There is something about a player who can look in mirror and be honest with themselves. These players are the ones who seem to always take that next step. They have people behind them, who believe in them. These people expect them to do their best always. These players are willing to except criticism and most importantly respond to negativity directed at them. The reward for such steel, is greatness. In the case of Josie Larkins, scholarship offers seen never stop coming to summer. Miss Larkins just may have been the most recruited player in the shore. But she could only pick one school and that school was UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT.RBC

The House that Joe Montano build is special…RBC

Here are a few facts about Josie Larkins. She has started at RBC since the day she put on a uniform. She plays for a coach that accepts nothing but your best effort on and off the court. That man is Joe Montano, the dean of shore coaches, one of the best to ever walk any high school sideline. Now it takes a special player to play at RBC. There is no star treatment and you are expected to tow the line always. There is only one name that matters at RBC and that’s the one on the front of the uniform. NO PROGRAM in Jersey is like Joe Montano’s Casey’s. For 3 years Joe Montano has pushed Josie Larkins to the limit. I have seen him bark at her and hug her. Their relationship is special, because Josie Larkins, allowed Joe Montano to coach her and coach her hard. She understood, Joe Montano believed in her, even when she was a baby… making mistakes only babies make. He allowed her those mistakes as long as she responded to his aggressive style of coaching. Folks I was there to see it, the reward for Josie Larkins came in the form of development and a thick coat of skin. Joe Larkins my friends saw the big picture and now has fulfilled her dream of playing Division One basketball.



I believe parents can go one way or the other, when it comes to sports. They either trust the people who coach their kids or they rely on playing the game of politics.  John Larkins, doesn’t play such games. His son is currently at Georgetown with a perfect SAT score. His daughter Josie has to live with the fact that the only person with a better SAT score that she knows; lives in the same house. John Larkins folks does not play around. He is the hardcore parent, coaches live to have in there corner. When Josie Larkins first started coming to NBS, he never talked about college. He never talked about being the best. He talked about one thing and one thing only….her WORK ETHIC.



Now folks here is a fact, I have seen JOHN LARKIN in front of his daughter, tell her he is not wasting his time, if she is not going to apply herself. People, this is big time stuff from a parent, who understands LOVE CAN COME WITH EXPECTATIONS. Last year Mr. Larkins told me he is going to let his daughter play for Beth Chambers. The reason why? Now folks, you have heard me say this over and over, because he was concerned about one thing ….JOSIE getting better. He said “if she get betters everything else will take care of itself” and that meant playing for one person, MARY BETH CHAMBERS. Parents are you listening? Mr. Larkins was not interested in politics, but rather achievement. You don’t need to play politics, When YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. None of the nonsense matters, when you are good enough. It’s a lesson so few parents understand. Josie Larkins proved this summer, not only is she good enough, but she had the best summer of any player from the shore conference…she can start with thanking her Father for this, because John Larkins being her father first and her friend 2nd…..HAS MADE HER ONE OF THE BEST!



Let me tell you a story. I went to work out the Mary Beth Chambers Jersey Shore Elite, this spring. I do it every year and nothing changes except the names. You see Mary Beth Chambers does the same thing she does every year. She gets a group of girls, many with no D1 offers and then she COACHES THEM UP. She is brutally honest with them. She tells them what their weakness are and hammers its home…it’s not about winning, but rather about competing and getting better. This summer Beth Chambers told me “Josie Larkins would be the best shooting guard in the shore”. I laughed….let me repeat I laughed. She told I just didn’t know how much better Josie had become. I am not laughing these days, because right until last week, “NO” player was in more demand that Josie Larkins by college coaches. Once thought of as a stand still shooter, Larkins is now the total package. She scores in every way possible. She shoots three’s, except now from the parking lot. She puts the ball on the floor, except now it’s like a freight train coming at you. She defends, except now not just on the ball; but off the ball as well. Josie Larkins game is no longer defined by just her shooting. She is the total package these days and one women has a lot to do with it.



I call it the BETH CHAMBERS EFFECT. These are all the players most people don’t think much about until letter of intent day comes rolling around. Because all her seniors who buy in, get scholarship’s and it’s because of two things….HONESTY AND PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. Two things that can get an AAU coach in trouble with parents and players. This summer no player developed more than Josie Larkins. Josie Larkins and her parents brought into Mary Beth Chambers’ philosophy from day one, ITS CALLED TRUST. Larkins will bring that same trust to Vermont University. She also will do what all Chambers kids do in college….have ALL STAR CAREERS….CHECK THE TRACK RECORD FOLKS….

AFAMAA1Every year I reach out to parents and say the same thing. Please don’t let your kid just play games and work with their AAU team all spring and summer. It’s a recipe for disaster unless you child is a household name or the best player. But in the end too often, politics win out, parents not doing what’s best for their kids, is an old story. In end the recruiting doesn’t happen and sadly other year goes by with a group of talented kids, failing to make their dreams come true.  These people simply don’t understand the process, no matter how hard you explain it to them.


I called Josie Larkins dad this spring.  I told him, Josie is spending too much time with strength and condition and not enough time in the gym. Here was his exact response, this is word for word. “Tell me exactly what’s she needs to do and she will do it” and guess what Jose Larkins did? Exactly what he said she would do. Josie Larkins was everywhere, Point Guard School, NBS, Core Skills. She did an hour of ball handling and shooting before every workout started. She showed up at Point Guard Camp this summer…I could go on and on. Let me go on record and tell you how many kids, I begged to get in the gym and break out of their AAU world. Too many and too many had excuses. Well in the Larkins family, there are no such thing as excuses, only had work. NO FAMILY WAS MORE POLITIC FREE AND NO KID WORKED AS HARD AS JOSIE LARKINS.  It’s the #1 reason she is on her way to Vermont U. It’s the reason so many coaches called me with a broken heart, this weekend. It’s the reason colleges where offering not a 4 year scholarships but a FIVE YEAR OFFER. It’s the reason coaches begged for the chance to coach her.

vermont joseA3

Proud to say that I verbally committed to play basketball at the University of VT! So blessed! Go Catamounts! 🏀💚💛

Jose Larkins, let review. One of the best student athletes on planet earth. One of the hardest workers in all of New Jersey. One of the rare players you can coach hard. One of the most recruited players in the state. Coaches by a Hall of Fame Coach, Coached by the best in the AAU business, Parents who believe in hard work not politics. This sounds like the dream player every school wishes to have join their program. But only one school could sign Jose Larkins. Congrats to that one school… VERMONT UNIVERSITY on getting baddest shooting guard on two legs…..JOSE LARKINS.





I will beat this drum till the cows come home.…Parents, Coaches, Players….I BELIEVE THIS CAMP HELPS DREAMS COME TRUE…POINT GUARD STARTS NEXT MONDAY…SIGN UP HERE

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Welcome Josie to the Vermont family, because that is what UVM is all about, family. Have a great career here.