The Life and Times Of LeBron James

Contrary to what many might think, LeBron James wasn’t born a basketball player. Born December 30, 1984, LeBron Raymone James needed youth basketball camps, basketball skills training, and repetition just like everyone else playing the sport. Growing up in Akron, Ohio, hard work was essential to his overall development. Even when LeBron became stronger and faster than kids his own age, he still wanted to improve his game.

What may be drastically different about LeBron than the average player is that he developed so quickly, and not just physically. His game escalated from a mental perspective as well. Coaches took notice of how hard nosed he was. His youth coach made him practice his left hand skills at a young age and when practice was over he had him working as an assistant coach for children.

Growing up in humble beginnings, LeBron was basically the head of his household at an early age. His mom struggled financially and eventually he lived with his basketball coach. The story of how he became the basketball player he is today is a lesson in hard work and perseverance. Not to mention LeBron had help and training from others who believed in him.

That’s exactly why LeBron didn’t need to play college basketball and has become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Most high school players need college to further their basketball training skills; LeBron James was one of the exceptions. He might have been good enough to go pro during his junior year of high school.

So good at hoops, LeBron was actually recruited by St. Vincent-St. Mary High School to play ball in 1999. He probably would not have gotten to that point without youth basketball training and basketball clinics along the way. He went to Sonny Viccaro’s camp regularly. His 2017 Cleveland Cavs teammate, Kyrie Irving, went to camps, just like LeBron did. Kyrie went to HoopGroup to further develop his skills, as did Kevin Durant and James Harden. The great ones always seem to realize they need to be around basketball from an educational standpoint, too.

LeBron James has always shown an incredible aptitude toward the game of basketball even at a young age. ESPN started televising high school basketball in part because LeBron was involved. The sports network was fully aware of his potential and was already showcasing his skills early and branded him “King James.” He scored 25 points in the state title game as a freshman. He became a household name at a very young age because of his ability.

To say LeBron stood out in the high school level would be an understatement. He was bigger, stronger, and quicker than many student athletes around him. More importantly, LeBron was more skilled. His basketball skills training had already paid off by that point. LeBron was smart enough to realize that he always needed to continue to grow on the court in order to be the best. There were things he could do to get better daily, weekly, and during summers even if he didn’t play college basketball. There were always lessons he could learn.

His hard work paid off when he was drafted as the top overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft.

These days LeBron plays the role of teacher at his own basketball camps. He sports three championship rings and four Most Valuable Player awards. He is an Olympic Gold Medalist. He might be the most well known athlete in the world. It could be all related to the hard work spent during the summer months as a kid at basketball clinics and camps.

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