Many times at Academic Elite (July 29th) college coaches will ask me to break up players on the same AAU team. They want to see players out of their comfort zone. They want to see if players can adopt to the UNKNOWN players they are playing with. Many times coaches ask me to extend the skill session. They want to see if kids can pick up new drills and yet still be able to perform at a high level. Most college Elite camps are filled with drills. The 5 on 5 is important. But there is nothing like competitive drills to either expose or enhance a players profile. Taking them out of their comfort zone does exactly this!


Many times a college coach will call me and ask how a player looks at NBS. The reason coaches do this is because NBS is mega competitive. This spring for example is the most competitive spring session ever. There are two top 50 players in the session and 4/5 best freshman in the state. There are 4 of the top incoming 8th graders and without question the best group of young post players in the state. The spring NBS has taken on a feel of the fall NBS. This spring NBS HAS CLOSE TO 30 D1 LOCK PLAYERS. It is the most D1 players ever to attend in the spring. I often tell kids to try and get to NBS for one reason…COMPETITION OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Now many kids this time of year, have AAU practice, school and other reasons not to attend NBS. I actually had a player tell me “it’s too far away”. The 40 min trip was too much for her. I have heard all the reasons for why some players don’t attend NBS, but I know all great players want competition. NBS is a measuring stick for all players and sometimes you learn a lot about a player at NBS that college coaches would never know.


Last year a parent told me Ryan Weise was one of the best freshman in the state. I honestly didn’t believe it. He told me that she would be all freshman in the shore conference. She averaged 14 points a game. Shot 38% from the three and 48% from the two..but I didn’t believe him. A D1 coach called me last year and asked me my thoughts on Ryan Weise, I told her I had not seen her play. She told me Weise may be a D1 player…I didn’t believe her. So when I saw Ryan Weise,  last year with the best 9th grade team in the state, the Coyle Cardinals, I knew she was somebody I needed to follow. Because on that day she outplayed one of the top 100 junior guards on the east coach. She put on a shooting display and her quite nature was even more impressive…because nothing rattled her.


This year Ryan Weise had a banner sophomore year. But it was not until I picked up the paper and saw that her high school team had beat the #10 team in the state Notre Dame, that I was reminded of her. Then I saw where she was listed as one of the Top 5 sophomores in the state by the Star Ledger and I new maybe I should break my shore ways. I miss so many talented kids outside the shore because I rarely leave the area. In some cases when I finally do see a kid play against shore competition, I realize there is a lot of padding of stats. So this spring I asked Ryan Weise dad, who played at Rider College to bring his daughter to NBS in the spring. I told him the competition would not be like it is in the fall and it would be a great way to ease her into the program. Well this spring NBS has been anything but easy and RYAN WEISE, HAS NOT BEEN EASY TO HANDLE.


There are 5 D1 guards at NBS getting ready to play college basketball next year. Not to mention the 12 other D1 guards at the spring session. Not exactly what I would call easing your way into a program. But once Ryan Weise took the floor at NBS all doubts about her changed for me. First I noticed she was not intimidated about being in a new environment. Next she showed that she could not only pick up new drills and preform, but she could excel. Then want really hit home for me was her competitive nature. I matched her up with two seniors moving on to D1 basketball in the fall. She did not just hold her own, she had times was special. Ryan Weise reminded me good players always adjust to any level of competition.



Playing the Coyle Cardinals has had to help Ryan Weise. The Cardinals only play the best competition and always play up. Because of all the talent on the team, the practices must be competitive. But she also plays for her mother at Allentown. She is the classic coaches kid…A TOTAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE GAME FROM A-Z.  I get to see kids up close and personal. I get to see them week after week. I get to see their strengths and weakness. It’s almost impossible to hide them over 7 weeks. Their true colors will at some point come out. It’s impossible to trick to an old coach like myself when I see the player so often…


Let me tell every D1 coach this about Ryan Weise. If you think she is just a shooter, your wrong…REALLY WRONG. Let me tell you her real strength…so pay close attention. First she is a vastly underrated ball handler. There is nothing fancy, just good ole school respect for the ball. It does not matter how much  pressure you put on her, she will not turn it over or EVER GET OUT OF CONTROL. How do I know this? Because for 5 weeks I have matched her up with defenders who have done just this to other lock D1 players…but not to her. Next her passing is already next level stuff. She will always see the extra pass and more importantly make it. But she also has the rear gift to find cutters and post players. I have seen her do it at NBS and have been shocked by this ability. Next watch her defend, she is masterful off the ball and because of her IQ is never be out of position. So for those who are impressed with her shooting ability, I say this…I have ever…and I mean ever…seen her take a bad shot. Folks I don’t know if she really is a great shooter. I just think she always takes high percentage shots. Never rushed or off balance when she is in the scoring area. It’s a gift and I believe coaches may be blinded by it. The other stuff makes her special…NOT JUST THE SHOOTING…



I am always excited to see great young talent. But I am a big believer in kids who are competitive and get out of their comfort zone. I like kids who get along with other players that they don’t have prior relationships with. I like kids that smile and make those around her enjoy their presence. This would be Ryan Weise and for the record… FACT! YES SHE IS AS GOOD as any baby in the shore and that’s a FACT!








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