Who are the Top 5 Pure Wing Players or as some call them Swing players, in the Shore Conference? It is almost impossible to pick. But today I will try and sort it all out. First you must understand there are currently 18 Division one wing players in the Shore. That is a staggering number to say the least. So this is a real tough task. Great wings can play multiple positions and must be athletic and mentally tough. Great wings do the dirty work and can be dominant with or without the ball. Elite wing players have a will to win and they never give up the fight. It is the POSITION THAT COACHES HAVE MANY CHOICES TO CHOOSE FROM. Here are 10 things great wing must do

  1. They must be able to FINISH AT THE RIM in transition and in TRAFFIC
  2. They must RUN THE FLOOR and put pressure on the defense
  3. They must be great OFFENSIVE REBOUNDERS
  4.  They must be able to DRIBBLE AND KICK to shooters
  5. They must be TURNOVER PROOF
  6. They must be able to DEFEND at least 3 positions WITHOUT FOULING
  7. They must get to the FOUL LINE
  8. They must be a THREAT from the Three point line
  10. They must THRIVE on PHYSICAL PLAY and love contact


SO WHO ARE THE TOP 5 Wing PLAYERS? Well first you must understand there are two players not on this list who are special talents… FAITH MASONIUS falls into a catergory all of her OWN…2nd LAUREN LITHGOW just may be the most talented wing player in the state one day…MORE ON HER LATER.

So let the debating begin….WHO ARE THE TOP 5  PURE WING PLAYERS IN THE SHORE? Now you must understand, I am not…. REPEAT NOT SAYING they are the best wings NOW!. My list is based on which 5 players, games will transfer best to college at the Division one level. Let me say this, if a player does not have versatility and not physical, then they have no chance of making this list. Because all Pure Wings Guards have one thing in common….THEY CAN PLAY MULTIPLE POSITIONS




Addie  Masonious- Manasquan– Yes she is a wing and it will be her college position despite her size. She just may be the best effort player in the entire state. Her ability to harass bigger players is amazing and we are talking about studs. Nobody is better at running down 50/50 balls. But it’s her next level transition game that makes her elite. She can either start the break or run the lane. Her ability to make big shots is a gift. No player plays with such physical aggressiveness like her over the course of a game. Wagner got  a REAL ARTIST. Because she understands how to make her teammates better and enjoys doing it. The bigger the stage and the better she plays. She has gone from an after-thought to being a real impact player the moment she hits the floor.



Haley Dalonzo- Middletown South– You forgot about her, didn’t you? Well she is already back in the gym working out. When she comes back, Middletown will be a Top 20 team. She is athletic and is a MACK truck with the ball in her hands She is almost impossible to stop in transition and could be the most physical guard in all of New Jersey. She has a college body now! She will bury open three’s and get to the foul line. She is murder on the offensive boards and will get on the defensive boards and start the break herself. She my friends is the the real deal. Haley Dalonzo is  a grown women and lets face it. If not for a injury would be making a real case to be higher on this list.



Jen Louro- St. Rose– The athleticism jumps off the page, as does the body. The best two way wing in the shore by a long shot. She has shut down ELITE point guards, wings and yes even post players. She is a underrated post passer and a even more underrated rebounder on BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. Her shooting ability ranks at the top of this list by a LONG SHOT. No wing player shoots it better. She not only gets out in transition and finishes at the rim, but also can make the right pass. She crushes small wings and guards with her physical play and mental toughness. No player on this list does a better job of taking care of the ball. She simply never turns the ball over… She will be a MAJOR IMPACT FOR U-MASS LOWELL from DAY 1….She too could make a real case to be higher on this list!


imagesRed Bank Catholic competed against Ramapo in The Bulldog Girls Basketball Challange at Rumson-Fair Haven High School on January 17. RBC’s Katie Rice (13) drives to the basket.

Katie Rice- RBC– She is the ultimate wing, why? Because she is the total package. She checks the box in 9 of the things great wings must be able to do. She rightfully so is in all out demand by college coaches. Yesterday she needed a full time secretary to answer all the calls from college coaches. That should come as no surprise as she will be among the most recruited players in the state. (she currently has more offers than a beauty Queen). She is the best penetrate and kick player in the STATE…PERIOD. She can move to the point against full court or half court pressure. Her 6ft size makes her damm near impossible to match up with, because she has the best handle of any pure wing player in the STATE. She blows by big wings or post players. She punishes little guards in the post. THESE ARE FACTS FOLKS. You want a big wing that can hammer both sides of the backboard with all out gusto? Hello, who is better than Miss Rice? Nobody! She cannot only guard 3 positions…BUT FIVE! Her versatility makes her downright freaky for someone of her size. Katie Rice has POWER 5 written all over and once her jumper finds consistency, she just may be the best WING IN THE STATE….before this season is over!




This is an evaluation image and is Copyright Chud Tsankov. Do not publish without acquiring a license. Image number: 0521-1004-3015-1731.

DEZZY ALLEN- NEPTUNE– She my friends is something none of us has ever see. If you want the true definition of the word PURE WING PLAY…go look it up in your dictionary and there you will find a picture of the best in the business…DEZZY ALLEN! She is the most dominant wing in the state.  NO PLAYER  in the state draws more attention than Miss Allen. She gets double and triple teamed every single night. She plays with a edge that nobody can match. She plays angry, aggressive, with passion and with reckless abandon…hell you try to describe, because I can’t and really doubt you can either….  call her anything you want, just make sure it includes the word SPECIAL. You have people say her shot selection needs improvement. You think Neptune is a Top 20 team without her being aggressive? Her passing skills are overlooked as she is a real teammate; just ask her teammates. She is the best finisher at the rim in all my years watching the shore. Her shot making ability shocks even the hardest of hardcore fans. Nobody is in her world, when it comes to offensive transition or at posting up bigs or guards. Her length and size are taken for granted and are rarely if ever mentioned. Her ability to block shots is amazing, something rarely talked about as a skill set in the girls game. The jumping ability is something you can’t prepare for, Allen is a rare player. Her show stopping performance against RBC last year was the best these eyes has seen in 6 years. Defensively forget it, nobody gets in passing lanes more or gets more tips and steals that lead to turnovers and run outs…NOBODY! She along with Kimi Evans are the two players coaches must prepare for in a special way.  DEZZY ALLEN is a scoring machine and the most unique player in the state. She is that rare superstar without a ego and NJIT was the beneficiary of this humble stars attitude toward choosing a college, as they got the recruit of a lifetime. She will rewrite the record books…. BUT FOR NOW SHE WILL SETTLE FOR BEING THE BEST PURE WING PLAYER IN THE SHORE…OPPS..MY BAD… THE STATE AS WELL!






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