Next week we will begin our CORE SKILLS PRE- SEASON training at Hoop Group headquarters. Its an event that allows kids to work on every skill set they need to become a better basketball player. With AAU out of the way most kids now have a chance to work on their skill sets on a regular bias, while focusing on their high school team bonding, workouts. They are now able to spend some real time in area’s that need work. The problem is most kids really don’t understand how to prepare for a up coming season. In some cases kids do not really know their weakness.

Core Skills is a great way for a player to prepare for the coming season

When a player starts their preparation for the up coming, there are many things they must take into consideration. They must decide what is the objective of their Pre- Season program. This can range from getting stronger to getting in better condition. Maybe the goal is become a better ball handler or shooter. Maybe the goal is to become a better defender.

Regardless of the what your objective is you must have a game plan and be consistence in your workouts. Because what I have found to be a fact of life is this…show me a kid who is consistence in their workouts and I will show you a kid who has improved. Now that may sound easy, but let me explain something to you…getting to the gym is the hardest thing for most kids to do when trying to improve. For example Molly Weiss of Colts Neck High School has improved to the point where college coaches are calling about her these days…Why? because she has been totally committed to her workouts this fall. Grace Stant of RFH has been a total BEAST THIS FALL. These kids will roll in the pre season part of the fall, with a attitude of improvement on their mind

There are some very important things that I believe all kids should do this time of year. First they must understand there preparation for their up coming season starts NOW! The workouts that lead up to your season must look totally different that what they have looked like the past 3 months. If your training work out do not involve transition, competitive trapping and shooting drills something is wrong.

Next every player most set goals for the up coming season, before they even start their Pre Season workouts, this time of year. Please don’t tell me your excited about you up coming season and you don’t have goals. Every player should have personal, team and statistical goals. I believe these goals must be written down on a piece of paper where a player can see them every day. This can be on the front door of their room to on the refridge. The bottom line is that the player must see these goal everyday. More importantly they need to see them everyday because it reminds them if they are serious,they must work toward those goals daily.

Some players may have dreams of playing in college and these goals must be discussed and worked at achieving everyday. The player must be realistic in their approach and understand their ability. Once a player has done they MUST COME UP WITH A GAME PLAN. If your name is Grace Stant, Marina Mabrey, Nicole Morris or Kelly Campbell, you may not need a plan. But most players need to get coaches attention. They need to create name recognition….WHATS YOUR PLAN? You better have one and it better include reaching out to a number of people, that can advocate for you

Kuster got better and had an Advocate

Finally the number one thing I tell every kid this time of year. You better get BETTER. Because at the end of the day it always come down to how good of a player you are. This is why this time of year I urge kids to be in a training program that forces you to compete and work hard. I believe programs such as CORE SKILLS gets kids ready and challenges them to be consistence in there workouts. The Pre Season is here and I hope everyone set their goals and works toward achieving them...its your future!

CORE SKILL PRE -SEASON TRAINING AT HOOP GROUP….Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm-7:30pm to register

The High School league Continues tomorrow and I will have a update about the young exciting Colts Neck Team on Thursday..its a talented group of kids.


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