Hoop Group Shooting Camp Recognizable Names June 23-27

Julian Castro- 10th Grade
Julian always plays with heart. There hasn’t been one game where he wasn’t working as hard as possible to help his team. Even when things aren’t going his way, he maintains his composure and plays through adversity.

JJ Montefour- 11th Grade
JJ is a coach’s dream. He does everything his coach asks and more. His positive attitude permeated throughout his team. Players like JJ are the reason coaching enjoy their jobs.

Gio Nadiradze- 12th Grade
Gio’s work ethic is outstanding. Without a doubt he was the glue guy for his team. As he goes, they go. His coach was grateful that he was willing to be coachable and wanted to be involved with what they were trying to do on the court.

Isaiah Johnson- 9th Grade
He is a great athlete and a great leader on the court. He has a great ability to score the ball and score in the paint with either hand, and get his players involved in the game. If he continues to work on his game he has a chance to be a big time player as he grows.

Josh Hall-7th Grade
He is a big, physical kid who can shoot the ball from 3 point range. He can also score the ball on the block and stretch the floor with his guard play. If he continues to work on different aspects of his game, he can be a great player.

Luis Bou- 9th Grade
He is a true point guard who gets his teammates involved in the game. He has a good handle that can create for himself and get past his defender with ease. If he continues to work on his game, he will be a great point guard who had the ability to score the ball from anywhere on the court.

Jon Ware- 9th Grade
He is an aggressive guard that leads his team by example. He has great on ball pressure and always guards the other team’s best player. He never backs downs from a challenge. He has a lot of emotion and needs to work on directing it in the right direction to raise his teammate’s level of play.

Akash Patel- 9th Grade
He had one of the best jump shots in the SEC division this week. He is really a knock down shooter when he catches the ball in rhythm. He also has the ability to put the ball on the floor and drive. He can work on his on ball defense by sliding his feet and keeping his man in front of him to polish his game.

Mitchel Epstein- 9th Grade
He is a good rebounding guard that plays both sides of the floor. His consistent effort is what gives his coach a peace of mind when he’s on the floor. He loves to be coached, He has a short term memory which is good for when he makes a mistake he doesn’t let it affect his game. He needs to talk more and be more of a leader when he on the floor because his teammate’s look up to him while playing.

Gregory Nunez- 9th Grade
He is already 5’10 and only 14 years old going into the 9th grade. Greg plays hard at all times on both ends of the floor. He attacks the rim relentlessly and goes after every rebound. If he continues to develop his already capable jump shot, he will become very difficult to guard.

Ll’rae Robinson- 9th Grade
Ll’rae has developed into a true point guard. He has strong control over the ball and has a jump shot that defenses have to respect. Ll’rae also guarded many of the best players on the other team, which shows his competitiveness on the floor.

Kenny Primus- 8th Grade
Playing as one of the younger players, Kenny showed that he was more than capable of holding his own. He was a lockdown defender who created many turnovers due to his constant activity. On offense, he has a good shot with range out to three that he shoots with confidence.

Carlton Coleman- 9th Grade
He is a very good, aggressive basketball player who always plays within his abilities and can impact the game without the basketball in his hands. He’s a natural born leader, and all of his teammates respond very well to him. He can take over a game with his presence, and is always looking to hit an open teammates moving without the basketball.

Gabriel Ramos- 9th Grade
He has one of the biggest hearts we’ve seen at camp this summer. Gabriel can take over the game with his pure energy and excitement to play the game. He’s a joy to have on your team because you know he’s going to work his tail off, and listen to what his coach has to say.

Andrés Casanova -11th Grade
Andrés is a guard from Puerto Rico with great awareness and a sweet midrange jump shot. He was one of the main lock down defenders with a knack of making the offense feel uncomfortable. As he grows with his game, he will be a great contender for any team.

Matthew Hubbard- 11th Grade
Matthew has a warrior spirit and knows how to cause the offense to do what he wants. His ability to get into the paint at ease and draw fouls makes him a very dangerous player to play against. He has a very unique skill set that is a problem for each team he faces.

Dyony Bueno-9th Grade
Dyony is an aggressive player that can play either swing man position or the big spots. His aggressiveness for rebounds always gives him the upper hand against opponents. His ability will only get better as he grows.

Noah Charles- 5th Grade
Noah is a great point guard that has the ability to distribute the ball very well. He has to get more aggressive on the offensive end. He looks to be a future star with the ability to have a complete game.

Jared Cross- 7th Grade
Jared is a one of the hardest workers in camp and has the ability to make his team better with his work ethic. He is a great player to use on a pick and roll. He needs to work on his ball handling but should be a fine player with a little bit of work.

Diminguez Stevens- 6th Grade
Ming is a very talented basketball player who is also a phenomenal shooter and has a great ability to take it to the rim. He projects to be an excellent player but needs to work on his shot selection. He has great energy and can make numerous things happen on the floor for his team based on his athleticism and activity.

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