The NBS camp came to a close last week and as is the case every year, there were a number of surprises. The talent in the gym at times was shocking to me. The speed of play was probably the most noticeable thing that jumped out at me. The babies at this event might be the deepest group of talented young players we have seen in a few long time.

The Breakout player– Every year somebody shows up at NBS and blows up…this year, it was Caitlin Carroll
unnamedwho was sensation from day one folks, her feel for the game and shooting ability the entire week could not be questioned. The RBC freshman sat out last season due to Heart Surgery. This young lady has a big future and Joe Montano has to be a happy man. Carroll’s understanding of the game combined with her ability to see the floor made her as good as any player that stepped foot in the gym last week. Miss Carrol has to be the surprise of the summer and RBC in my mind just got an impact player. By the way, Joe Montano again showing class as he according to the father of Carroll, checked in on this kid and made sure she felt part of the RBC family all year….NOW YOU KNOW WHY JOE MONTANO IS ON MY MOUNT RUSHMORE OF HIGH SCHOOL COACHES.


Rising 8th grader Faith Masonious will basically become one of the best players in the shore the day she enters high school Why? not just talent but she already has big time leadership skills. What concerned me with Masonious was work ethic and attitude (I called her out in front of the whole camp on Monday), but both those questions were answered. Through out the week she not only was one the hardest workers but also responded BIG TIME to any type coaching, which in my book speaks volumes to her character.

Nicole Johnson
unnamed this east brunswick native was MVP of the point guard camp 2 weeks ago, showed no fear this past week and was one of the freshman who adapted to the speed and talent in the building from day one. While some star babies were still adjusting. This is a future D1 lock player who if she played in the shore would be a household name.

Danielle Jordan folks looked as if nobody told her she was playing against some of the best players in New Jersey as she scored in every way possible, driving to the basket, jump shots or in transition. The Future D1 stud lived up to the hype big time. St. Rose is very lucky FOLKS!

Jen Louro, showed that it’s about working everyday, by Friday she clearly had found her comfort zone as she preformed better each day. The younger sister of the Hoop Group Player of the Year, Jen Louro is making a name for herself and last week she proved that Joe Whalen can count on her next season. Jen Louro is someone every college coach better pay attention too.

The baby that had to shock everyone the most had to be Hayley “The GYM RAT”
unnamed Moore, Here seen with former NBS and current Bucknell asst coach Katie Adams. Moore it seems to be getting stronger and bigger each time I see her. She had a monster week on the offensive side of the floor. The young lady has a gift for making shots, but what is most impressive is that she can score against anyone regardless of the level of the player guarding her. She is instant offense and college coaches remember you heard this here…WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! RBC folks just may have the sleeper freshman of the year, if last week was any indication of what she can become.

There were many so other talented babies at this event it would take forever to list. The pace of the games is something some talented kids must get use too, but all in all it clear we are going to hear from all of them in due time.

THE POST PLAYERS– This group of post players all will be special one day. The Work ethic of these kids all week was outstanding, starting with last year’s camp MVP Tori Pozsonyi who will attend Colgate University. I can’t list everyone but here is a small sample.

Gabbie Davis showed she could play with the best

The post player story of the week had to be GABBIE DAVIS, the 5’11” highly skilled power forwarded needed a day or two to get started but once she did, there was no stopping this young lady. For those who remember Kristen Sharkey, Gabbie Davis will remind you of her. She is physically and has every post move you can ask for a young post player. THIS IS A COLLEGE COACHES RED ALERT.

6’1” Christina DiCindio who will on day play at a major college was brilliant before twisting an ankle. DiCindio, folks not only has a work ethic but her attitude is really what separates her from so many kids, she is totally about getting better and learning. I believe she could be the best young post player in New Jersey.
DiCindio is one the best young post players in New Jersey

Victoria Galvan is flat out the best passing post player since Jackie Dluhi of Wagner College. Not only can the 6’1” Galvan pass, she is a very good 3 point shooter for someone her size, now throw in the fact that is very physical and rebounds in traffic and you have the making of a very good player…No post play this week was move active in games.

Hannah Scanlan of blew me away with her athleticism folks, it’s not even a discussion the 6’1” Hannah Scanlan is the most athletic post player… that I’ve seen in while. Hannah had an injury at camp and to play it safe is done for two weeks. But let me say this, if this young lady improves her right hand and continues to develop we don’t know what she will become. Because as far as raw talent, there are feel like.

Can Panayides give RBC some needed size up front?

Another interesting player was Annetta Panayides, who is transferring to RBC. Folks this kid has a chance and at times showed flashes, playing against other top rated post players. With RBC lacking size this young lady could be a nice piece to Joe Montanto’s team next year. I believe she could be an asset, but the real question is will she be able to step it up against the shore elite competition, this week she showed it’s possible.

Amanda Quintero
is going to made somebody look real smart one day. She gets better and better each time I see her. The 6’0” powerhouse is learning the AAU ropes and I believe this time around at nationals in DC, college coaches are going to see a future D1 player. I love her strength and toughness, as she continues to learn the game she will become much more effective.

Finally a kid outside the Shore Cecil Cohen just beat up on everyone all week and made a nice name for herself. Cecil was named player of the week for girls division and she earned it with her all around aggressive play.
Cohen was a surprise MVP in the girls Celtics Court

PLAYERS TAKING THE NEXT STEP- The future in the Central Jersey and the Shore is in good hands…

Stella Clark for my money is as good as any point guards my eyes has ever seen. First start with the toughness and motor, both are unmatched. Now throw in the improvement, Stella Clark is a much improved shooter as she banged out shots all week long. It was beautiful display this young lady put on all week.

Josie Larkinsunnamed folks, is known as a 3 point shooter, but what is lost is her improved ball handling and passing skills. But what I like most about Larkins is this….SHE DEFENDS. Great Shooters who defend are just so darn hard to find these days but not in the case of Miss Larkins. Larkins is on her way to being a special player in the Shore Conference, because she is becoming a two way stud.

Addie Masonious who also appears to have stepped her came up with much improved strength and decision making. I felt at times last season she was out of control, but we saw none of that last week. In fact Masonious took care of the ball last week as well as in kid in the building and the Manasquan should be very happy come next year. Addie is a team leader and her biggest strength is that is enjoys winning as a team….EVEN IN A CAMP SETTING!

Nicole Morris, who was back in the gym after sitting out the first recruiting period, looked super all week. Morris who is one of the most sought after point guards in the shore looked as if she didn’t miss a beat. No question she is ready for a monster season.
Future D1 studs Kelly Crouch and Nicole Morris were all smiles

Kelly Crouch of SJV also had what can only be considered a special week as she showed everyone why she may be the best passing guard in the Shore Conference. Crouch also is now is developing a very dependable 3 point shot. Crouch who already has D1 offers is becoming a very special player that makes teammates better…who doesn’t like that.

Megan Hughesimages who only attended camp one day, proved in one day, she folks is the real deal and no question one day will be one of the top players in the shore and on every college coaches hit list. I was shocked how much bigger and stronger this kid has gotten…College Coaches she is a kid you better get to know.

Sam Roth of Colts Neck in my opinion has a real chance to become one of the better point guards in the shore. She has great vision and is finally starting to fill out. Now the shot is getting better and I believe she is playing with more confidence than ever. On Wednesday Sam Roth played as well as young guard in the gym…Let’s wait and see but I have this real good feeling about this kid.

Molly Weiss has the skills sets…ALREADY

Molly Weiss, most of you don’t know her name or even where she attends high school. Well let me explain something to parents. Make sure your kids have high end skills sets, because at some point they will grow and get stronger. When this kid gets stronger watch out, her basketball IQ reminds me of Kelly Crouch and she is a gym rat…remember coaches you heard it here first and I will remind you one day…see the future folks and this kid future is bright..

Congrats to MVP Tori Hyduke…

For the first time ever at NBS a rising freshman was MVP of the week. This week the NBS camp had 36 Division one players walk in the gym NOT counting Grace Stant and Alex Barazotti who only came to camp one morning because of their team practicing following NBS. Tori Hyduke folks was dominant and I mean dominant from day one of the camp. Her ability to score in the lane or on pull up shots simply put her in a different category for the week. She was voted Player of the week in a 10-0 vote. But what made Hyduke special this week was not the offense but the defense and sheer toughness, she is as physical of a guard as I have ever seen. Watching her and Stella Clark battle was like watching a MMA match. Hyduke is a total gym rat, who we had to force to leave the gym some days. With her high school practices at night I told her she had to rest and her response to me “ I want to play” There is no question Tori Hyduke is going to be a player of the year candidate in the Shore Conference at some point. College Coaches if you don’t know her, then get ready because this is one of the rare ones that comes around once in a while. Let’s hope this young lady stays humble and continues to work.

The NBS camp is brutal folks many kids, were involved in their high school and AAU practices during the same time as NBS. Each day was filled with 3 hours of competitive skill work… Former FDU great Eligh Allen conducted the early bird Ball handling at 8am and the great Mary Beth Chambers did the same for Early bird Shooting. Yet no kids complained or made excuses despite me being a pain in the butt. This camp is a mental test as well as a physical test. Like every year I got to see which kids had both and which kids need a little help.


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