MLK Day Hoopfest

Martin Luther King was one person in history who turned his words into action.  There is no doubt each of us has heard his famous I Have a Dream Speech.

So besides a day off from school, what is your plan of action this January 15th

Here at Hoop Group Headquarters, our plan is to provide you with a chance to work on your game and have some fun along the way.  Tiny Green will take you through the drills to keep your game sharp.

Event will include ball handling drills, footwork sessions, shooting work and the opportunity to play 5 on 5 against someone new.

Look forward to seeing you in the gym!

DateBoys & GirlsClass DayTimePriceRegister
January 15Grades 2-9Monday9am - 2pm $85 ($95 if not pre registered)Register Here

E-mail for more info