Nathan Reuvers: Elite 1 Spotlight Preview

Name: Nathan Reuvers
Class: 2017
School: Lakeville North High School (Minnesota)
Height: 6’9”
AAU: Minnesota Fury


Nathan Reuvers is the youngest of five children. He attends Lakeville North High School in southeast Minnesota, and his most useful home appliance is his shovel. Why you ask? Seems normal for a kid from Northern America, but Nate doesn’t use it on his front porch or walkway. He takes it with him to the court, “Nate has a passion for basketball that I haven’t seen from other kids. During the dog days of winter you will see him out there shoveling and salting the court just so he can get his shots up.” His mom told me with a laugh.
The dedication and resilience he shows has proven helpful over the past few years. Although his role as a freshman on the Lakeville State Championship team was miniscule, he kept his spirits high. He kept shoveling and kept shooting. By mid-season of his sophomore year he found his niche. When the senior captain on his team went down, it was Nate who had to step up. He did just that and suddenly colleges started to notice, “It was truly an exciting moment when he received the first two letters from Boise State and Denver. It showed that his hard work was paying off.” His mother confirmed.
Nate’s first two letters certainly haven’t been his last. The 6’9” sharp shooter is improving daily, and has been getting recognized for it with interest from all over the country, “So far Boston University and UNC-Greensboro have offered me, and I’ve had some interest recently from a bunch of other schools including Minnesota.” Nate told me.

On June 15th, the first day coaches were allowed to contact players, texts came pouring in just after the clock hit midnight. Despite that however, Nate is focused on getting his game to the next level, “I still need to work on playing in the post a little more. My personal trainer has been helping me get strong and skilled on the low block.”
As far as his established intangibles, it is easy to see that his best attribute is his ability to stretch the floor. His shooting ability is something that can separate him as a high level forward at the college level. He does have some traits that still need to be brought to the forefront, “Nate’s best attribute is his intelligence for the game. He is constantly analyzing the game and trying to find more ways to improve. ” Mom said. Nate piggybacked her statement by saying his toughness is underrated at this point in his career.
It is easy to see why so many coaches are excited about the upside Reuvers has. His attendance at Hoop Group Elite 1 camp on July 7th will be greatly anticipated by all those looking to court him; and those who haven’t yet will be pleased when they get a look.


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