA GOOD…. NJIT is building the Roman Empire right under the noses of everyone….Because to be able to pick up two players of this ability in the same class is almost unheard of….folks let me remind you. I see them ALL…THIS IS THE BEST PICK UP OF ANY TWO PLAYERS IN THE SAME CLASS FROM THE SHORE EVER…I SAID EVER!


So Ellyn Stoll has now made her dreams come true. It seems only right that she will be the last of the St. Rose players that committed this summer. She finally got her due, her reward, for being one of the best players in the shore. She couldn’t do it, despite her stellar play on the court. She couldn’t do it by putting up mega stats against the very best competition in New Jersey. She never complained about giving up parts of her, while her teammates shine. Joe Whalen’s program has proven, you can play as a team, even with overwhelming talent. Coach Whalen proved being a team player doesn’t mean you can’t shine and make your dreams come true. All of his players are now reaping the benefits from his philosophy.  Bob Green, Ellen Masonious, Raheem Carter and Mike Rice all must be smiling today. They  where the people behind the curtain who made it happen for Ellyn. They all knew Ellyn Stoll, was not just a D1 lock player, but more importantly a Division 1 person and teammate.   NOW NJIT HAS HER LOCKED UP…..CONGRATS TO ELLYN STOLL… A PROGRAM KID WHO NOW HAS THE SPOTLIGHT ALL TO HERSELF.



Point Guard school starts next Monday.I never want to hear about one of our kids who can’t handle pressure or finish at the rim…coaches please get your kids to this event!

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