The House That Joe Montano Built

This year Joe Montano and his RBC staff have the best incoming freshman class in the Shore yet again. The “Yankees of the Shore Conference” are always a possible destination for kids entering high school. They have a future Hall of Fame Coach who is closing in on 600 wins and has won everything, SCT’s, TOC’s, basically any tournament known to man. Joe Montano is the reason RBC is just a little different from any other school.
Joe Montano is closing in on 600 wins

When you talk about Girls High School basketball coaches, Joe Montano has to be at the top of the list… While he has he been incredibly successful on the court, his contributions to the shore basketball community and RBC go way beyond wins and losses. This is a man that prepares all his kids, not just his star athletes, for what life has in store for them after school. Joe Montano’s word with college coaches is priceless because they know they can TRUST HIM. But what many don’t know is that Joe Montano has no problem helping players outside of his program. In fact, the week before my daughter’s high school team played RBC in the TOC, George Sourlis asked for a copy of their first game to send to Colgate. Joe sent the tape, and it was one of the biggest reasons my daughter was offered a scholarship to Colgate. I can tell you I would not have done that, I am way too competitive and selfish. Joe Montano and his RBC program are class personified.

When you talk about competitive, nobody, and I mean nobody, works officials like Joe Montanto. He is ruthless from the moment the game starts. Every young coach should go to a RBC game and learn how to work the sidelines without creating enemies amongst officials. Rarely have you seen him out of control or T’d up. Why? Because it’s a talent, folks; the great ones go to the edge but never cross it. More importantly, have you ever seen a Red Bank player fight with an official…NEVER! Because everyone at RBC knows one thing, Joe Montanto is the big cheese. They know that when you put that RBC Jersey on, you are held to a standard like no other school. The players at RBC know this about Joe Montano: if you are looking for sweet nothings whispered in your ear…forget it. He is as tough on his players as he is with officials and nobody gets a free pass…but they also know, Joe Montano is fair and loves his players; and this is why he is special.
Back to Back top rated Freshman Classes

The Standard at RBC is simple and the man that has set the standard is Coach Montano. The parents at RBC know it’s a drama free zone. They know he means what he says and does what he says he will; meaning everyone gets a fair shake and every kid is important to his program. NOBODY with a straight face can say they don’t know where this man stands. Even the RBC fans, which are some of the most loyal and dedicated, are not out of arms reach of Joe Montanto. I have seen him stop games and go into the stands and tell young people who are having a bit too much fun to settle down. His mindset for RBC fans is cheer as loud as you want, get the visiting to team to lose focus, but know the line and be respectful. RBC fans understand that Joe Montanto protects the RBC brand as if his life depends on it, and NOBODY is going to tarnish what he has built.
Championships and smiling players are the norm are RBC

Not every kid can play at RBC, there is no star system and every player knows that the school is bigger than them. Any kid that attends RBC knows they must buy into the RBC way. The means you try to get better as a team, you don’t compete against each other. You don’t get to bring attention to yourself at the expense of teammates, you respect and cheer for your teammates, you support and root for the incoming freshman and of course, every parent knows the education is one of the best in the state, and every student is expected to do their best. Maybe this is why, despite not having the most talented team in the Shore, RBC did the impossible 2 years ago and went undefeated en route to winning the SCT. Every fan knows when RBC comes to their gym it’s the biggest game of the year. There are years RBC may not be the best but there are still the Yankees baby… and everyone wants to beat the Yankees!
If it wasn’t for Joe Montano, she would have given up”

But the real true test of a coach is when the kids leave; that’s when you know a coaches true impact. Like when Christina Danella, the current Head Coach of Caldwell and the best player I have seen in the shore conference, tells me “Nobody has had a bigger impact on me as Joe Montano.” Or when Katelynn Carroll’s father, whose daughter had heart surgery last year, tells me “if it wasn’t for coach Joe Montano she would’ve gave up.” Folks, I had tears in my eyes when I heard this. His players attend schools like DUKE or Patriot schools like LOYOLA. You see folks, this is powerful stuff, and it is because this is a powerful man.
Grace Fallon #13 attends Duke and her mother is an Asst Coach at RBC

Now when I think of Joe Montano, one picture comes to mind. I saw him walking out of the gym one day with his two boys. He had his arms around them and he was smiling. This was not the tough guy you see on the sidelines barking at kids and referees; this was the father. His kids are just like him they are hard-nosed tough kids, but they are gentlemen, just like their father. I had a chance to spend some time with them last year and they are respectful and GREAT TEAMMATES….JUST LIKE RBC KIDS…

Danella credits Coach Montana for her success

Joe Montano, is the AD at RBC, I think this is why he takes the RBC brand so seriously. I think this why some kids and parents want to be part of the RBC family, they know the brand means something. The program represents so much more than basketball. It’s about doing the right thing and being a positive influence on the community. This is what RBC is about and one man has more to do with this as anyone and one day the name on of the floor at RBC will read…JOE MONTANO!

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