Their are no less than 13 D1 point guards in the Shore Conference. This represents the most Division 1 Point Guards in the shore at one time to the best of my memory. There is no question the Shore Conference is the home of the elite PURE POINT GUARD….meaning this is there college position. There is a lot of things that go into making a Pure Point Guard special. We all know they must be able to dribble, pass, lead and make teammates better, handle the ball when the game get hot. But the special ones do even more. I believe there are 10 things that separate the great point pure point guards.

  1. They must be intelligent and the heartbeat of the team.
  2. Size matters, while small point guards can be and are great. Big Point Guards often win titles at the next level
  3. They must be effective without the ball, meaning they have to knock down shots
  4.  They must have the ability to get your team a basket, outside the designed offense, late in games
  5. They must be masters at Pick and Roll and be masters at feeding the post..its the backbone of the game these days
  6.  They must be disruptive on defense, both on and off the ball
  7. They must play with energy and passion
  8. Now for me this is the most important of all...ALL GREAT POINT GUARDS HAVE A COMPETITIVE EDGE.
  9. There coach must have total trust in them
  10. They must know their teammates strenght and weakness


So I thought I stir up a little debate today….WHO ARE THE TOP 5 POINT PURE GUARDS IN THE SHORE? Now you must understand, I am not…. REPEAT NOT SAYING they are the best point guards NOW!.  My list is based on which 5 players, games will transfer to college at the Division one level. A player that is great in high school. May find their game does not transfer as well to college….so much of this is a guessing game…and total opinion. But I will give it my best shot today




MOLLY WEISS- MARLBORO HIGH SCHOOL– Now this I’m sure comes as a shock to many. But not to those who are paying close attention. She could very easily make a case for being higher on this list.  She is not a household name because she entered high school without a big rep and does not play for one of the states powerhouse teams. But make no mistake, Molly Weiss has willed herself into a an Elite Point guard. She did it with hard work and a burning desire to get better. What makes her Elite? She is a master at pick and roll. How good is she? How about this; the best in the shore by a long shot. Nobody runs pick and roll better than Molly Weiss. Here something few know about Molly Weiss, she makes every post player look like a star, why? Because once again nobody is on the same planet, when it comes to feeding the post as Miss Weiss; and when defenses drop off her…BANG SHE LIGHTS THEM UP THE THREE! She also has size, because even though she has a small frame, just look at the length and the 5’9″ height…But what really makes Weiss elite is this…she understands tempo and teammates strenghts aand weakness. Molly Weiss folks is the real deal and if you don’t believe me, know this….she has outplayed some of the so called best point guards in the state….that my friends is called a competitive edge!



TORI HYDUKE-RUMSON FAIR HEAVEN–  No question if she chooses to play at a high major …she will. While at lot goes into making a great point guard, make no mistake TALENT MATTERS. Tori Hyduke has ELITE TALENT  as in more natural talent maybe than any point guard in the Tri-state area. Her ability to get pass opponents off the dribble is next level stuff. But its her ability to dance in the paint the separates her from every guard on this list and maybe the state. What scary is that she is showing signs of finishing in the lane and she is just a Junior.  Her competitive nature is off the charts, as nobody runs down loose ball and has more floor burns than Miss Hyduke. The jump shot has improved every year and her ability to make plays late in game is already next level stuff. Miss Hydyuke may be the most talented offensive point guard not just in the shore but maybe the state. Don’t be surprise if she one day called the BEST GUARD IN ALL OF NEW JERSEY ONE DAY…that’s not  talk folks that’s a fact!


STELLA CLARK- MANSQUAN- The ultimate energy bunny. Her motor is not just next level. Stella Clark has an ELITE MOTOR. In all my years, I’ve never seen anymore with her all out approach against opponents, this too is also ELITE. She is the most underrated shooting point guard I have ever seen. Why teams continue to give her open shots is a mystery to me, but I’m sure music to her teammates ears. No player in the the shore is more disruptive on defense, once again this is an elite talent. Her ability to hound opposing star guards into the ground is at times shocking to watch. Her passing ability in tight quarters is 2nd to none, despite her size. Despite her size, she also has no problem playing against bigger guards..why? Her strength is vastly underrated and appreciated.  Nobody plays with more passion, aggression and energy. The edge she plays with is nothing any of us have ever seen, for a player at her size. Her ability to turn your crowd against you is something to see and ONCE again ELITE. It’s almost impossible not to root for this 5’4″ machine like player. No player in the shore puts more offensive pressure on you in transition like Stella. She is special not because of all she does, but because how she does it. Northeastern got a total steal in Miss Clark.



ROSE CAVERLY- RBC Why is she one of the most in demand point guards in all of New jersey? Well it’s not that hard to figure out…it’s called size and big point guards are darn near impossible to find. Rose Caverly has something all coaches dream about in a point guard...ELITE SIZE AND ROSE CAVERLY HAS IT. She not only has a college body right now. She has the college strength needed to guard big wings and small forwards. Why is this important? Because the guard to guard switch is a staple of great defense teams these day. Her size allows coaches to switch everything. Think that is an advantage at the next level.  Her ability to get in the lane and score over real post players will be huge at the next level. Where real post players unlike high school truly exist.  Her ability to hold off smaller guards and see over the top is priceless. Just like her ability to get go “GET YOU ONE LATE IN GAMES IS ELITE”  because big guards walk to the foul line, late in games…little ones don’t!  Caverly’s  jump shot is improving and her shifty-ness with the ball is 2nd to none and is what makes coaches drool over signing her. In the world of college basketball…SIZE MATTERS. Miss Caverly’s size allows her to smother smaller point guards. Her size allows her to rebound in traffic and start the fast break. Her size allows coaches to run her into the post. Her size allows to be physically ready from day one of her college career. But it’s her beautiful IQ and feel for the game that really makes her special and why Hall of Fame Coach Joe Montano has total trust in …it called decision making and Rose Caverly is one of the best and soon she will  need that decision making on where to continue on to at the next level….many college coaches will have their fingers crossed, waiting and hoping!



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DARA MABREY- MANASQUANIs there really a question who the best pure point in the state of New Jersey is?  This future Power 5 guard has he best basketball IQ not just in NJ, but in the entire in state. Folks this is not even up for debate. Next, the competitive nature is elite and  flat out scary, she my friends takes no prisoners.  There is no better shooting Point Guard in New Jersey, the range is sick and just wrong on so many levels. Do you want to play pick and roll? Lets play…you go under the screen and she buries the jumper in your face. You switch and the IQ quickly kicks in and she feeds the post. You need a bucket late, not problem, but more importantly SHE CAN ALSO MAKE THE PASS TO THE RIGHT PLAYER AS WELL. Let that marinate folks..the pass to the right player..meaning her shooters, THIS IS VERY, VERY ELITE STUFF.  Defense, guess who is always guarding shooters late in games? Miss Mabrey and why is that? It’s called trust, because trust is everything when it comes to your point guard. Tempo? You want to talk about Tempo? Really? I mean really…here is a fact nobody this side of Jackie Kates has ever controlled the tempo of her team better. Lucky for Coach Kukoda, because Dara Mabrey may be the only guard that could control a Manasquan team that at times plays at wrap speed….THE BEST POINT GUARD IN THE SHORE…IS ALSO THE BEST POINT GUARD IN THE STATE….her name is  MISS MABREY!



JUST MISSED THE CUT…but have a real case!

Mikayla MarkhamSt. Rose- There is a reason she has sooo many offers on the table!

Christina Antonakakis Holmdel…she’s baaacck and may want to claim her throne!

Brielle BisognoTom River North- Future High Major baby 




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