International Talent Swarms to Elite Camp


It’s not uncommon to see players from a different country make their way over to Hoop Group Elite Camps during the month of July. Every camp this summer we have seen multiple players walk onto the campus of Alright College and impress us with their skills. This week is different, however. Elite session 2 has the most international players of the summer. Here’s a list of the players attending camp this week from outside the United States.

Josiah Riley/2015/Canada
Tyler Plummer/2017/Canada
Alonzo Walker/2014/Canada
Jelani Mofford/2014/Canada
Freddie Ibrahim/2015/Canada
Travis Thomas/2015/Canada
O’Shane Taylor-Douglas/2017/Canada
Marcus Bonnick/2015/Canada
Mithun Jaisankar/2015/Canada
Jordan Keane/2016/Canada
Ty Nelson/2015/Canada
Marley Blommers/2016/Canada
Tomer Aloni/2016/Canada
Mowaz Sheikh/2018/Canada
Rigel Kaba/2017/Canada
Noah Burns/2017/Canada

Pau Tort/2015/Spain
Oscar Argemi/2016/Spain
Javier Martinez/2015/Spain
Pablo Lopez/2015/Spain
Daniel Juan/2015/Spain
Vicente Delas/2015/Spain
Javier Pena/2015/Spain
Christian Owondo/2016/Spain
Rafael Busutil/2016/Spain
Ezekial Humprey/2016/Spain
Malik Jackson/2015/Spain
Xavier Roqueta/2016/Spain
Inigo Cadinanos/2015/Spain
Nicholas Kam/2015/Spain
Jaime Rivero/2016/Spain
Eduardo Pastor/2016/Spain
Marc Rodriguez/2016/Spain
David Barros/2016/Spain
Yasin Ryan/2015/Spain
Jacobo Canellas/2018/Spain
Carlos Canellas/2017/Spain
Alvaro Ruiz/2017/Spain
Kerron Tanner/2017/Spain
Antoni Bove/2018/Spain
Adam Tang-Nian/2018/Spain
Andrew Dookoo/2017/Spain
Esteve Anglada/2017/Spain


Simone Fant/2015/Italy
Federico Ricci/2016/Italy
Francesco Rege Cambrin/2016/Italy
Bernardo Porciani/2016/Italy
Matteo Airaghi/2015/Italy
Federico Massone/2017/Italy
Michaelangelo Tartaglia/2017/Italy
Federico Benzo/2018/Italy
Tommaso Brustia/2017/Italy

Deniz Celen/2015/Turkey
Facundo Pitetta/2015/Uruguay
Alexander Strating/2015/Netherlands
Stanley Langyintuo/2017/Kenya

56 kids total are from outside the U.S.

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