LIVE Blog: Elite Session 3 Day Two

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8:00AM- Teams are set and we’re ready to get underway here in Reading, Pa. Stations are up first, time to get loose before the players start to shower who really is elite. –@AndrewKoob

10:00AM- Stations are now wrapping up and games are set to get underway in the next ten minutes or so. The teams are set to see who will #BeElite this week! We are all looking forward to a great day of basketball here at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania! –@JakerBaker58

10:50AM- Isaiah Lamb(Franklin, Reistertown, MD) has been one of the more impressive players during this morning’s set of games. Lamb has been knocking down deep jumpshots with ease, and is big enough to muscle the other point guards into the paint. Isaiah has also been aggressive as a defender, getting into the ball handler’s face and forcing tough passes every time. Looks like he knows what it takes to #BeElite! –@JakerBaker58

11:30AM- So far in Wednesday’s game sessions, Kevin Spadaford has certainly impressed. A thinner guard, Spadaford has a nice mid-range game and isn’t afraid to attack the offensive boards for put-back layups. –@AndrewKoob

12:15PM- Thabo Sithole is having another solid camp. He’s a quiet guy, who let’s his playing do the talking for him, always playing hard and smart. Sithole has been with us for a few camps this summer, and is showcasing what he has learned in all of them! –@JakerBaker58

1:10PM- Tyler Major(Mount Zion, Durham, NC) is back at camp and making a name for himself yet again. Like Sithole, Major has been to a few camps and has excelled every time on the floor. Right now Major is stuck to his assignment like glue, never allowing any room to breathe, constantly making life difficult! –@JakerBaker58

1:25PM– Just weeks after his high school team Blair Academy (N.J.) won the Hoop Group National Division Elite Camp championship, Michael Silverthorn is back showcasing his ability here at Elite III. Displaying a nice touch from deep to compliment a solid post-game, Silverthorn is emerging himself as one of the for skilled players at camp this week.-@CabWashington

3:10PM- The afternoon session is underway. After the players got a chance to learn some new things through a great lecture, they’re ready to get back on the floor and show coaches what they’ve got. –@AndrewKoob

4:05PM– There was a nice matchup that just ended between Team 1 and 4. Standing at 6-foot-10 Michael Tertsea (John Carroll, Md. 2016) was  quite the standout  blocking shots, rebounding and finishing easily around the rim. His supporting cast was no slouch either comprised of a solid mid-range shooter in Aaron Burton (Cheltenham, Pa. 2014) and Marquis Powell (Upper Marlboro Md. 2014) who was a quick floor leader that showed off a nice drive and kick mentality that really complimented their well-rounded team.- @CabWashington

4:35PM- In afternoon action in the Bollman Center Emmanuel Kema (Union (N.J.) High School/6-0/2014) and Juwan Champman (Eagle Academy (N.Y.)/6-1/201) are having solid performances.

Kema is showing off a nice jumper and is a tenacious defender on the court while Chapman is exhibiting on-court leadership and an explosive drive to the basket with the ability to finish strong. –@pfebbraro

5:10PM- Caleb Mercer(First Academy Christian, Davidson, NC) has had a nice afternoon, even in the loss he was able to score the ball easily and got into the defense with his aggressive nature. Caleb also showed nice range and impressive quickness, getting out on the fast break and showing that he is an extremely difficult player to defend. –@JakerBaker58

7:00PM- With the night games just beginning, we are excited to see all of the campers starting to gel with their respective teams. They’ve had only a day together, but we are seeing some great chemistry out there and some real teamwork from everyone. Great to see the players taking the “no I in team” phrase to heart! #BeElite! –@JakerBaker58

7:45PM- After seeing some great chemistry in the games, the teamwork between Michael Silverthorn and Juwan Chapman is very noticeable. The two have done a great job of spreading the ball around in what would end in a 7 point victory, hitting each other for multiple long range jumpers and great cuts to the middle of the paint. It’s still early, but they have the making of a pretty good team. –@JakerBaker58

7:54PM- Marcel Thompson (St. Paul’s (Md.) School/6-4/2015) sank two free throws with 12 seconds to play as his team won its final game of the day 54-52. Thompson, who played for St. Paul’s last year but is in the process of transferring to Poly (Md.) High School. –@pfebbraro

8:35PM- Cormac Bettinger(Fayetteville-Manlius, Manlius, NY) has been straight up unguardable in the paint! The recent graduate is built like a defensive tackle, just taking up space and imposing force on both ends of the floor. In the last two games, Cormac hasn’t been successfully guarded by anyone. When you have a big man in the post that the defense has to help out with, it really opens up the rest of the floor for your shooters and slashers. Bettinger is the perfect example of “You can’t teach Size!” –@JakerBaker58

9:10PM- Ivory Davis has shown off some pretty sweet handles, as his go-to move has been the euro-step to split defenders and get easy looks right at the basket. Only 5-10 and a 2016 guard, so plenty of time to grow and become possibly become a dominant scoring force –@AndrewKoob

10:00PM– Games from Day Two are all in the books. The day ended with a few campers showing off their dunking ability in a friendly dunk contest. Make sure to check out the LIVE Blog tomorrow for ongoing updates from Elite Session 3. #BeElite. –@CabWashington

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