Its been a season of surprises this year. I can’t ever remember a time when so many players came out of nowhere to make a name for themselves. It just a one big fun ride in the Shore Conference. Now we are down to the Final Four. They are all ranked in the Top 10 in the Shore and they are all have rock star coaches. This could be one hell of a night.

So lets talk about the MATCH-UPS




DARA MABREY GUARD Knock down three point shooter, who also is great passer in transition. Mabrey is a under-rated defender as well. Has made some big shots this season and is only a freshman. She will  is a blood and guts player for 32 minutes…SJV will need to force her to put the ball on the floor.

STELLA CLARK-GUARD Super quick point guard. Great ‘on the ball defender. Underrated three point shooter. Has the ability to disrupt a game. Clark is one of the best rebounding guards in the Shore and is a master of running down 50/50 balls..SJV will need to force to dribble into traffic and no stand still three’s

COURTNEY HAGAMANSWING- She was been in this spot before and was great last year. When she is shooting well Manasquan is almost unbeatable. She too is a underrated defender who gets to the rim for easy baskets off the dribble. ..SJV will need to make sure she does not get going from the 3 point line and not give her get quick drives to the basketball

MARINA MABREY-SWING- Superstar who can do it all on both sides of the ball. She has great shooting range and puts the ball on the floor. She gets to the foul line more than any player in the Shore. She will rebound and push the ball off the dribble. She is the best passer in the shore. SJV will need to keep her out of transition and off the foul line.

VICTORIA GALVAN-POSTStrong post player, who throws wicked outlet passes and is very physical. She has had some big nights. She will step out and shoot three’s or post up in the paint. She is a very  underrated defender. She sets monster screens. SJV must not allow her to get 2nd shots and you must not give her uncontested 3’s


GILLIAN BLACK-SWING- She has been a major upgrade as the season has moved on. She is a knock it out shooter, if she gets it going could be a real factor. She also is one of the smartest players that will be on the court tonight. She rarely makes a mistake and makes the extra pass as well as anyone. …SJV can’t allow her to score off the bench

ADDIE MANSONIOUS-GUARD She plays hard and when teamed with Clark are very effective at pressuring opponents in the back-court. Her ability to rebound for her size is amazing at times. She can and will knock down open shots….SJV needs to box her out and win the 50/50 balls when she is on the court.

ALEX KRUTZ- SWING-Super confident player, not afraid to take open shots. She is active and is always looking to attack. She is also a very physical player who is not afraid to mix it up. Very underrated part of Manasquan’s success…More than anything SJV must respect that she is aggressive.





KELLY CAMPBELL-GUARD- She is making a case as a POY candidate. She is the ultimate Closer late in games right now. She has the ability to get on serious offensive runs by getting to the rim and walking to the foul line. She is a high percentage 3 point shooter. Finally she is the most underrated defender/rebounder in the Shore Conference….Manasquan must take away open three’s and keep her off the foul line

KELLY CROUCH-GUARD- She has been a beast all season. The bigger the game the better she has played. A knock it out 3 point shooter. One of the best decision makers in the shore. She will get post players involved in the offensive. She will slide to her natural point guard position when asked to do so with ease. She is absolute murder in transition….Manasquan must not leave her open for three’s…they also must keep her out of transition.

COURTNEY DOBRZYNSKI-SWING- The most under appreciated player in the entire event. She has size and is a great decision maker. She is also not afraid to make big players. She is a very good defender and rebounder. She is a jock of all trades. She has very few lows over the course of a game. She plays hard and with a ton of confidence….Manasquan must box her out and do not let her get to the rim off the dribble

KIMI EVANS-POST A back to the basket force. Has a drop step to the rim with either hand. She is active around both backboards. She is a nightmare match-up for everyone. Runs the floor as well as any big in the Shore. Plays big in the lane and forces players to shoot over her without fouling….Squan must not allow her to post deep and keep her off the glass. lastly don’t allow her lay-ups in transition

GIGI CAPANERGO-POST- Super athlete who is great in the SJV press. She  can and will bury 17 foot jumpers. Excellent high low passer. Never takes a bad shot and does what is asked from her each night. When asked to score she on the box she can over power opponents or use her quickness. She can also guard all 5 positions…Manasquan must contest her step out jumpers. They must also keep her off the boards and contest her hi/lo passing.


ZOE PERO-POST- She starts for every team in the Shore Conference. She is physical and gets all over the offensive glass. She is also a great passer in both half court and transition. Nobody plays harder that Pero and nobody has a post player like her coming off there bench. She is a real factor in wearing opponents down….Manasquan must match her effort and keep her off the offensive glass

TINA LEBRON-SWING- She has made so many big plays for SJV this year. She has been at her best in big games. She is ball hawk or also runs down loose balls. She will bury open three’s all night. She will give up her body and take charges or dive on the floor. SJV looses very little or anything when she enter the game….Squan must not give open jump shots and make her work for everything

VANESSA PINHO- GUARD-She comes in and pressures opposing teams guards. She will look to score when given the chance. Lose balls are her specialty and hustle plays. She is a underrated player from top to bottom. She also is another good decision maker. She plays with a great amount of confidence and has played in a lot of big games…Manasquan must not let her out hustle them. They also must not let her force turnovers which she is great at doing.






SJV has a lot of experience in big games. While only juniors this group has seen a lot of wars. Manasquan’s star freshman Dara Mabrey has shown the ability to knock down open shots. Clark and Mansonious are very quick and swarm at times. But Kellyville have been in too many wars…. ADVANTAGE- SJV


Nobody is on the same planet as Marina MabreyADVANTAGE- MANASQUAN


Kimi Evans, Gigi Capanergo and Zeo Pero is about is good as your going to get on the High School level. Victoria Galvan is Manasquan only true post player. But Marina Mabrey is very capable of going inside. This is a numbers game…ADVANTAGE- SJV


Nobody understands how to use a bench like Dawn Karpell and while she only plays 8 on most nights. She is NOT AFRAID to use up to 10 players on any night. Manasquan will on most night play 7-8 but if the truth be told there bench does not get extended minutes unless foul trouble arrives. The SJV bench is made up of play makersADVANTAGE -SJV


Loose balls, free throws and decision making all matter in a game like this. Being battle tested matters big time. Both teams are master’s at loose balls. SJV is a better free throw shooting team. Both teams have good decision makers and both are battle tested.  Both teams play very hard, but Manasquan has a real mental edge after winning by 25 points…it cannot be ignored ..ADVANTAGE – MANASQUAN

COACHESBoth are studs and know how to make in game adjustments as well as anyone. Both have a great feel for their teams. They understand substitutions and time-outs. ADVANTAGE- NONE

St. Rose versus Middletown South Preview






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