I have known Jennifer Louro and her family, since she was in 5th grade. There are salt of the earth type people.  They are honest good people. They believe in god and service to others. It’s just who they are and what they believe. Jen Louro plays for one of the best high schools in the country. Some say she is the best two way guard in the shore conference and maybe the state. She has proven when matched up against elite players, she shines the most. Jen Louro is much like the former Hoop Group Player of the Year, her sister Jessica Louro. She has a way of playing her best when faced with her biggest challengers and on most night she has come out on top. That is why her recruiting process for most would have been stressful, but Jen Louro is not most. She has always been her best when under pressure. It’s the #1 reason she will be attending U-Mass Lowell who swooped in and scooped up one of the best two guards in the shore Conference.



Sitting at Academic Elite a young assistant coach, named WILL ALTON came up to me and asked what many coaches were asking that night. Where was Jennifer Louro at in the recruiting process at this time? I told the young assistant coach, “she had a numbers of offers” and was waiting on a school she liked a lot. The school was going to give her an answer on August 7th. I told him he to contact her after that, he said “I’m calling her tomorrow” He did just that and convinced her to visit. The next day I got a strange call from Jennifer Louro, she said “Tiny I love U-Mass Lowell” I thought to myself that’s just the excitement of coming off a visit. But then the next day at NBS camp, Jen Louro walks into my office. I said “you still like it” she said “ NO…I love it”. It was then I paused and asked her a tough question. I said do you like it better than the school you are waiting on ….she said “Yes”. It was then I called that school and said I need to tell you, that Jen Louro just told me your are in a dog fight. How much of a dog fight, where they in? Let’s put this way U-MASS LOWELL  put on a recruiting clinic. JENNIFER LOURO KNEW…. U-MASS LOWELL WAS HER REAL LOVE!


Two days later Jen Louro gave a commitment to Lowell-UMass that school she once loved is in her conference and will have to deal with her for 4 years…GOOD LUCK! Because Jen Louro has a college ready body right now. She is without question the best lock down guard not only in the shore, but the state. Jen Louro, folks has turned the light out on just about every top guard in the shore and the state. Her quickness and toughness are off the charts. Now throw in a player with a real edge and you have something very special.  But what is really separates Jen from so many others is the track record.


After learning the St. Rose way as a freshman, watching from the bench. As a sophomore Jennifer played the role of Robin to her Player Of The YEAR sister, Jessica. But it was against National Ranked Long Island Lutheran and it All American guard Boogie Brozoski, Jennifer showed what we now take for granted. It was against the #1 team in the Tri state area, that Jennifer Louro did not score a point but easily could have been the MVP, if there was one. She hounded the All American Boogie, all afternoon. She hounded her to the point, where Boogie had enough and fouled out of the game. It was her defense that set the table and allowed St. Rose to become the new #1 team in the Tri State. Jen Louro has ruined so many great guards parties, it old news.  Manasquan, SJV, Middletown South, Rumson all with superstars guards and they have one thing in common  with Boogie.  They have met the QUEEN OF DARKNESS and suffered the same results… a PLACE WITH NO LIGHTS. It’s this reason, everyone was so surprised when she had 14 points, 6 rebounds, 5 dimes and 3 steals in the TOC championship against Manasquan as a sophmore. We are so use to her doing the little things that go unappreciated. That why her 19 points against Middletown South the 9th ranked team in the state went also un-mentioned. Jen Louro is use to that, what she is not use to is losing.


“Sometimes anger is a key motivator that gets people to take action. What we consider as negative traits are actually helpful in molding us. We will use a negative emotion if needed to push people to do things that will change them for the better. Personally, I don’t want a Coach that is going to bribe me with a plate of cookies and tell me to have faith, things will work out. Actually, I rather have a Coach that screams, “Get the hell off your …, stop feeling sorry for yourself”. A little anger in a person can push them to do amazing things. What we consider as negative traits are actually helpful in molding us. We will use a negative emotion if needed to push people to do things that will change them for the better” …Jen Louro text to Joe Whalen after her verbal



St. Rose has won just about everything there is to win in Jen Louro’s time, except a TOC, SCT and National title. If St. Rose wins all three this year, she will become the biggest winner of any player in shore history, along with her side kick Ellyn Stoll. She has won conference titles, and states titles but to win a National Title on top of  all that would put her in rare air. She is the leader of the St. Rose team. The captain and the heartbeat of the team. She learned those traits from her big sister. Now she will try to put them to use this season. She willed herself into one of the best three point shooters in the state. She is a model of consistency. If there is one thing Joe Whalen can count on every night… JENNIFER LOURO is going to get it done and it doesn’t really matter who it is against.aa

The Best of Maryland Title is just small potatoes to what Jen Louro is trying to do. Maybe it’s why she never let the recruiting process get the best of her. She could have picked a number of school that offered her. But she was waiting on her dream school. She thought she had found it, but sometimes waiting leads you to the place you were meant to be.  I never saw Jennifer Louro smile as much as she did that morning after her visit. I remembering asking her about that August 7th  date the other school talked about. But she seemed to not be listening to me, she had this far away look in her eyes, the look a girl gives you when she has found a new love….that new love was U-Mass Lowell! 


I called Dr. Louro after talking with Jennifer, that day after her visit and said  “I hope your OK with what am about to tell you, I said I think your daughter is going to U- Mass Lowell”. Dr. Louro was in Costa Rica watching his daughter older daughter Jessica and Middle Tennessee play. He said “Tiny I want her to take her time and let’s see how she feels in a few days.” It didn’t last that long, because Jennifer Louro had made up her mind…she had found her dream school.  A school that had her major, coaches who made her feel very special. They knew things about her that all the other schools combined did not know. She was amazed that a school could do so much for a player they basically had known for a few weeks. But it was love at first sight and it was real love….JENNIFER LOURO AND U-MASS LOWELL are a match made in heaven, AND NOTHING IS CHANGING THAT.


But that was not the end of the Jennifer Louro story. Her father, Dr. Louro asked me to not to put her decision out on social media, until she spoke to every coach that had offered her. She even called a few that didn’t. She gave these schools, the very courtesy that some schools never gave her during the recruiting process. I was amazed by her maturity, CLASS AND GRACE for such a young person. Sometime the next day a coach who had seen her at Academic Elite called me and said, “hey did Jennifer Louro verbal”. I stopped dead in my tracks, because this was a longtime friend’s son. He said I spoke to her yesterday and was hoping she come to campus. He said “it’s cool, I just wish I could have danced with her earlier” I said “me too”. Then I called Jennifer, to tell her he called.  She said “OMG I forgot about them” I said no worries, I spoke to them. She said nope “I need to call them”…..IT’S CALLED CLASS and a few college coaches could learn a bit about it, from Jennifer Louro and her Family… (I WILL DISCUSS THIS IN FULL DETAIL AT A LATER TIME)


This is not the end of Jennifer Louro’s story. She will still get up at 6am every morning shoot. She will still be the heartbeat of her super team of D1 players. The only thing that will change, is that JENNIFER LOURO  is now joining her sister in the D1 basketball world.….CONGRATS TO U-MASS LOWELL FOR DOING A MASTERFUL JOB…and landing one of the best two play players in New Jersey….JENNIFER LOURO OF ST. ROSE HIGH SCHOOL.




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