Are You Hurting Your Child’s Recruitment?

-Megan Cunningham | Hoop Group Assistant Skills Director and Director of Girls’ Events

Are You Hurting Your Child’s Recruitment?

As a parent you always want the best for your kid, especially when it comes to the recruiting process and picking the right college. What many parents do not realize is what the college coaches are expecting is from their child, not the parent. To explain the recruiting process more, we have provided the parents with a few Do’s and Don’ts

Do encourage your student athlete to keep lines of communication open with coaches from schools of interest via phone call, text or email. The communication can be school related, how they played in a game, or even to talk about the college your student athlete is interested in.


Don’t be your student athlete’s voice. This is the time for your student athlete to begin to grow up and mature into a young adult.



Do encourage your student athlete to keep their grades up. No matter how good your student athlete is at basketball, if they cannot get into the school, they will not step foot on the court.


Don’t let your student athlete wait until the last minute to start contacting coaches. The longer they wait, the less of a chance that have being a recruited by that school and accepted into that school.


Do encourage your student athlete to take as many official and unofficial visits as they can. By doing this it allows your student athlete to get the college experience, ask as many questions as they can, and maybe even sit through a college class before they even enroll in that school.



Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Do encourage your student athlete to pick a school that has the degree or field of study that they are interested in. For most, basketball will only continue as a hobby after college. Therefore, it is important that your student athlete attends a school that will help propel them towards their career goals.


Don’t worry about the process! This can be a long process and in the end, the chips will fall where they fall.


Do encourage your student athlete to pick a reach school and a safety school.

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