So who are the Top 5 post players in the shore conference. Now remember, there are different type of Post Players. Those that play strictly with their back to the basket. There are some who are, as we call them today, stretch post players. But the ones that are special, can not only do both, but are effective doing both. It is by far, the hardest position to recruit for college coaches at all levels of play.  All great post players must do these 10 things.

  1. The must command a double team
  2. They must have great hands
  3. They be able to score against double teams
  4. They must be able to rebound in traffic
  5. They must be able to pass out of double teams
  6. They must have good foot work and counters
  7. They must be able to shoot going left or right AND DRAW FOULS
  8. They must set great screens
  10. They must be great defenders on and off the ball.


So who are the Top 5 post players. Well two are superstars and 4 of the 5 best post players in the state are from the Shore Conference. One player is not a true post player. But she goes on the list because at times, she will post up at the next level. Also Victoria Galvan is not part of this list because right now; she  plans to play softball in college. No doubt she would be in the Top 5.


So let the debating begin….WHO ARE THE TOP 5  POST PLAYERS IN THE SHORE? Now you must understand, THESE ARE THE BEST POST NOW!. My list is based on which 5 players, games will transfer best to college at the Division one level. Let me say this, if you don’t demand double teams or rebound in traffic…you cannot make this list.






Hannah Scanlan- RFH– No player on this list has more upside than Miss Scanlan. Her quickness and athleticism are real level type stuff. She has become a real offensive machine around the block. She has college level passing skills; right now out of double teams. Her ability to pass out the post and find shooters is special. But it’s her ability to catch the ball that one day will make her elite. She can catch anything throw her way, in tight spots or in transition. Her hands are magical. Her ability to defend in the post and help teammates are at times amazing to watch. Once she gets to Bryant University, watch out. She will make leaps and bounds at the next level.  Because she will have no choice and  will be forced to be in the gym everyday. Once she gets in the gym on a regular bias, she will develop a 18 foot jumper,  her right hand will develop and she will gain a real competitive edge. More importantly, she will play against other post players day in and day out. This will lead to a mega superstar in time...TRUST ME  while at Bryant University ….Hannah Scanlan will turn into a star.



Elizabeth Marsicano- St. Rose- St. Joe’s got a future stud. She is only a junior and still has plenty of time to get ready for college. Here are some things you don’t know about her. While she comes across as the sweetest kid in the shore. Make no mistake, she is ultra competitive and plays with fire. She is also a tough match up. She has the ability to play every single position on the court. Take last year when SJV was pressing St. Rose out the gym. What did Coach Joe Whalen do? He moved Miss. Marsicano to the point guard position. Her ability to knock down three’s puts great pressure on opponents. She  see’s  a big  and it’s off the bounce she goes in either direction with either hand. Put a smaller player on her and she runs into the post. She can also defend wings and is murder on guards defensively in pick and roll. But what gets lost is  her ability to set, killer and I mean killer screens for her guards. She is money from the free throw line and a great passer ….Miss Marsicano folks is one of the best in ALL OF NEW JERSEY..BANK ON IT!



Lucy Thomas- St. Rose- No player has seen their game develop more over the past year. She may have been a unknown 2 years ago, but that has all changed. Joe Whalen has made her a complete player. Who could have predicted she would become one of the best shooting post players in the state. She already was one of the back to the basket players we had seen in years. Now she can do just about anything she wants; once the ball is in her hands. There is no more polished foot work in the state. There is no player with more skills around the basket. Name the post move and its in her package. But what makes her most effective, is that she is not a black hole. When she catches the ball, she takes her time and almost always makes the right decision. She is that rare post player that never turns the ball over against double teams or pressure. She has become the classic back to the basket player, who can step away from the basketball and draw the defense. The former unknown FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR winner,  next year will be one of the leading candidates for PLAYER OF THE YEAR



Faith Masonius- Manasquan– You may be asking why is she on this list? There is no question her college position will be the 2/3. But because of special talents it would be silly to ignore her unreal back to the basket talents. Faith falls into a category of her own(we will get to this next week). But in college there is no question, a T0p 5 program in the country will take advantage of her many skills and posting up is one of them. She is the smartest post player on this list. Her ability to spin out of double teams and put the ball on the deck is just insane. No way can anyone play her straight her, she commands a double team always. But her vision makes her a nightmare for opponents as she will find cutters and shooters. She also will step out to the 3 point line and bury the deep three ball. But what’s really unfair, is that she will rip the ball off the rim and start the break. Her college ready body makes you shake your head, when you realize, she is just a sophomore. This is the rarest of talents and her work ethic and humble attitude make her the perfect player to build your offense around. N0… Faith Masonius has to be on this list because SHE IS THE MOST COMPLETE POST PLAYER IN NEW JERSEY..


Hope Masonius Spring Lake, NJ First Hoop from Michael Paras Photography, LLC on Vimeo.




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KIMI EVANS- ST. JOHN VIANNEY- Not exactly a surprise and please do not compare anyone to her…you would sound silly. She was the Hoop Group Player of the Year. Why? Because she carried SJV when they had injuries. Why? Because move her to any other Top team in the Shore last year and that team becomes the favorite to win the SCT and TOC…NOT SJV! She is the most dominant post player these eyes has ever seen in the shore, since somebody named Danellla. Seton Hall has a true post player that can change games. First you must understand, she has hands from the heavens, anything and I mean anything thrown her way she catches. Once she catches it, she not only demands a double team, but a triple team. She either scores or gets fouled; the moment she touches the ball. I dare anyone to question who has the best offensive efficiency rate in the state…its Kimi Evans. This is a player who at times is forgotten about by her teammates, but still plays hard and READY…. DOESN’T COMPLAIN. Why? Because she can get to the offensive boards or get out in transition. She is that rare great post player who is not a black hole or cries when she doesn’t get the ball. Folks she is a big time next level player from the mental side. No one gets more attention in scouting reports by opponents, everything starts and ends with Miss. Evans. No player rebounds better in traffic or gets physically abused more by opponents. Yet she never loses her cool, despite what I would call some cheap shots directed her way(lets hope this comes to a end). She is a one woman defensive stopper in the post. She kills passing lanes in the paint and is the best post defender in the shore by a long shot…NOBODY IS EVEN CLOSE. Her ability to step away from the basket is rarely seen. Well come to NBS and your jaw will drop…she is the most underrated shooter of anyone on this list. But it’s her ability to use both hands around the basket that makes her special. She could do a clinic on using both hands around the rim…it’s not next level stuff…it’s WNBA TYPE NEXT LEVEL STUFF. How about her ability to seal opponents in the post, she has it down to a science.  The foot work is next level and the passing IQ is just wicked and wrong on so many levels. She is a walking one and one machine for SJV. She single handily gets her team in the one on one bonus almost every night…EARLY. Credit Miss Evans for SJV shooting all the free throws late in games. But remember she too has the ability to walk to the line and make big free throws…she is one of the best ever to play the position. SHE IS THE BEST POST PLAYER not only in the shore but the entire state as well…. KIMI EVANS my friends is on the Mt Rushmore of all time great shore post players…






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