unnamed She is the best available true Point Guard in the state..don’t even argue with me!

Day 3 of NBS camp proved a few things... its the best camp in the State of New Jersey and a proving ground for players. Today the best 6th 7th and 8th graders maybe in the state were in attendance. Next we had without question the top two in coming freshman in New jersey at the camp. Finally two of the best post players in the state were in attendance. Next the best junior in the shore along with the best available true point guard in the state were in attendance Kelly Crouch

unnamedWhile they are just two little babies there is zero question that Sophia Sabino could be the best 7th grader in the shore if not the state. Next Justine Pissott is like no other 6th grader I have ever seen..the closest thing that I have seen to her was a young Kelly Campbell in terms of work ethic and talent combined

Next we can official end the debate who is the best 8th grader in the state of New Jersey and her name is Kayla Richardson. This young later is the closest thing I have seen the great Christina Danella who was the 3 time Shore player of the year. She played today on a court with 32 Division 1 players and shined like a star…SETON HALL. RUTGERS LET THE FIGHT BEGIN

unnamedThere is zero question who the two best in coming freshman in the state of New Jersey are…NISANI SANTIAGO is a BCS lock and the best incoming freshman point guard we have seen in YEARS. We are going to have to go back a long way to find one this good so young… She is the total package for a point guard and has the right feel in almost every phase of the game. Name the pace of speed you want to play and she can do it. Her shooting ability is flat off the charts. She defends and can handle any level of ball pressure, traps, full court or half .  Faith Masonious simply will be a Top 25 player one day in the country. The work ethic and leadership skills of Faith are just off the charts, her talent is just a bonus. Both are rare and once in a lifetime talents and more importantly amazingly coach-able nice kids…I think the video of Santiago today will say it all.

unnamed Finally there was so  much talent in the building today it was just a joke..coaches you will get more work today done watching the video than you will do the rest of the week. Let me say this, you are going to be hard pressed and I mean hard pressed to find many better rising sophomore  point guards than Nicole Johnson...ANYWHERE AND THAT’S JUST PURE FACT.  Put this young lady in the Shore and she would be the talk of the town…watch the video.

unnamedNext what Lindsey Morris did again today is nothing short of scary..here is a quote from a college coach in attendance today ” its is almost unreal a kid can make this type of improvement so quickly”  Kids Lindsey Morris is a great example of staying the course and shaking labels and college coaches remember you heard it hear first...she will be the talk of every one in the next few weeks…this is a fact.

unnamedMolly Collins’ court vision and shooting skills are going to shock you today. It’s so rare to have a kid with her skills sets and the ability to apply them in real game situations. Well if you are not recruiting Haley Dalonzo and Desi Allen then you really need a new job, because they are mid major mega steals. Folks these kids are getting it done against the very best competition. Now here is something else, watch Katie Rice in today’s video and then you will understand why I say BCS could be in her future and remember who she is playing against.

BoM-ZZYCYAAmEH3-168x300 DiCindio with Sam Sullivan(Wagner) Tori P(Colgate) and Sam Meir(St. Peters) after a NBS workout

Now some kids try to make a reputation ducking competition, well that is not the case of Christina Dicinido who let’s be honest can play anywhere the hell she wants one day. Her skills sets for a post player of her age are just un-matched…Now listen to this statement….she could one day be the best post player in NBS history...let that marinate coaches, because I don’t need to give you a history lesson about NBS great post players…she drove a hour from West Windsor to be here and put on a show.

unnamedNot to be out done is Emily Calabrese of Ramapo high school and the Central Jersey Cardinals who if she played in the shore would be a ALL SHORE LOCK. Emily’s ability to play inside and out is something to see. But it’s her toughness and all around basketball IQ separates her from almost everyone. If you are a mid major not in the mix…find a way quick because this kid is the real deal. She drove 90 mins to get in the gym with real competition. While some talk about playing with and against the best….actions speak louder than words….and Emily’s words are LOUD.







NOTE- Today’s videos of full workouts…there is not editing. What you seen is what you get. Please take notice of two very special young players on a court loaded with D1 players…Kayla Richardson, I believe is the best 8th grader in the state.

unnamed Camerin Foltz of Colts Neck has been a shocking, and I do mean shocking, surprise for a rising 8th grader, as she has played the first 3 days with older mega talented kids and has shined. Coaches she is going to be a very special lady one day.

* If you notice the match ups feature some of the best player in the shore and the state…Remember there are  very exciting players for the PA crowd

* While you are watching the tape, notice NICOLE MORRIS, Holy Cross folks has pulled off the biggest heist in years!

* College coaches if you have any questions or need any information Text or E-mail me ….PLEASE DO NOT CALL..THANK YOU!










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