Mesean Williams: Junior Elite Player of the Day

Mesean Bear Williams


Mesean “Bear” Williams
10 years old, 2024
NJ Shoreshots

Scouting Report: Mesean “Bear” Williams is one of the most competitive young players we have seen. He has strong skills with the basketball and is able to score in the half court, as well as transition. Defensively, he is an absolute “bear”. Coaches have described Mesean as thinking that “every time the ball is bounced, he believes it is a loose ball”. His tenacity on the floor, paired with his athletic ability, make him a standout in the 2024 class, playing the the New Jersey Shoreshots.

Events Attended: Coach Hurley Camp, Kevin Boyle PG Weekend, Tournament of Champions, Hoop Group Showdowns

*Note: Mesean was named All-Star Game MVP at Coach Hurley’s Skills Camp in the summer of 2016.*

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