With a rash of verbal commitments, I have had to put the NBS camp recap on the back burner. I apologize for the delay, but I think we will all agree it was great week for many kids who have fulfilled they dreams. Many of those kids where at the NBS camp and did a great job.

The Division one count at NBS was 44 and it is why the NBS Camp is a must for any kid trying to challenge themselves as a player. The early bird workouts that started at 8am was attended by the half the camp. This is what separates gym rats from the players and folks there is a major difference. This year’s camp, Molly Weiss proved she is moving into elite status. We also saw two new talented freshman to gain stream on the freshman class. Both were not household name freshman most of the year, but clearly have moved up the ranks.



The NBS Camp MVP was Molly Weiss, and folks this was not up for debate. Molly Weiss entered high school as virtual unknown and right now, is one of the best pure point guards in the state. Now those are strong words folks. But the facts are the fact, and this week at NBS camp she was at her best all week. Now here is why Molly Weiss was special this week. First she can be coached hard, why is that important? Because coaches love to messages to their teams, though their point guards. Next, her ability to make quality decisions regardless of the pace of the game. I will tell you of the 44 D1 players at this year’s camp. None had the impact of Miss Weiss. I believe Molly Weiss will be the floor leader of a future conference championship team at the next level. Coaches, I think the video will say it all.


Academic Elite was just the start for Paige 

Next when you talk about Top Freshman in the 2020 class, the names Camryn Foltz and Kylee Watson (not from the shore) are sure to be the first two that pop up…at least by college coaches. But make no mistake there are two players making a rapid move to the top of that list. The 2020 shore class was once thought to be one of the weakness in years. But here is something to think about, this year’s guard group is deeper that last years. First Paige Slaven has clearly had a light go on since the end of July. Her performance at the Academic Elite was an eye opener for all. She had college coaches buzzing. But guess what? She backed it all up with a stellar week at NBS. Folks this young lady is going to make a real case for the 2020 All-Freshman team. While the reputation may not be as big as some others. Make no mistake her game right now is saying volumes.


St. Rose Freshman Molly Lynch is a D1 LOCK

Now Kristen Somoygi said this to me “Molly Lynch is the first or 2nd best freshman point guard in the state” I did not respond to that text. The reason I did not was because I didn’t want to disagree with Kristen. Well guess what Kristen Somogyi? I will go you one step further. Right now she IS the best incoming freshman point in the state. Those are some bold words, but from what I saw at NBS camp, let me be very clear and college coaches you better listen. MOLLY LYNCH IS OFFICIALLY A D1 LOCK PLAYER. Now you have to understand, Molly Lynch at NBS played heads up against 6 current guards, already committed to D1 schools and no less than 12 other guards. Now here is what Molly Lynch showed me last week. First, she the most consistence shooter from the guard spot of any baby I’ve seen this summer. Next her ability to handle the ball against pressure and against older physically stronger D1 players, is a serious step up in her game. Finally and don’t under estimate this….she is as mentally and physically as tough as any kid in the 2020 class. For that kid to come into NBS and do what she did…was shocking, college coaches the tape don’t lie.



The week got off to a surprising start, because in a gym packed with talent. Ariana Dalia, of St. Rose was the player of the day. The young lady showed a nice shooting touch and more importantly an ability to defend in the post and on the perimeter. The crazy thing about this young lady is this. I believe she starts for every single team in the shore expect two. Now am not going to predict what level this young lady will play at…but you have to admit, being a player of the day at NBS is very impressive, when you consider who she is playing against. This young lady has a big future and college coaches will need to watch the video and pay college attention, because she is sitting behind 6 post/swing Division players. Think Lauren Lithgow her teammate who also had a great week at NBS. Lithgow will be one of the best in the entire state, once she gets into the lineup.


Because of High School practice, Lola Mullaney could only attend 3 days of NBS. Now understand nobody, repeat nobody is in the gym like Lola Mullaney. But let me just say this and move on, LOLA MULLANEY IS FUTURE POWER 5 SCHOOL PLAYERS. I recently told an Atlantic 10 head coach Lola Mullaney would be player of the year in her conference, if she could get her. Lola Mullaney at NBS camp, asked everyday…”are we playing games” Now why is that so impressive? Because folks Mullaney just came off the summer recruiting period, that’s why. She loves to play and trust me, she will be in the running for Player of the Year one day. NOBODY shoots off the dribble better and nobody finishes at the rim better…nobody. Let that rattle around your head…I just said nobody. But most importantly have you ever seen a kid, who continues to improve this rapidly?


Jess Board was a BEAST!

Now at one point over a two day period, Jess Board too over the camp. She just became dominate and there were many who believe she was the camp MVP. Board who was a Player of the Day winner and sure felt that the MVP winner could have been her. College coaches you better listen, this is a not only future D1 player. But I don;t believe we have seen anything of what she will become. She flat out was a beast! and for the record college coaches I did call it… read ( http://hoopgroup.com/headquarters-blog/uncategorized/improved-player-award-team/)

Now my favorite part of the week, just may have been watching Dezzy Allen and Ellyn Stoll both who will be attending NJIT. Folks NJIT is going to be dancing in the next few years. Don’t tell me anyone at that level has two guards like these two coming into the same class. This reminds me when NJIT stole Sara Olson and I said she would be their best player. Well she was there best player and Monmouth’s too. Allen and Stoll are going to rip that conference apart…must like they did at NBS.


Emily Cramer was put on a show right out the gate

Now there were some real sleepers at NBS this year.  Emile Cramer of PA, a 5’11 freshman guard is going to be special. If you played in the shore, she would have been a Top 5 freshman. The young lady drove 2 hours to get to the camp. Now there is no question at some point D1 schools will be trying to get her name on the dotted line. But a much improved Cramer at times looked her the best player in the gym

Megan Hughes of Pt Boro has quietly slipped up the D1 radar.  NO WORRIES MEGAN….Folks remember I will say “I told you so” at some point. Megan Hughes was great all week. Her ability to score and play two positions make her valuable to any school at the next level….NBS again proved she is one of the best. Looking forward to saying “I told you” real soon.

Now 8th grader Erin Martin, played in the high school division at NBS. She is from Florham Park and coaches you better learn this name quick. Erin, is the total package, she has size, quicks, vision and zero fear. The young lady got hurt on Thursday and spent the next two days dribbling on the sides lines for 6 hours….special young talent.


Julia Setaro came out of nowhere

*****Now look I want everyone to remember this name …Julia Setaro of RBC. I am telling you this kid is going to shock everyone. NO player this summer surprised me more than this young lady. I believe this season, she is going to help RBC win a big game at some point. Her quickness and ability to defend, while also get to the rim, was as good as any guard this will week. I couldn’t not have been more impressed.


Speaking of RBC, Rose Caverly is the ultimate leader away from the court. Not only did she have a great week. But her biggest strength is her ability to bring others in the mix away from the court. Her social skills and leadership skills are off the hook. It’s reason she is the apple of so many D1 schools….


Eve Crawford won the guard one on one title

The Crawford Twins Eve and Mayam showed up at NBS and did what they always do…ball out. Eve won the One on One for guards.  Both players are special and no question proved that they can play against any level of competition. Plus I got to drive with them every morning. College coaches these are two impact players at the next level.

Lastly I want to say a few words about Hayley Moore. I believe Hayley Moore had as good a summer as any player this summer. I also believe if she didn’t show me anything at NBS, she showed me this. I believe Hayley has a chance among the 10 best players in the shore conference this year. She seems to enjoy playing against the best competition and more importantly…she plays because of her love for the game….bravo Hayley we tease and joke each other, but make no mistake….my respect for you and the way you carry yourself makes me very proud!


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The competition all week was great. Kids got in the gym worked hard and did what is most important. Get better…coaches you will have a full cheat sheet (some players have already committed) in your box with the video….if you have any question please e mail me at Tiny @hoopgroup.com




The NBS fall dates will be up tomorrowonly current members may sign up until next Thursday. Then we will open NBS up to the public for all remaining spots. This year you must send in a $50 dollar deposit in order to save you spot after signing up online. We are waiting to hear, if college coaches will be allowed to visit NBS this year. If that is the case, we will no question be forced to add a 2nd session. There will no exceptions this year regarding registration. One day sign ups will be put on hold till we can find somebody for them to partner up with to take the 2nd day.

Point Guard

If you are wondering why I am URGING kids to attend PG this year, it’s simple. This past year, I have had number of players who college coaches said they ball handling was not up to par. I believe that kids must learn the proper drills and then be shown the proper way to use them. High school coaches I strongly urge you to encourage your kids to attend this event….I believe our kids can only learn from such powerful teaching events. REGISTRATION http://hoopgroup.com/hoop-group-headquarters/new-jersey-summer-basketball-camps/basketball-101-camp/

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