An Early Look At The ACC

3. Duke Blue Devils

Poised to return one of the most talented lineups in the ACC, Duke shows much potential for the upcoming season. They have arguably the best recruiting class in the conference. They’re returning both talent and experience, and not losing too much of either. Although Luke Kennard and Frank Jackson to the draft hurts the Blue Devils, the acquisition of five star recruits Gary Trent Jr. (SG) and Trevon Duvall (PG) can prove to be crucial to this hole.

Despite all this, it would be blasphemous to talk about Duke and not bring up the name of Grayson Allen. Allen returns this season as the sole senior on the team, in an optimal position to showcase his leadership abilities and raw talent. With the new season comes a new (yet also old) position for Allen, as he will likely move from his spot as point guard last year back to his natural position off the ball. If he can stay out of the scrutiny of both fans and the media, as it seemed oh so difficult for him to do in the 2016-2017 season, Allen has the chance to dominate college basketball and lead the Blue Devils to a successful season.

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