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Sacramento Kings – #5 & #10 Pick 2017 NBA Draft   The Picks: De’Aron Fox – Kentucky & Lauri Markkanen – Arizona Other Possible Options: Jayson Tatum – Duke, Dennis Smith – NC State The Sacramento Kings find themselves with two Top 10 picks in this year’s draft thanks toContinue Reading
Phoenix Suns – #4 Pick 2017 NBA Draft The Pick: Josh Jackson – Kansas Other Possible Picks: Jayson Tatum – Duke  The Suns are stuck with a good problem. Having the fourth overall pick, there seems to be a lot of talent down the line even after the first three picks. It’sContinue Reading
Boston Celtics- #3 Pick 2017 NBA Draft Needs: Wing Scoring, Depth at the 3/4 Position The Pick: Jayson Tatum Other Options: Josh Jackson (Kansas), Jonathan Isaac (Florida State) The Celtics lack of talent on the wing was exposed in their series with the Cavs, when LeBron James absolutely dominated Boston.Continue Reading
  Los Angeles Lakers – #2 Pick 2017 NBA Draft Needs: Shooting, Depth up front The Pick: Lonzo Ball – UCLA Other options: Josh Jackson (Kansas), De’Aaron Fox (Kentucky) If Lavar Ball’s track record of speaking things into existence remains flawless, it will only be a matter of time beforeContinue Reading
Philadelphia 76ers – #1 Pick 2017 NBA Draft The Pick: Markelle Fultz – Washington Other Potential Options: None The 76er fan base has been told to trust the process for several years now. It finally looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. News broke lateContinue Reading