Skills Camp II Recognizable Names

Evan Barrett – Evan is a versatile guard who is capable of scoring numerous ways. He has exceptional range and can stretch the defense from 3, but also strong at finishing around the rim and through contact. The Irish guard is deceptively athletic on the floor and his skill set makes him a tough match for opponents.
Anthony Tucker – Tucker is a long, athletic wing who can get to the rim with ease. He has a great first step to the basket and uses his athleticism in transition to get to the hoop. Defensively, he can create problems for opponents by deflecting the ball and taking away passing lanes due to his length.
Hasheem Russel – Hasheem is a physical presence in the paint and can dominate the glass for his team. He is athletic enough to play and handle the ball on the perimeter, but is at his best when he is down on the block. As he polishes his footwork down low, he will be an extremely difficult match up for his opponents.
Danny Melillo: Danny is a smaller PG in stature but has no fear getting to the rim. With his ability to handle the ball, he has an easy time getting to the rim & finishing strong. Danny must continue to work on expanding his jumpshot past the 3pt. line to complete his game.

Tarajae Davis: Tarajae is a combo guard who uses his strong dribbling ability to create shots for himself. He is a very quick player & he is always looking to start the fast break when he has the ball. Davis has unlimited potential as a basketball player and his level of play makes those around him better.

Jack McDonald: Jack is a Center who uses his height to his advantage while he is in the post. With his height, Jack is always in play to grab both offensive & defensive rebounds & he always makes sure to catch the ball at his highest point. Jack must continue to work on expanding his shot from the paint to compliment his post skills on the block.

Luke Bush: Luke is a very coachable player and is always plays hard while on the floor. Luke made great improvements throughout the week on his jump shot and using his left hand, which lead him to more success on the court.

Andrew Bosaco: Andrew is the definition of a team player. Andrew was always looking to be in the help position on defense and get the offense set to run a play. Andrew made great improvement in building confidence with his jump shot throughout the week.

Tresean Raiford: Tresean has natural point guard attributes and acts as another coach on the floor, especially on defense. Tresean made improvements with his pull up jump shot when getting into the paint this week.

Alex Sislo: Alex plays with great energy and is emerging as an elite shot blocker. Alex alters many shots and is skilled enough to take the ball coast to coast. Offensively, Alex is an inside outside threat. He has a bright future as his body continues to develop with his skill set.

Andre Jackson: Andre is a pure scorer. He’s deadly in transition and is able to finish in the paint in a variety of ways. Andre can get to any place on the court with his elite handle and athleticism. He has huge upside in the game of basketball and will only get better.

Matt Giaquinto: Matt is an intelligent player with a high basketball IQ. Matt possesses deep shooting range and a quick release. Matt understands team defense and is able to execute the game plan, making him a valuable asset to any program.

Marcellus Earlington: Earlington has displayed the unique combination of speed and power this week. Marcellus has the ability to finish through contact with either hand and also able to consistently knock down jump shots. His ability to score both inside and outside have given defenses fits.

Cole Hare: Cole, a PG, has been a major asset for this time this week. A crafty ball-handler, Cole has been able to get into the lane and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. He has also demonstrated that he can score when needed with his 3 point shooting ability.

Nasir Williams: Williams has done all the intangibles for his team this week. Nasir has helped out as a ball-handler when needed and has become a dominant rebounder. Williams has no problem scoring in the paint and around the basket. who can score around the basket.

Sam Swindell: Sam showed more and more attributes of his game as the week moved along. His ability to catch and shoot made coaches and defenders take notice. His skill set allows him to play in the high post or on the perimeter versus man or zone defense. As his body matures and he hits the weight room, he will become a coveted high school recruit.

DeAndray Covert – His impact on games have not gone unnoticed this week at camp. Covert is a quick, combo guard who likes to get out in the open floor and attack defenders on the way to the basket. “D” is slowly developing into a better floor general by slowing his game down enough to see what’s in front of him, making his teammates better.

Zaheem Garrett- Zaheem had another strong week at the Hoop Group, Once again, playing up in age hasn’t slowed him down. The lighting quick guard can get to the rim off the dribble with the ability to finish with his left or right. Garrett has been a nightmare for potential defenders to guard man to man and often requires double-teams. In time, his decision making will improve and he will be a very special basketball player.

Will Yarbrough: Will is a mentally strong young man who shows great aggression on the defensive end of the court. He can do a little bit of everything, including shooting, dribbling, and seeing the floor well. Will is a great team player and any coach would benefit from having Will on their team.

Sheldon Payne: Payne has a great attitude on and off the court. He is capable of handling the ball under pressure and has the ability to play through contact. Defensively, he is a great on-ball defender and creates problems for opponents with his activity.

Josh Menard: Josh has a very quick shot off the dribble but is more of a passer or drive and dish sort of guard. He is good at keeping his head up in transition and finding his open teammates. Once Josh develops a more consistent 3 point shot, his offensive game will be more consistent.

Eddie Davis: Eddie is a relentless competitor on the basketball court. He is able to get to the rim and finish with ease and score easy points for his team. Teammates look up to Eddie on the floor and he leads by example with his game.

Jett Williams: He had a great camp on both ends of the floor. He is a very efficient scorer offensively and does not require many touches to score. On the defensive end of the court, he is a great rebounder and controlled the glass for his team.

Sam Winiarsky: Sam won Early Bird Workout Star this week at camp, which is no surprise based upon his relentless work ethic. He always gave his full effort when doing skill development workouts. He is a solid ball-handler, and as his jump shot becomes more consistent, he will become a difficult match-up for opponents.

Phillip Wellener: Phillip is a natural leader on the basketball court. His ability to run the floor and create shots for both himself and others makes him stand out in the SEC. His teammates play off of Phillips ability to breakdown the defense, which leads his team to easy buckets.

Emmett McCauley: He’s an outstanding rebounder and defender on the defensive end of the court. Emmett takes pride in his defense and sets the tone for his team. He possesses strong leadership skills that raise his teammate’s level of play.

Keon Ansari: Keon is a good ball handler and does a great job at splitting defenders to get into the lane. His athleticism helps him make plays on the perimeter to benefit his team and as he develops a more consistent jump shot, his offensive game will be complete.

Connor O’Brien: Connor is a great floor general at a young age. As a rising 7th grader, he can dribble the ball and finish at the rim with both hands. He needs to get stronger in order to take contact, but this will come as his body matures.

Jack Howe: He has a great attitude and work ethic at camp. He is tall and plays his role well by crashing the boards and finishing lay-ups. As he matures, he needs to develop his left hand and work on more post moves. Jack is a true joy to coach as he improves on his game daily.

Drew Frankel: A rising seventh grader with amazing work ethic, Drew can shoot the ball as well as finish strong. He has to work on keeping on developing his ability to play through contact as the game gets more physical at the next level.

Mateo Webster: He’s turning himself into a lockdown defender. His aggressive and physical style of play helps him to stop opponents from getting to the rim. Mateo’s relentless work ethic on defense comes from his great attitude that makes him a pleasure to coach.

Devin O’Sullivan: He was one of the strongest rebounders at camp. Devin boxes out anybody he can find and routinely snatches caroms away from players of larger statures. He may not jump as high as others, but he finds a way to get the job done. His work ethic allows him to be in the right position on both ends of the floor.

Jack Galligan: He’s a three-point shooter with great range. His shooting is only aided by his selection of shots. Jack never takes a bad one and will look for his teammates before thinking about it. His ability to spread the floor allows for others to attack the rim and puts the defense in a tough situation.

Ethan Perkal: Ethan is a very skilled point guard with a high basketball IQ. He has very good range on his jump shot and improved on his decision making throughout the camp to develop a better feel for the game.

Daniel Perkal: Daniel is a highly skilled guard who creates shots for himself and his teammates. He showed improvement in his shooting throughout the week. Daniel must keep working on staying low while playing defense to help stop dribble penetration.

Luke Hayes: Luke is a efficient ball handler who finishes well around the rim. On the defensive side, Luke is a pest causing opposing players to turn over the ball left and right. Also, his intensity on and off the court is tremendous and his teammates respond well to him.

Pulast Thaker: Pulast is a efficient rebounder who is a big presence in the post. He’s able to finish around the rim and over many defenders. If a bucket or a rebound is needed, you can count on Pulast to make it happen.

Josh Bolan: Josh is an amazing shooter who is deadly around the 3 point line. Jacks knowledge for the game is impressive for his age. Also, the intensity that he has during the game is unbelievable and it raises his teammate’s level of play.

Dakota Kross: The rising 9th grader is a quick, athletic guard. He has a good shot out to the 3 point line and can get into the lane with an array of moves. On defense, he is a great on-ball defender who can apply pressure from baseline to baseline on the best opposing guard.

Evan Shreffler: The 13 year old 8th grader is a very skilled guard. He can shoot the three well, and when a defender steps out to guard him, he finishes well in the lane with a floater. As he develops his point guard skills further, he will be very hard to guard.

Jabari Tate: A left-handed point guard stud. He shoots the 3′ at a high clip, knows how to finish over bigger and more athletic players while seeing the floor similar to Chris Paul. Has a very bright future and unlimited potential.

Shawn Brooks: A great athlete who stands 6’5” tall. His athleticism allows him to get out in transition and play above the rim. As his jump shot develops more consistency, he will be a nightmare for opponents to guard.

Keyon Butler: The 6’2 8th grader was one of the top performers in camp. He is capable of scoring in a variety of ways. Butler shoots the 3′ well and is great at getting contact on drive to the basket. He has a very high ceiling as a basketball player.

TJ Chaney: TJ is a very quick guard who can score the ball from anywhere on the court. TJ is a very coachable kid and knows how to be a true leader for his team. He has the ability to take over the game. If he continues to learn more about the game and work on his areas of improvement he will become a point guard that many coaches will pursue.

Aaje Grayson: Aaje is a tough, hard-nosed combo guard. He can score the ball from anywhere, but is really at his best when he attacks the basket hard. Aaje needs to understand how to control the game on the point guard end, learning how to control the tempo and be a true floor general. If he continues to learn about the game, he can be a very good player. Aaje never backs down from a challenge and always wants to guard the best player on the opposing team which is a great sign about his competitive nature.

Jamie Byers: Jamie is a quick guard who can shoot the ball with three point range. He needs to improve on looking for his shot more often at times, as he may be too unselfish. Jamie can help the point guard out by bringing up the ball with his smooth ball handling skills.

Zack Foley: Zach is a great all-around basketball player. As a point guard, he did his job of leading the team and controlling the pace of the games, defining what it means to be a floor general.

Chase Wolgamott: has a great jump shot and does a really good job communicating with his team. He has a lot of leadership qualities that coaches look for. Because of this, he has potential to become a leader both on and off the floor.
Jack Pettus- Jack is an excellent shooter and loves the game of basketball. He has fun in every game he plays and never gives up. A 100% team-player who makes the players around him better.
Pat Brown- Pat is a great leader and coach on the court. He steps up to every challenge and never says he can’t. Brown is a kid that every coach wants and needs on his team to be successful. His great attitude and effects the game in many different ways.
Will McCarthy: An excellent defender who takes the game of basketball seriously. He never wants to lose a possession and teammates feed off his energy. He can do some many little things for his team that impact the game because of his energy and effort.

Brandon Robinson: One of the most exciting players of the Big East league. His dribbling skills and speed of penetration was breathtaking. His shot selection and ability to deal with pressure situations was second to none, which is why he was so successful throughout the week.

Kevin Scanlon: With great ball skills and an exciting shooting range , Kevin’s position on the All-Star team was well deserved . With the very good work ethic he has, Kevin has endless basketball possibilities for the future.

Johathan Baltes: He showed great courage and enthusiasm playing against players twice his size. A great decision maker who is not afraid to penetrate inside. He always hustled hard on defense and never stopped playing whether winning or losing.

Shaquan Anderson: He is a very aggressive and explosive player that can also knock down 3’s. He leads his team in defensive stops and knows how to run the floor and work with his teammates. Shaquan is also an amazing passer that always finds his teammates for open shots.
Owen Connolly: Connolly is a midsized guard from Ireland that can control the floor and also shoot the ball. He can get to the paint easily and sacrifices his body each play for the sake of the game. His intensity when driving to the basket always allows him to penetrate the opponent’s defense and create things for his team.

Tim Kater: Tim is a solid guard that can see the floor under intense pressure. He has the killer instinct to attack when smaller defender is guarding him, especially when teams switch.

Matt Christmas: Matt is an aggressive wing that likes to run the floor. He plays both sides of the floor hard and always gives 100 %. He can rebound and take the ball coast to coast and this is what makes him different from the rest.

Tyrece Little- has potential to be a very good guard. Tyrece listens to coaches and gives one hundred percent all the time. Tyrece gives high motor and he is a very coachable kid.

Conan Ritt- Ritt is developing into a top guard. Conan has a high motor and plays aggressive all the time. Conan is outstanding defensive player and never gives up.

Tommy Lewis- has potential to be a top point guard. Tommy follows instructions and also executes them. Tommy is a very coachable kid and he is fun to watch.

Buck Walsh: Buck knows the game of basketball very well, that makes it very difficult to guard him. He is always moves ahead of the play going on. He has great rebounding ability and uses his body well to finish with contact.

Dennis Clark – He played a solid all around game. He defended the post and perimeter with energy. He also had many slick moves to the basket.

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