This Sunday Nov 2 at 3.:30 pm at Hoop Group our first Fall Girls Academic Elite will take place. I believe that every kid deserves a chance to be seen. With so much focus on Division one, me and others sometimes forget that D2 and D3 have the largest number of player’s competing at the college level. Kids feel more like a student athlete at this level than any other level of play. But what most people don’t understand is that schools at this level not only provide an opportunity for young ladies to continue their athletic career, but also allow kids to have a great OVERALL college experience. Division 2 and 3 schools often do a great job of putting together financial aid packages for kids, they don’t call them scholarship but it has the same effect as one…its takes some of the financial burden off families.

The fall Academic Elite caters to those kids who have missed or forgotten during the recruiting process. It will give that kid who wants to play in college another chance to shine. For many kids the Academic Elite can act as a spring board for kids. It can be the first time a player creates name recognition and a buzz from themselves. It’s also a great chance for young players to play in a setting with college coaches watching. Often times this time of year a talented young lady rises from the ashes and shows she is talented enough to impact a college team.

This year’s event I believe is special because we have a large number of senior players who are borderline D1 and D 2 players who will shock coaches that they are still available. Then the babies across the state this year is something to see, no question this will be a special opportunity for coaches to see young studs that they can brag to their Division one co- workers about.

Let’s hope this event is special and everyone gets behind it and we can showcase all the many kids who are talented and deserve a little attention. So often kids who work hard and do all the right things get missed… I hope this event changes that!

High School Coaches I hope that all your players attend this event. Lets give them a chance to fulfill there dreams and a chance to be in the spotlight. Most kids dream of playing in College, lets them a little help this weekend. I believe this will become a special event for years to come and another way for kids to showcase their abilities. For more information please call Eric Kessler at Hoop Group- 732 897 3196 or sign up online at
College coaches you can reach me at Tiny@hoopgroup if you have any questions!

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