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The second stop on the Hoop Group Junior Elite Tour took us back home to Hoop Group Headquarters. A sold out event on Saturday, the Metro Junior Elite had some of the best talent around under one roof. We saw several players shine and the feeling Saturday night was that the future is incredibly bright for many of these players. Here are your Award winners as well as your First-Team All Metro Junior Elite.

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Metro Junior Elite Award Winners


Kevin Boyle Floor General Award: Jayden Pierre
Jayden Pierre
Jayden Pierre was one of the best sixth grade guards in the building. He’s a playmaking guard, who has the ability to pass the ball off, but is at his best scoring it himself. As a smaller player, Jayden uses a variety of fakes to get defenders off their feet and create easier scoring opportunities for him.

Shooting Star Award: Daniel Sofield

Daniel Sofield
Daniel is a middle schooler with great size for his position. As an eighth grader, he is listed at 6’3, but he plays outside on the wing. As a long, athletic guard, Daniel has a very good shooting touch. His size allows him to shoot over smaller players. You need to beware of where he is at all times.

He Got Handle Award: Shyheed Jenkins
Shyheed Jenkins
Shyheed was the youngest player at the Junior Elite Clinic Saturday, but you wouldn’t have known that watching him play. He had defenders moving on roller skates, showing how tough he is to defend. The fourth grader outplayed kids a year or two older than him.

Bob Hurley Toughness Award: Alexx Harbour

Alexx Harbour

Alexx had a very good day Saturday. He was one of the strongest eighth graders at the event physically and used his strength to go at defenders. Alexx is not a player that avoids contact. Instead, he almost seeks it, driving right through opponents to get to the rim.

Hoop Group Skills Mr. Versatility Award: Trey Patterson

Trey Patterson

Trey is one of the best prospects we saw on Saturday. He’s only a sixth grade, but is already 6’2 and has many facets to his game. He’s big enough to score inside over players, but he also is confident enough to handle the ball on the outside. There are so many parts to his game that impress you, and that is why he is our Mr. Versatility.

First Team All-Metro Junior Elite

Scottie Lewis

Scottie Lewis

Scottie was the most impressive player in the building on Saturday. He is a special talent and everyone in attendance got to see why. There are not many middle schoolers that play above the rim, but Scottie can, and does. He threw down several dunks on fast breaks and even caught an alley-oop to start one of his games. Offensively, he can also shake defenders and rise up over them to shoot. He is flat out hard to guard.


Zach Crisler

Zach Crisler

If there were a Most Improved Award, Zach would have won this award easily. The 6’5 big man’s game has come a long way in a short amount of time. He has developed his game inside and his finishing ability at the rim. He also possess good footwork down low, something most players his size do not have. If his development continues to increase at the rate it currently is, he will be a big time player in high school.

Bryan Antoine

Bryan Antoine

Bryan Antoine has a very smooth game. Combine that with a high skill level and you have a fun eighth grader to watch. The wing is very long, athletic and is a match up nightmare for defenders. He has the ability to score over smaller guards and wings in the paint, but is also much too quick for posts to guard off the dribble.


Tariq Ingraham

Tariq Ingraham

Tariq is impossible to miss on the court. The 6’7 post is an absolute force inside. He’s bigger and stronger than most players his age and makes it extremely evident in game play. He protected the paint, sending back shot after shot. Offensively, he demanded double teams every time he touched it, and sometimes that wasn’t even enough.

Jake Betlow

Jake Betlow

Jake stood out Saturday as one of the highest IQ players at the clinic. The guard is a very talented shooter, but he does more than that; he’s a good overall playmaker. He plays with his head up and is always looking to make the best play for his team. He was exceptional on Saturday, setting up teammates and scoring the basketball himself. Jake is a multidimensional player, making him a tough match for opponents.

The next stop on the Tour will be tomorrow, as we head down to Arlington for the Northern Virginia Junior Elite. Still plenty of chances to sign up for the New York Junior Elite as well! Get more info here.


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