Kevin Boyle Point Guard Weekend Session 1 Top Performers


Top Performers

Deandre Scott: Deandre did a great job running the floor and scoring in transition. He was able to get second chance points off hustle plays and was very coachable.

Brian Parker: Brian is a gifted lefty with a very physical game. He is an effective scorer around the rim with great defensive transition skills.

Xavier Hardison: Xavier demonstrated great defensive ability by guarding the opposing teams quickest players. He has good knowledge of the game and sees the floor very well. Overall he had a solid weekend showing his defensive skills and vision as a passer. He showed overall improvement on his shot and can use a little work on the ability to effectively complete a pass.

Fred Slater: Fred has a winning attitude and has a great work ethic. He is very athletic and has a body built for the college game. He has the ability to play above the rim and excels at rebounding.

Mike Gordon: Mike has a very bright future in the game of basketball. He is fun to coach and is a great leader on the court. Through his hustle and willingness to work he makes the team better.

Max Owens: Max is constantly improving his game because of his desire to become better. His basketball IQ and his selfless attitude and work ethic were second to none this weekend. He has a bright future and will be a coach’s dream to coach.

Martin Bedulskij: Martin seems to always make the right plays and has an overall great understanding for the game. He is a high energy player that finished strong around the rim.

Walker Wilson: He has good size and skill and is still improving his game. Walker needs to utilize his size and skill and have it translate into playing a bit harder. Once he comes into his own and fully plays the full game his game will reach the next level.

Zachary Johnson: Zachary is a very good player and you can see he loves the game. At times he tries to make the difficult pass resulting in a turnover. Once he figures out how to make the easy pass he will reach the next level and will benefit from his court vision.

Rich Kelly: Rich is a combo guard with an incredibly high basketball IQ. He can create for both himself and his teammates. Rich is able to defend on the ball but can improve on his defense off the ball.

Al-Tariq Halsey: Al-Tariq is a lightning quick point guard that has an exceptional ability to get by defenders and finish in the lane or create for others. He is a hawk on the ball defensively and can match up with forwards who are much bigger. An area where Al-Tariq can improve is being more selfish offensively, as he has a tendency to be content with blending in.

Adama Kroan: Adama has a motor that runs non-stop. Adama crashes the boards exceptionally well. He also runs the floor, finishes around the basket, and is a bulldog shutdown defender. An area he can work on his jump shooting to improve his overall game.

John Kelly: John has hit a growth spurt since last summer, but has kept his skills as a guard. Standing 6’3 he is a versatile inside-out player who improved significantly over the weekend and proved that he deserved to be crowned MVP.

Jose Lozada: What he lacks in height he makes up for in effort, heart, and overall skill. Jose is a fearless driver that can locate his teammates and deliver the ball on a dime.

Darrell Hamilton: Showed that he is a tough nosed defensive specialist who takes pride in shutting down the other team’s best defender. Once he is able to consistently knock down a jump shot he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Irving Jones: Very good shooter, athletic, good court vision and finishes well around rim. Rebounds well for a guard, and should be a very good high school player.

Justin Galea: Justin had played up a division and performed well. He is a skilled guard with a good feel for the game. Makes good decisions and tends to make other players better with ability to work hard. Overall a good player that needs to get stronger.

Andou Diaw: Andou is a big body with guard skills. He finds open teammates and can finish around the rim. He needs to continue to develop physically.

Connor Printz: Good ball handler and attacks the basket very well. He shoots the mid-range well and shows good leadership. Connor needs to work on lateral quickness and overall foot speed.

Justin Boston: Solid ball handler. Very aggressive and looks for good shots in his range. Great teammate, but sometime has to look for his shot more.

Raquib Lewis: Great on the ball defender. He is a solid ball handler with a very good offensive and defensive motor. Very good in transition, but needs to do a better job getting other teammates involved.

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