Hayley Moore of RED BANK CATHOLIC right now is as good as it gets. Right now Hayley Moore, is on track to be one of the most in demand guards in the 2018 class. Right now Hayley is on track to be among the best combo guards in the shore. Right now I know few if any players in the shore that have elevated there game the way she has. This is a FACT and write it in stone, HAYLEY MOORE IS PLAYING AS WELL AS ANYONE THESE DAYS…

If you want to know why I believe Hayley Moore, is moving into elite status, I can tell you why. It has nothing to do with being one of the best shooters in the state.  It has nothing to do with her going off and I mean going off in the Cardinal Tip-off Classic where she had 30 points. By far the best performance I have seen this spring. It has nothing to do with a college coach telling me “Hayley Moore was the most improved player she saw all spring”. It has nothing to do with a D2 coach telling me “I was hoping people, would be scared of her size, but after this weekend, it going to be almost impossible” Guest what she is 100% correct. But these are not the reasons why Hayley Moore is so special these days. Not having an agenda and just focusing on getting better is the real reason. She is special because she figured out that ego’s and lack of work are the reasons why players sometimes can’t take their game to the next level.


In the spring, so often you hear kids talking about what schools are recruiting who. They talk about what college elite camps they will be attending; That’s all about ego.  They talk about their powerhouse AAU teams. They brag about winning AAU TOURNMENTS AND WHAT COACHES WERE WATCHING; this is about pride. This time of year of you have parents and players sucking up to AAU coaches. This is about trying to gain a edge. This time of year players often talk about working hard, but yet you don’t see it in the performance. This about fooling ones self and not GETTING BETTER. So many kids dream of playing at the next level. But when trying to make their dreams come true..MORE IS SAID AND LESS IS DONE for so many.

Many times I tell a player here is what you should do in the spring. Many hide and don’t want to be seen in hopes that nobody will notice that lack of improvement. Especiallyby somebody that may talk to college coaches. I may say attend NBS and Point guard school for example. I explain work on the weakness that college coaches know you have. Create a reputation as a gym rat. I also say please stop worrying about recruitment. The most important thing a player can do is get better. I remember when the great Jackie Kates went to the Northwestern Camp as a sophomore. I begged her not to go because I felt she was not ready. She went to the camp and was not ready. But she used that as motivation and became to this day the best pure point guard these eye has ever seen. Getting better became her mission, not being recruited. There is not player that has lived and died this spring with this approach more than HAYLEY MOORE.


Hayley Moore does not talk to be about recruiting. She talks to me about how she is playing. I told her you need to attend NBS not once a week but both. That’s exactly what she did this spring. I told her to get stronger, but don’t lose herself in the weight room. Because what happens on the court is more importantly. This is exactly what she did this spring. I told her playing for Eligh Allen was more important than ego tripping about what AAU TEAM she played for…I told her to worry  more about getting better…that’s exactly what HAYLEY MOORE HAS DONE THIS SPRING.

I love guards that can finish in traffic, at 5’6” and with a thin frame. Hayley Moore right now finishes at the rim at good as any guard I know. She can quick shot you or finish high off the glass. She now has one of the best handles in the shore and NOBODY SHOOTS OFF THE DRIBBLE like her….NOBODY. When college coaches see her this summer, they are going to be in total shock. Because her post feeding, shooting in the transition an defense have all gone to the next level. This is why I tell you right now, there are few combo guards living in her world. But it all started with her doing one thing…..WORRYING ABOUT GETTING BETTER FIRST!



I often tell kids get in the gym and work on the things they must get better at. I tell them to focus on their game first. But often times AAU rolls around and kids fall into the trap. They practice and train with their AAU teams. The games begin and then it becomes a routine, week after week after week. Then June rolls around and those players are still the same player as a year ago…inconsistence, flashes and no meaningful improvement you can see. Hayley Moore is not one of the players, they say the proof is in the pudding. Right now the pudding is tasting and looking very good for HAYLEY MOORE. She has willed herself into a real problem for all opponents. Next season Joe Montano is going to have a weapon of weapons…why? She has found that consistency all the great ones have …night in and night she gets it done. I watched her at the Showdown and she had 15 points and a bucket of dimes in win and yet….she was not happy. She dropped 20 in her first game and never even mentioned it. This is what happens when your game gets to the next level…. SHE IS NEVER SATISFIED.



HAYLEY MOORE is the poster child right now for how to get your game to the next level. She and her parents made a smart move by making her think long term. They stopped worrying about anything except getting better. The reward for this, is now Hayley Moore has a real case for being as good as anyone wearing a pair of sneakers these days, who plays her position. She’s taken on the task of getting better and out working everyone….she has now clearly separated herself from so many others. It’s an example of letting your hard work do the talking.  Fantasy is when you what to feel good about something…DREAMS are when you work for something….HAYLEY MOORE is working and these days… there are FEW IF ANY ARE BETTER!







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