An Early Look At The ACC

9. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Some may think this spot is too high for the Yellowjackets, who ended with an 8-10 in conference record at the end of last season. However, the Yellowjackets pulled out a better record than most expected, much thanks to Ben Lammers, who will be returning to Georgia Tech for another season. Lammers was a breakout star in the 2016-2017 season who lead the ACC in blocked shots, and was a strong presence up and down the court. The return of Lammers and a good percentage of the Yellowjackets’ offense means hope for the season.

Georgia Tech is still still a long jump from top of the table however. A lack of recruited talent just won’t be able to contend with bigger teams ahead of them. However the addition of Jose Alvarado, ranked 163rd nationally and 4th overall in the state of New York, may signal an upward trend and positive future for the basketball program of Georgia Tech.

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