I normally do a written blog when a player gives a verbal. But in the case of Molly Weiss, I feel these is a lesson to be learned. The lesson is that your education should always come first in picking a school. Molly Weiss has worked as hard as any kid I have ever had. I am not sure I have ever had a player, that had more of a connection with. Molly did not come into high school with a big time reputation or hype. She has willed herself into a great player. I also want you to know that Molly Weiss,  right up to last week was trying to make a big decision. She had set up visits with two Division 1 schools, but decided to cancel those visits. I think she felt some how she let me down. It was hard for her to tell those Division 1 school “NO” for two reasons. First playing Division 1 was a dream of hers. But  she knew that her education  carried more weight…..

Emory ranked 9th-best national university by U.S. News & World Report magazine”


This is WHY SHE CHOSE EMORY UNIVERSITY...MOLLY WEISS I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU…. not seeing you everyday will leave a HOLE IN MY HEART, when you are off to college becoming a ALL AMERICAN.

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