Hoop Group Shooting Camp I June 23-27

We just concluded with our first shooting camp of the summer! We had a great week of instruction, shooting drills, game –play, combined with lectures from some of the best shooters in the world. The campers this week were not only a talented group, but they were motivated to improve their shots while at camp. Our staff, composed of college and varsity high school coaches, worked hands-on with our campers with the goal of improving their shot mechanics and developing shot consistency. Legendary college coach and Naismith Hall of Famer Herb Magee came to camp Monday to speak with our campers and put them through a shooting workout. On Wednesday night, New York Knicks Shooting Coach Dave Hopla came to work on the court with our campers, speaking with them and putting them through a shooting-skill development workout. This was a great group of shooting campers! We loved working on the courts with them and getting to know them off the court as well. Listed below are the award winners we had from this week’s session.
Award Winners

Early Bird Workout Star:
ACC: Nyle and Raja Coleman
SEC: Dimas Broco
NBA: Gerado Mari
Free Throw Champ:
ACC: Mason White
SEC: Carlton Coleman
NBA: Sean Melville
Hot Shot Champ:
ACC: Nick Genco
SEC: Akash Patel
NBA: Vincent Santo
Floor General:
ACC: Noah Charles
SEC: Ll’rae Robinson
NBA: Andres Casanova
Mr. Hustle:
ACC: Josiah Hardy
SEC: Greg Nunez
NBA: Ignacio Gutierrez
Most Improved Player:
ACC: Dakota Ticheli
SEC: Gabriel Ramos
NBA: Shahee Aurelus
All-Star Game MVP:
ACC: Charles Harris
SEC: Jon Ware
NBA: Trey Perry
ACC: Charles Harris
SEC: Isaiah Johnson
NBA: Martin Bedulskij
Team Champs:
ACC: Kevin Warmke, Ian Wurch, Mike Boyle, Gunnar Schuelzky, Faust Ystueta, Charles Harris
SEC: Carlton Coleman, Dimas Broco, Milliam Garcia, Andre Paul, Lloyd King, Dan Meehan, Gabriel Ramos, Thomas Christine
NBA: Martin Bedulskij, Gio Nadiradze, Elias Ezenekwe, JJ Montefour, Julian Castro, Jorge Rivera, Abidel Martinez, Fabian Rivera

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