shore-conference-logo[1]Now that AAU is officially over the high school pre-season gets into full swing. The weight training, the running and captain practices all bring the teams closer together. It’s this time of year that makes for real team chemistry that all coaches’ hope will carry over into the season.


They are many things this time of year that will be the difference between success and failure for some teams. They say championships are won in the off season and this year nothing could be truer. There are some teams that will need to improve as a group and also as a team. It’s funny so often in off the season players and even coaches forget that individuals need to get better for a team to improve. So I have seen a number of players in the past free weeks and I think I have a pretty good feel where some players are and how it will affect their teams…so today I will give you my FIRST TRUE TOP TEN OF THE FALL…and I will tell you why there are ranked where they are..


16739743-standard[1] WHAT A TARGET ON OUR BACK AGAIN?

  1. SJV- WHY? you have to start with senior leadership of Campbell, Crouch, Pero, Caponergo and Lebron AND NATIONALLY TOP 50 JUNIOR KIMI EVANS…NOBODY HAS A FIVE LIKE THIS… All have been in major wars and have played in  TOC games. But more important it’s a senior group that has been LIVING in the gym. They have major star power on the court and on the sidelines.

WHAT WORRIES ME- This team has a major target on its back and they always play an insane  schedule. Will this catch up to them late in the season, BATTLE FATIGUE IS A MAJOR CONCERN.


B9316202196Z.1_20150210191725_000_G1O9U1IGM.1-0[1] Hey are we all buying in? I THINK YOU ARE LADIES….THAT’S JUST GREAT!

2. RFHWHY? They have the most talent in the shore top to bottom. They also have something I believe that has been missing in recent years…..chemistry. They also have some real improved players. Volker, Foos, Sabino and L. Morris have improved greatly. Then they have added Antonakakis giving them a pure point guard… this is a much different team, than a year ago.   

WHAT WORRIES ME- They don’t have an elite player who can take a over a game. What happens to the chemistry after the first bump in the road.

B9316516955Z.1_20150310212509_000_GQUA6EK4B.1-0[1] Were Just a bunch of local kids making good…oh yeah we always play the right way!

3. MIDDLETOWN SOUTHWHY? They have a top 5 player in the state in Karcz and one of the best side kicks in the shore in Haley Dalonzo a lock D1 stud. They have seasoned veteran’s who have won big games. But more importantly they finally have depth to overcome foul trouble and injuries. They have the best incoming freshman class and of course the Professor Tom Brennan gives them an edge each night on the sidelines, regardless of who they are playing.

WHAT WORRIES METhey don’t play or workout as a group in the fall. They are counting on a few babies to play major roles including Isla Brennan…how long will it take them to adjust.


st.-rose-champs-630x383[1] Everyone smile… because we now have the tools to win it all!

4. ST. ROSE- WHY? You can start with the biggest addition Lucianna Thomas.  There first five once Thomas is eligible becomes one of the best starting five’s in the shore. They have two dominant players in Thomas and Markhan at the two most important positions, point guard and Center. Elyn Stoll (another D1 lock) gives them a big time shooter and Louro ( has a D1 offer on the table) gives them an athletic defender who can score. Lovings Mashicano (already has a A-10 offer on the table) is already a star…anymore questions  

WHAT WORRIES METhe schedule is always a issue because you don’t know what’s real until they play a competitive game. Losing Jess Louro and Kat Phipps basically did all the scoring, who steps up to fill that void?


image[1] “oh that’s funny I thought you had to beat the champ to be the champ…my bad”

5. MANASQUAN- WHY? All 5 starters once Galvan comes back are D1 players. Faith Masonious could be the most talented player in the state. Stella Clarke, Addie Masonious and Dara Mabrey are a nightmare on both sides of the ball every night.  They are clearly look bigger and stronger and battle tested gym rats, this fall. Lisa Kukoda has proved to be a master on sidelines and has won it all twice and now is a seasoned vet on the sidelines.

WHAT WORRIES ME? Where is the bench and when is Galvan and Black coming back..WILL THEY BE BACK?…No Galvan and playing the elite teams is a major problem


caseys-logo[1] You see the name on the front means more than the name on the back…ALWAYS HAS …ALWAYS WILL!

6. RBCWHY? They are a year older and I don’t know of a more improved team as a group. They have a team of gym rats and most importantly ALL ARE BIGGER AND STRONGER. Katie Rice moves to ALL SHORE STATUS. Annetta Panaydes could be the most improved post player in the shore. Larkins is still a major shooter and Haley Moore gets better it seems everyday. ROSE CAVERLY is making a real bid as the best baby point guard in the shore. Catlin Carroll just may be the surprise of the year. They have a master teacher and HALL FAME COACH  on the sidelines and these Yankees could be the team with the biggest upside of all. If Tia Montange comes back 100% they could a scary group

WHAT WORRIES ME?-Rebounding, rebounding and rebounding. Points in the paint and finally post defense. Can they overcome their lack of size in against the elite teams?

surprise[1]“we just as surprised as you”

7. COLTS NECK WHY? This group have become gym rats and they are underrated as a group talent wise. The commitment this group has made this fall is amazing.Volpe is going to be a ALL SHORE PLAYER ONE DAY…Elise Brown is a major talent and possible all shore player…Lola Mullaney is one of the best freshman in the shore and Sam Roth is a seasoned guard who has played against the very best this fall. This may seem high but Glenn Jassen is building a real program.

WHAT WORRIES ME? Nobody will be sleeping on them. They are still very young and have not played in big games against big teams in a big spot. Where is the size up front?


3b346b649fb489e6-11[1] “Ladies she’s  going to need a little help”

8. NEPTUNEWHY? DEZZY ALLEN is one of the best players in the state these days. Coach John Brown has seen it all and has won it all. They still have tons of speed and shooters like Alexa Veerland. This group has played in wars.  

WHAT WORRIES ME? Who is replacing Bacon? Where I the rebounding coming from. What happens if  teams shut down Allen.

surprise[1]“wow ANOTHER SURPRISE”

9. TOMS RIVER NORTH WHY? Two  future All Shore and D1 players join the roster in Jenna Paul and Brielle Bisogno. But even more important their is already two talented young players in the program that have had big nights in Amanda Johnson and Ashley Tutzaue. Both can score and have played in some tough rivalry games. Tom River is ALWAYS WELL COACHED and play hard. This is a team come late in the year could do some damage.

WHAT WORRIES ME? They do not  play in any team events in the fall. They have a lot of two sport players who will not get into the gym until later in the fall. How long will it take Paul and Bisogno to adjust to the speed and strength of high school basketball. Finally and this is the big one, what happens when they hit on hard time? They are young and with youth comes hard times…this ranking is based more on potential than anything else.

gbballwobm3[1] ” I’m a senior and me and my teammates are living in the gym getting ready!”

10. DONAOVAN CATH- WHY? There guards are as good as anyone. All three can score and they are not afraid to compete. Molly Collins and Katelyn Borgeshi are gym rats and  as good a backcourt as you will see in terms of skills sets. Hirchsey is one of best 3 point shooters in the shore

WHAT WORRIES ME? They need help scoring and a post player to step up on both sides of the ball….but more importantly when is that signature win going to happen.





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