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The Maroon and White will get red hot white tomorrow, as most the shore elite players and teams will make their way back tomorrow. The college coaches and players from Maryland and Pa will also be back in full force tomorrow… at least the smart ones will back. I took in the 11.30 games today and was very surprised and happy.


First I had a chance to watch Pascack Valley and TRN play. While TRN with all their star babies will one day be a Top Ten team, for me this was a chance for me to revisit watching one of the best coaches Period. Now as a former D1 coach for 25 years, let me be clear, Jeff Jasper is flat out one of the best coaches I have ever seen. I put him in the same class as Hall of Famers Morgan Wooten and Bob Hurley, because he is that good. Pascack Valley reminds me of the good ole days. This was a team with not enough seats on the bench for the players. It appeared every player connected to the program was brought along in order to make everyone feel part of the program. Then I got a chance to watch Jeff Jasper do what I saw him do to RFH in the state Group 2 final a few years ago. His team ran down every loose ball, they made the extra pass all day. Then they did something that I believe is the identity of the program and reflex’s their head coach. They play with a purpose and IQ which was almost at times downright scary. Every parent, player and AAU coach would be wise to take a moment and watch this man’s team play. Your child will see how the game should be played, young coaches will understand how to conduct themselves and see what a master teacher looks like. But what I love most was after the game, there he was with the TRN coaching staff heaping praise on the TRN kids, while still discussing and teaching the game. Folks I got chills because the man was sweating and full of energy the entire time… This is a real GIANT AMONG COACHES…FOLKS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY and GO WATCH THIS MAN WORK….OR SHALL I SAY TEACH.


The other thing that jumped out at me was Manasquan. Folks if anyone is beating Manasquan this year, they better bring their A++ game because this could be the best high school team in AMERICA. The Manasquan 2nd five would be a Top Ten in the Shore. Folks Lisa Kukoda, will know what former RFH coach George Sourlis felt like. Sometimes too much talent is not an easy thing. Former Colts Neck star Lola Mullaney has joined the Manasquan team and she instantly give them another D1 player and stud who can not only score but take over games. But it’s the Nikki Stevens, and Mako’s that most don’t know about for example that is going to break teams hearts. I am not sure how anymore is going to match-up with this powerhouse crew…folks Victoria Galvan is coming back and I believe she is the 2nd best post player in the shore… Today was scary because Dara Mabrey and Faith Masonius were not even on the bench.


Don’t ask me how a college coach could attend Maroon and White today and not stick around for tomorrow, when all the big dogs come back. But without trying to sound like a know it all, this is where the women’s recruiting game is light years behind the men. I ran into a few coaches and asked are they coming to Maroon and White and then Elite and they said “no”, I can only laugh…coaches it’s about building relationships. All take and no give is short term vision…. It should be a big day of hoops tomorrow…MAROON AND WHITE FOLLOWED BY ACADEMIC ELITE…YOU CAN WATCH BOTH AND NOT MISS A SECOND OF THE ACTION….NOT A BAD WAY FOR COACHES AND PLAYERS TO END THE SUMMER


UPDATE…Take the weekend off and then get to NBS on Monday…or you can just rest your legs….lol

#HGSkills Jr. Elite Weekend: Stars That Shined

On July 22nd and 23rd, Hoop Group Skills Camp hosted their annual Jr. Elite Weekend, for rising 5th 9th graders, to end the month of July. Our Jr. Elite Weekend brought in the games next generation of stars to the Poconos to compete on the courts and make a name for themselves prior to entering High School. Campers were coached on the courts and during workouts by current High School and College coaches, giving them a preview of the workouts and intensity needed to play at the next level. Hoop Group Skills hosted players from some of the top AAU programs in the country, including the Riverside Hawks, Albany City Rocks, Team Green, Stamford Peace, Jersey Shore Warriors, NY Lightning, TTG, among others. The National Recruiting Report supplied players of their strengths and weaknesses on the court and where to focus their development to become complete players. Although no player is a finished product, we wanted to recognize those whose play stood out during the Jr. Elite Weekend.


#1 Sam Knudsen- Sam had a solid showing at the Jr Elite weekend. He consistently knocked down the mid-range jump shot while knocking down the occasional 3-point shot.

#3 Bakim Azemi- Bakim is a tough, hard-nosed player with a blue-collar work ethic. He does all the little things that coaches love. He has a good midrange jumper and a high basketball IQ that was displayed all weekend.

#4 Jaylen Britton- Jaylen is a crafty left-handed point guard that controls the tempo of the game. He is a pass first PG that looks to get into the lane and find the open man. He has very good leadership traits at a young age.

#7 Jack Bailey- Jack is a solid all-around player with a knockdown jump shot. On every possession Jack competes and rarely takes a play off. He has a high basketball IQ and a huge ceiling at such a young age. Jack always seems to make the right decision on the court.

#9 Jaylen Douglas- Jaylen is a quick guard who scores the ball in a variety of ways. He is a very good spot up shooter with good range that knocked down many shots at the Jr Elite weekend. He has a good understanding of the game.

#10 Robert Footman- Robert is an attack first point guard that can knock down an open shot. He had much success scoring the ball at the Jr Elite weekend.

#11 David Niang- David is a strong, athletic big with great length. He was one of the top rebounders at the Jr Elite weekend. He needs to continue working on his post game, finishing through contact, but makes his impact felt on each possession.

#12 Xavier Samuels- Xavier is a gifted athlete with great speed and quickness. He has an explosive first step attacking the hoop with the ability to be an elite defender. He is a big time scorer when he attacks the hoop and does not settle for jump shots.

#13 Amari Mills- Amari is a talented, athletic guard who pushes the ball well in transition while always making the right decision. In the half court setting, Amari showed a variety of different moves beating players 1 on 1 off the dribble while also finding the open man.

#14 Honor Huff- Honor is a quick, shifty guard with a great handle. He sees the court extremely well with a pass first mentality. Honor wants to take and make big shots, which he did down the stretch of many games for his team.

#27 Cameron Jones- Cameron is the player every team wants. He moves the ball very well, talks on both ends of the court, and has a strong basketball IQ. Cameron was the leader of his team over the weekend and really took pride in encouraging and uplifting his teammates.

#30 Carter Strauss- Carter had a solid Jr Elite weekend. He was very coachable and followed directions well when being coached. He has a good understanding of the game and high basketball IQ.

#31 Ian Werner- Ian displays very good ball handling skills that helped him see the court and distribute the ball to the open man throughout the weekend. Ian showed the ability to knock down jumpers

#32 Dontae Prescott- Dontae is a crafty guard with great vision and court awareness. He has potential to be a great team leader and floor general if he is more vocal and positive. Dontae needs to be in attack mode at all times.

#34 Robby Gaymon III- Robby is a fundamentally sound guard with a solid basketball IQ. Over the weekend, Robby consistently locked down the opponent’s top player and showed signs of an elite defender.

#35 Paul Bochterle- Paul is a southpaw shooter with a high basketball IQ. He is fundamentally sound offensively but relies on his left hand more often than not. He has the potential to be a great scorer but needs to improve with his weak hand if he wants to get to that level.

#41 Kevin Degnan- Kevin is a play making guard that can knock down jumpers. He is constantly in attack mode looking to get into the lane and find the open man. Kevin showed the potential of being an All-Shore Conference player at RBC.

#42 Isiah Carroll- Isiah is a long athletic wing/forward. He uses his length to his advantage as he shut down some of the top players throughout the Jr Elite weekend. Isiah has a knack for going up and getting the ball on both ends after a missed shot.

#44 Nymere Whitalker- Nymere had a strong weekend defensively at the Jr Elite. He had very active hands on the ball, which led to many deflections and steals for his team. Offensively, he sees the floor well and looks to get his teammates involved.

#45 Makhi Upshur- Makhi has a nice combination of size and speed which helped him throughout the weekend. He had a strong defensive effort and showed signs of becoming an elite defender. He is strong with the basketball and uses his strength to get into the paint.

#47 Kurt Gray- Kurt is a knockdown shooter. He hit shot after shot at the Jr Elite weekend and uses his shooting ability to stretch the defense.

#48 Davon Lee- Davon was one of the top players at the Jr Elite weekend. He scored the ball in a variety of ways. He is a very sound shooter and an even bigger threat attacking the rim. He can become a dangerous player to watch in the future.

#49 Jayson Pilsitz- Jayson had a strong showing at the Jr Elite weekend. The combo guard was very good at getting into the lane and hitting a pull-up jumper or finding his teammates. He was solid on the defensive end causing turnovers and creating havoc for the opponent. He is a player to keep an eye on throughout his high school career.

#50 Amir Jackson- Amir is a solid point guard who can score the ball but most importantly sees the whole floor and makes the right decision. He can attack the hoop going either left or right while finishing at the rim.

#51 Juan Adames- Juan had a very good showing at the Jr Elite weekend. He is a smooth, athletic guard with very good ball handling abilities. Time after time, Juan created opportunities for his teammates by getting into the lane and finding the open man.

#52 Aaron Sterling- Aaron had a very productive weekend on both ends of the court. He displayed very good leadership qualities, always communicating on defense and encouraging his teammates. On the offensive end he has a solid jump shot and good understanding of the game.

#53 Kerry Glover- Kerry was one of the top shooting threats over the weekend. He consistently made big shots for his team. Kerry is constantly in attack mode on the court and is shaping up to be an intriguing prospect when he enters high school.

#55 Jaden Jones- Jaden is a talented guard who showed unselfishness and the ability to create and find the open man. He is solid defender with a knack for making plays.

#56 Jack Boyle- Jack was very impressive over the Jr Elite weekend. He has a very good handle and showed the ability to beat players 1 on 1 off the dribble while finishing at the rim in traffic.

#57 Kevin Loughlin- Kevin was solid on both ends of the court throughout the Jr Elite weekend, displaying a high basketball IQ. He is a strong physical player that can play both inside and out and can stretch the defense hitting a 15-20 foot jumper.

#58 Terance Crowley- Terrance is an outstanding shooter from the perimeter with deep range. He hit many big shots for his team during the Jr Elite weekend. He has great vision and understands the game very well.

#59 Jose Burgos- Jose is a natural scorer with the ability to fill up the stat sheet in a variety of ways. He is an excellent facilitator and shows promise of becoming a great leader.

#60 Pablo Quinones- Pablo has a smooth jump shot with great mechanics. He uses his body well when getting into the lane and drawing contact.

#62 Trey Autry- Trey was very efficient over the weekend scoring the ball in a variety of ways. He showed nice touch with the ability to stretch the defense and hit an outside shot with good range.

#85 Quinn Parker- Quinn displays a high basketball IQ on both ends of the court that allows him to always be in position to make plays. His size and court awareness helped him standout during the Jr Elite weekend.

#86 Jordan Schoen- Jordan showed strong flashes off creating off the dribble and getting to the rim. He showed great court awareness and leadership skills by communicating and constantly talking on defense.

#87 Khai Champion- Khai is a big, strong combo guard. He was a knockdown shooter all weekend and very skilled finishing at the rim. Khai has a high ceiling and is a prospect to keep your eye on in the near future.

#89 Ben Tarek-Kaminker- Ben brings great leadership qualities to the court by setting up teammates, talking on both ends, and being a positive influence to his team. He displays good ball handling skills and looks to get in the lane and create for others. Ben sees the floor very well and makes good decisions.

#90 James Thompson- James displayed his athleticism on both ends of the court during the Jr Elite weekend. He is very good at running the floor and finishing in transition. James made many plays on the defensive end resulting in deflections, steals, or turnovers.

#91 Ian Mccauley- Ian brings a competitive spirit to the court. He runs the floor very well and gives the maximum effort every possession. He is a solid rebounder and always puts a body on his man.

#92 Jack Lish- All weekend, Jack showed the ability to rebound and run in transition while finishing at the rim. He displayed good court vision and consistently made the right play.

#93 Ben Wojnarowski- Ben brings a basketball savvy and high IQ to the court. He can consistently hit the mid-range jump shot with very good touch inside. Ben showed a nice baby-hook move over his left shoulder in the paint.

#94 Jake Koretz- Jake is a smart basketball player who makes good decisions with the ball. He can consistently hit the mid-range and three-point jump shot.

#95 Jadon Green- Jadon displayed a strong work ethic on both ends of the courts. He is solid defensively and brings a lot of intensity with the ability to become a lockdown defender if he puts in the time.

#98 Demarco Bruce- Demarco was one of the top defenders at the Jr Elite weekend. He has the ability to get into the lane, make the right decision, and finish at the rim.

#99 Marcus Jalen Tippens- Marcus has a solid frame that helps him finish in the paint with contact. He has a nice fluid release on his jump shot with good range.

#101- Paul Ampah- Paul is a gifted athlete with good length. He is strong on both sides of the ball rebounding. Paul made some very strong post moves this weekend but needs to continue working on his footwork. Paul will need to add muscle in the weight room this off-season to really propel his game to the next level.

#102 Jason Collazo- Jason brings a lot of energy and effort every time he steps on the court. He is a solid rebounder that is undersized for his age but gets the job done. Jason needs to work on his post moves and continue extending the range on his jump shot.

#107 Callum McNear- Callum was one of the hardest workers at the Jr Elite weekend. He is a tough on-ball defender that created turnovers and bad shots for his team. Callum brought a lot of energy and passion that his team fed off of.

#109 Aris Rodriquez- Aris is a quick shifty combo guard. He is very effective attacking the glass and finishing with contact. Aris displayed good court vision throughout the weekend.

#110 Rene Rodriguez- Rene is an athletic combo guard that can score the ball in a variety of ways. He does a great job rebounding and was one of the better rebounding guards at the Jr Elite weekend.

#117 Xavian Baker- Xavian was one of the top rebounders during the Jr Elite weekend.  He is a big time scorer off of offensive rebounds. Xavian needs to continue developing his post moves, which will add to his already talented game.

#119 Raelyn Bobea Reyes- Raelyn showed the ability to finish around the rim and in the paint. He has a very good ball fake, which time and time again got defenders up in the air. On the defensive end, he was consistently talking, boxing out, and rebounding the ball.


Think you are the games next star? Prove yourself on the court during our 4 day Jr. Elite session in the Poconos, from August 18th-21st. Over 100 players are already registered to showcase their talents and compete on the courts. Call 570-992-6343 to learn more!



Coach Karpell always tries to pit her Lady Lances against the best competition they can find. While most sane schools would take a year off to regroup after losing 4 D1 players.  Coach Karpell is throwing her team right back into the fire. SJV finished 4th in the entire country last year. Some believe if Kelly Crouch and Kelly Campbell had played in their OT lost in Florida, (their only loss of the season) SJV would have won the mythical National Title. The 2016-17 team has a mega superstar in Kimi Evans, U of Hartford commit Courtney Dobrzynski  and Julia Ramos, who was brilliant when both Kelly’s missed the month of July. Throw in Sara Karpell who was thrown into the fire as a freshman and showed she is a future superstar; and that’s it for returning players who have been in the wars. These four will be asked to lead the charge against some real high school heavyweights at BEST OF MARYLAND. It’s a double edge sword even for SJV, because confidence is everything for players stepping into new roles. If the vets and the new comers plays well, it will no question send a message that SJV is … well SJV.  But there is real chance that with so many inexperienced players, things could get dicey for this SJV team,  at such a high profile and competitive event. There could be some real doubt for even such talented kids, being asked to step up on such a big stage. But Coach Karpell has a built in advantage that no other coach in her situation has; her track record. So putting the pieces together if things don’t go well should not be a major problem. But it’s one I’m sure she wants to avoid.


What Joe Whalen has done at St. Rose is almost surreal, taking over a program that many thought was dead and turning into one of the best programs in the entire country. St. Rose has been preparing for THE BEST OF MARYLAND since the season ended. They get up as a team and shoot at 6 am on the shooting gun, they recently when on team building Navy Seals boot camp retreat. There even bringing along their incoming 9th graders to the BEST OF MARYLAND, not so much to play, but to learn the St. Rose and Joe Whalen way. This event is huge for this program, why? Because if they do win it, St. Rose could enter the season as a Top 3 team in the entire country next season. This is a team where all five starters will be D1 players. Mikayla Markham is now considered one of the best young point guards on the east coast. Lucy Thomas who committed to Monmouth, just may be the best young post player in New Jersey. Elizabeth  Marsicano has offers on the table including an A-10 school. These 3 are only juniors. The two starting wings are Jen Louro their most complete player and Ellyn Stoll are as good as any wing combination on the east coast. There most talented player comes off the bench, Sophomore Lauren Lithgow. This event also is an opportunity for St. Rose to show they can play quality competition day in and day out. St. Rose schedule during the high school season leaves a lot to be desired. But playing in such a high profile event AGAIN.  Gives them a chance to show they are the real deal. But there are some risk tied to this event this year. First, they have two seniors looking to showcase and that could be a problem. Because unlike an AAU event this event is truly more about team and winning. Personal goals in this event take a back seat. Trying to find that balance will be very important to this team’s morale down the role. This group has marked this date on their calendar long ago and nothing but a good showing will be a major disappointment. There is one thing this group knows they can count on….JOE WHALEN!

rbc joeRBC LOGO

The Yankee’s will make an appearance at BEST OF MARYLAND. This is a bit of surprise because I can never think of a time, Joe Montano has participated in such an event. But year is different that most, for a lot of reasons. This group has now been together for 3 years. Why is that important? Check the track record of Joe Montano teams when they are together as a group after a few years. They are at times unbeatable. Nobody, I said NOBODY, is better at bringing a group of young players along and turning them into a team like Joe Montano. No coach is in more control of his parents and players like Coach Montano, it is a drama free zone program. But this will different, because this year, Joe Montano will try and speed up the clock. While seniors Tia Montange, Jose Larkins and Maureen Coakley will lead the way. The real success of this team is will depend on the junior class stepping up this year. The BEST OF MARYLAND will be a real good early test for this group. A good showing and people will start talking about a SCT title or TOC run. Right now, most feel RBC is a year away. There are considered in that group of schools, just below Manasquan who are the heavy favorites with the addition of Lola Mullaney and return of Victoria Galvan. This event appears to be the perfect test for RBC on paper and appears to be a brilliant move by the future Hall of Famer. But RBC would be wise to pay close attention to what I’m about to say. This event is loaded with talented teams and lots of coaches will be on hand. This adds an element pressure to everyone involved. If they fall apart it will be a clear sign this team, just may not be ready. Joe Montano is not one to take his team anywhere and not be prepared….his players would be wise to follow his lead.


Dave Callahan is showing everyone right off the bat he plans to challenge his team. No question he is taking a big risk in attending THE BEST OF MARYLAND. The teams that participate in this event have a few things in common. They have Division 1 players up and down the roster, they are deep teams, and they have seasoned players with track records. RFH has exactly 4 players with any real experience. Mega star Tori Hyduke and Bryant commit Hannah Scanlan played major roles in helping RFH finish the year as the #4 team in the state. Returning role player’s Kaite Foos and Megan Volker, will be asked to become prime time players. Nobody else on the roster saw any real time.  If there is a year to dial this back, this is the year. Reports are the Coach Callahan, has been a hit with the players and the parents. But he is taking over the least talented RFH team in 10 years. Starting his coaching career at The BEST OF MARYLAND, is a signal to all he expects RFH to remain among the elite. But there are some risk involved with such a bold and gusty move. If RFH  plays great, Coach Callahan is going to look like a future star and he will have the parents and players in his back pocket. Be competitive and there will be much hope going into next season. But is if Rumson Fair Heaven gets rolled at BEST OF MARYLAND, Coach Callahan will find out very early, why RFH is easily the toughest job in the shore. Coach Callahan is taking the same approach he took in helping build a great boys program at RFH. Bring attention to the program and generate excitement again .. think of the gains if it pays off!

Let’s face it, much is on the line for these teams so early before next season starts…but it’s why the shore is the best conference in America….they like challenges!


NBS CAMP TWO STARTS AUGUST FIRST…Here is some advice, end you summer strong, be gym rats. NBS is a great way to see where your game stands and build your name recognition. All players attending will receive a spot in the fall NBS session…BE SMART

  • please remember while all are welcome NBS is for the advanced player


ACADEMIC ELITE… 20 SPOTS WERE ADDED…15 OF THOSE NEW SPOTS WHERE STILL OPEN AS OF YESTERDAY…currently there are 72 college coaches attending this event.




It seemed Courtney Dobrzynski had everything a player could wish for two years ago. She was starting for the powerhouse St. John Vianney basketball team. She had a D1 scholarship offer on the table and more were sure to follow. But sometimes you have to get knocked down. Sometimes you have to have things taken from you. Sometimes you must overcome the worst of times. Sometimes you must find a way to trust again. It’s then and only then you get to make a COLD BLOODIED MOVE AND VERBAL TO HARTFORD UNIVERSITY!

cold booldcheer

When Courtney Dobrzynski was in third grade she hit a three at the buzzer to beat the Central Jersey Hawks. It was then I gave her the nickname “cold bloodied”. She was a big eyed happy kid, who was always smiling or telling a joke. She once came up to me and told me a joke that I won’t repeat here. It’s still the funniest thing I’ve ever had a kid say to me. Whenever we talk I start off each conversation with that joke. It’s her smile and pure innocence that makes her special. SJV is a team basically of all D1 players, as a sophomore she broke into the starting lineup. She did the dirty work and she brought something else that Coach Karpell loved…she was EGO free and willing to do anything to help the team. It was a beautiful way to start a career…there were dreams of winning a SCT and TOC. There were dreams of playing D1 basketball. She scored, rebounded, passed and became one of the best defenders in the shore. She also received her first D1 offer. Courtney Dobrzynski had only known good times and her future looked bright…but sometimes things change and players and their families get tested. Courtney Dobrzynski, didn’t understand politics and other such things. Because of that she would learn what it’s like to lose your innocence.

live and learnst rose aau

Last spring Courtney had tendinitis in her knee. It caused a great deal of pain and prevented her from being 100%. But what happen next may have caused Courtney more pain than anything in her athletic career. First she choose to play for a great AAU team. The philosophy of each AAU team is different. She choose a team that valued winning. Getting to show case and shared time was not promised. Between the injury and not being featured it was a tough summer. But Courtney still had a D1 scholarship and she knew high school team was one of the best in the country. She would chalk up the summer to a learning experience.

best teammatehug

When the SJV season started, Kelly Crouch (Wagner College) and Kelly Campbell (DePaul) two D1 seniors were sidelined with injuries. Many thought SJV would be in big trouble. But Courtney Dobrzynski figured no biggie, she would just step up in the place of the seniors. She had been in the wars and started every game as a sophomore. Things did not go as Courtney envisioned.  Coach Karpell felt it would be better having her come off the bench. This had to be a major blow to Courtney’s ego and would cause doubt in any player in her position. Courtney Dobrzynski needed to be and was a good solider.


PARENTcourtney parents

I received a phone call from Mark Dobrzynski and he asked me if Courtney not starting would hurt her in recruiting. I told him “no” because SJV has so many players college coaches really don’t care who is starting. But he still had a concerned.  He said Courtney liked the D1 School that had offered her. “Maybe she should just take it, it’s a good school and she likes the staff”. It was then I got quiet. It was then I realized that Courtney Dobrzynski would have to grow up faster than any kid should be asked to. It was then I told her father you need to call that staff right now. He asked me why he needed to call them. I didn’t have the heart to tell him why. But he keep asking, so I finally said “Mark I don’t believe that scholarship is still on the table”. He got quiet and said, well Courtney will just have to keep working. But what shocked me most and threw me off was this. He thanked me and said “thank you for looking out for Courtney” That day my respect for Mark Dobrzynski grew even more than when he brings a group of inner city black kids and pays for them to use the hoop group gym. Some people are only about their kids. Mark Dobrzynski cares about those at risk kids he trains. He doesn’t look for a pat on the back, he does it quietly. Just like the many text and sometimes long e-mails bragging about other kids, he sends to me. It goes something like this, Tiny she is a great kid from a great family we are so happy for her. Sometimes it goes like this, Tiny did you see that girl? You really should go watch her, she is great….Well let me tell you who is also great… Mark Dobrzynski. Oh yeah that school who offered earlier, well they couldn’t get a sniff of Miss Dobrzynski these days as she had multiple D1 offers to choose from.

parents jse

This spring Courtney Dobrzynski  and her parents had to make some decisions. Like where to play AAU and what was her basketball future going to be. She in many ways was broken and had lost the most important thing in anything we do…HER CONFIDENCE.  She learned for the first time in her life things don’t always go as expected. Her innocence and trust was shattered along the way. But she loved the game and she loved being around her peers. She needed somebody she could trust and help her get back on track. So she turned to the best in the business…MARY BETH CHAMBERS!

When Courtney joined Mary Beth Chambers Jersey Shore Elite she was told these things. There are no stars, everyone plays equal time regardless of the score(extra minutes are hers to do as she feels fit as the coach), they play only the best competition and don’t care about winning or losing as long as they play as a team and everyone gets showcased properly. Then she told Courtney you must do two things get better and trust me.

believe in memary b

Mary Beth Chambers gets on her kids when they don’t stay for extra shooting. She gets on her players for not running hard. She brings in college players to scrimmage her team once a week. She encourages her players to seek training outside of AAU practice. She also brings in different coaches with different philosophies to train her team. Mary Beth Chambers’ players are the most successful college players of ALL AAU TEAMS….IT IS A FACT. When I stopped by to train her kids the first thing I said was holy cow…because Courtney Dobrzynski looked lean and mean, it was clear she had gotten bigger and stronger. Her 6ft frame, length and size was shocking, but her quickness was something I couldn’t believe. I just didn’t see this quickness at NBS in the fall. Maybe it’s because she was playing Volleyball. I just knew that she was a different player. Nobody could guard her. I asked Beth Chambers what happen here and Coach Chambers said my favorite words…”Tiny she has brought in 100%” Her jumper looked good, the handle was sick and the defense and physical play…THE BEST OF ANY WING I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS….I MEAN YEARS…

The week before the recruiting period Courtney Dobrzynski spent a week at the Ball handling and Shooting camp. Mary Beth Chambers sends her kids to CAMP EVERY YEAR THE WEEK BEFORE THE LIVE PERIOD. She wants them ready and not just playing against each other…That week I knew Courtney Dobrzynski could be one of the best wings in the Shore. I tweeted out that Courtney Dobrzynski could play in the Atlantic 10 and maybe higher. Some folks thought I was crazy, at least until the recruiting period started.

IT WILL HAPPENhartford bench

This is the very first text I RECIEVED during the live period “Tiny can Courtney Dobrzynski play at… (Power 5 conference)” My answer you better go back and watch because she has a college ready power and college ready mind. That’s how good Courtney Dobrzynski is these days ,after months with Mary Beth Chambers. It’s why her phone would not stop ringing once she got back from the live period. You see being a good person from a good family is one thing. But applying all this when things are not going good? That’s when you know, if you learned your lessons well. Having so much and only to lose it, but yet still being able to bounce back, see the light, and not be bitter of angry. But rather fight and claw your way back to the light, this is what winners do….COURTNEY IS THE ULTIMATE WINNER!

the walkcourtney dress

The Hartford University staff is new and they know they have a great program. They know much is expected. But what was not expected is for them, right off the bat come into the shore conference and steal a stud. Not just any stud, but a kid who has seen it all, won it all. Like the TOC, SCT titles and ranked 4th in the entire country.  Hartford is getting a player that will never give up. They are getting a player who understands how quickly things can change in the blink of an eye. They also are getting a player who understands trust and working hard is the key to MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE….Congrats to Mary Beth Chambers, Dawn Karpell one the entire Jersey Shore Elite family……The Journey that Courtney Dobrzynski and her family have taken, just like her has been a BEAUTIFUL ONE…..congrats to the happiest kid in the shore conference…. COURTNEY DOBRZYNSKI and the U of Hartford, its a marriage made in heaven.

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This year’s NBS camp SESSION ONE, was during the live period. It was also a great way for young players to take center stage at the most competitive basketball camp in New Jersey. This year was no different as two surprise players just happen to be the daughters of D1 basketball coaches. What I really thought was interesting was the players who showed up after the live period. So often you hear of kids wanting to rest their legs. But there are always those ultimate gym rats who will take advantage of any way to improve. These players who showed up once again showed why they are different than most players. But clearly the story of the week had to be Destiny Adams a rising 8th grader from Manchester.



Last March a girl walked up to be at the SCT semi- finals and said “Mr. Green, my name is Destiny Adams and I want you to know, I am the BEST 7TH GRADER IN NEW JERSEY”.  Folks this week Miss Adams left no doubt about that. She was the PLAYER OF THE WEEK AT NBS session one.

Destiny Adams gave everyone a real scare on day one. While standing on the baseline after running drills; she simply fell down and passed out. Everyone including yours truly was scared as hell. When she opened her eyes it was a great relief. When we tried to get her to go home she refused. When her mother showed up and said lets go home…she said “NO I want to play”. Destiny Adams is something special and something these eyes has never seen. So let me put this out there right now, RUTGERS AND SETON HALL you can start fighting now. This young lady will go anywhere she wants one day. The 6ft long lean frame with length that is shocking and quickness make her a nightmare. But the scary part is you simply can’t match up with her. You put a forward on her and she moves to point forward and kills you with three’s and off the bounce moves to the rim. Try and put a guard on her and she knows to go right into the post. She has every post move known to mankind. But what makes her special is that she flat out beats up small guards with her aggressive physical style of play. Folks I saw guards this week afraid to guard her in that area of the floor. Her performance this week was flat out overwhelming. Destiny Adams proved she is not the best 7th grader but one day just may be the best player in New Jersey one day.


The NBS week got off to a great start, with Penn Manor  ’18 Alyssa Schrivers showing once again why she is the fastest player I have EVER SEEN WITH A BALL. But what makes Shivers so special is that she is in complete control of her speed at all times. But it’s her vision and passing ability that are so impressive. There is zero question in my mind if Shivers played in the shore conference, she would be a Top 3 point guard and would be on every college coaches wish list. I believe she would be a First Team All Shore Candidate…folks she is that good!


Now speaking of Pa, Theresa Haigh of Loretto Pa blew everyone away. If that name sounds familiar it’s because she is the daughter of St. Francis of PA Head Coach Joe Haigh. Theresa and her older sister  class of ’18 Anna, both spent the week at NBS. Anna her older sister attended NBS the day returning from Chicago live recruiting period. She and her father  flew to New Jersey and arrived at 2am and woke up at 9 am to attend NBS. College coaches I repeat it’s the little things you don’t see that I see that separates one player from the next. Anna Haigh is not a short cut type of kid.  The younger Haigh, Theresa if she was in the shore would make a great case as the best 8th in the shore. She plays with an edge that you simply cannot teach. Her all out approach it really refreshing, there is no question she will one day be highly recruited at the D1 level. Her ability to shoot and defend was on full display or as Josie Larkins of RBC put “OMG she shoots the lights out of the ball”


Another story of the week centered on another player from Pa, Bridget Arcidiacono. She is a 5’10 swing guard and folks she was swinging big this week at NBS. The rising junior displayed a wicked first step and her athleticism and ability to finish at the rim give her a real star appeal. But what really blew me away was ability to knock down open shot after open shot. She has a live body and she appears to get a hand on every ball that comes off the rim. This is a player who will be in full demand come this Fall, when coaches can call juniors. Again I love players who come off the road and get right back in the gym. This kid was impressive all week. I hope college coaches are paying attention to what I am about to write. Bridget after the live period not only attended NBS, she took over an hour ride to get there everyday and then after NBS, rushed back for her high school practice. Now if this is not the different from recruiting one kid over another….then nothing is. I believe this young lady is well on her way to stardom and a D1 school. By the way her first cousin is somebody you may know, Villanova Guard Ryan Arcidiacono. Her father is the brother of the star’s dad. It clear the genes are basketball ones.

 haig melina

Coaches daughters Melina Rebimbas and Theresa Haigh

Speaking of coaches daughters,  D1 Fairleigh Dickinson (Teaneck) assistant coach Jose Rebimbas’s daughter Milina also attended NBS. Rebimbas was one of the most successful D3 coaches in the country before joining the FDU staff. Well is first recruit better be his 6th grade daughter who played in the high school division all week. Melina is a rising 6th grader and let me go on record. She is one of the best rising 6th graders these eyes has ever seen. Her feel for the game and physical style of play is unheard of for her age.  Her quickness and speed are clearly a result of her soccer background. She took a 90 min ride with her dad every morning to attend NBS. From the first day of camp she sent a serious message to everyone…HERE I AM. I flat out have never seen a kid this age with this feel and understanding of the game. Her ability to change pace and make those around her better was shocking as she was playing with kids in some cases 6 years older. Her ability to make plays in tight spot was off the charts. She took control of her team, this type of leadership at such an early age is impossible to understand.  She benefits from having a college coach in her house every day, but she is clearly putting in the work…Like showing up for the early bird workouts at 8am before the start of camp. Here is a little advice to her dad….get a verbal NOW!




Karolina Jaruseviciute will be a freshman at Donavan Catholic and people …WOW! This young lady came out of nowhere and will be one of the Top 5 freshman in the shore. She is 5’11 and can do it all….future D1 lock college coaches.

Rising 7th grader Justine Pissott folks is going to be a major impact in the shore. Like she does always, she played in the high school division and again showed why she could be the best in the shore one day.

Camryn Foltz again showed that she one day will be one of the best players in the state of New Jersey. Some believe she was the PLAYER OF THE WEEK. I believe Foltz now must be considered the leading candidate for Freshman of The Year to start NEXT season…she is that good right now.


Ellyn Stoll is going to be a beast at the next level. College coaches watch THE video. The point/shooting guard was just great this week. That’s after her 6am shooting sessions with her high school every morning and after playing in the live period. Now tell that doesn’t ring gym rat and program kid. I believe she is the next Megan McGuinness.


Emma Bruen is a rapidly developing 7th grader who played up all week and surprised everyone…young lady is beginning to show real signs of greatness. She was MVP Point Guard School two weeks ago

Fabienne Eggenschwiler, folks is making it very clear, she is going to play next year as a freshman at RBC. Her passing and shooting skills no question will serve Joe Montano’s team well. There is zero question in mind my mind, she will be in the RBC varsity rotation at some point.  She is that good and one day will be one of the most recruited players in New Jersey

Rose Caverly is simply a superstar and while she already has D1 offers, I believe that Caverly could one day find herself being recruited by a few high majors. She showed up for 2 days just to remind everyone …she is right now one of the best in the ‘18 class

Josie Larkins is rolling, there is a reason she is the most recruited wing player in the shore…Larkins is on a new level right now…message to others, learn from Larkins GET IN THE GYM. Larkin dedication this spring was off the charts…enjoy the fruits of your work.

Lola Mullaney, let’s get this out of the way…she is a high major player, end of discussion. The Manasquan guard will one day be one of the best players in all of New Jersey.


Molly Weiss the future D1 guard showed up at NBS the same day she returned from Chicago. But here is a real statement. I believe she is the BEST PURE POINT GUARD IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE!

Jasmine Boyd a rising 8th grader who plays on the best 7th grade AAU team on planet earth, the Whalen Central Jersey Hawks. Boyd played in the high school division all week and showed why one day she will be an impact player from the day she joins a high school team

Sophia Sabino, college coaches good luck. Sabino one day will be one of the best guards on the east coast. She is that rare talent with a feel that you cannot teach. The high school that lands her gets a mega impact player.

The play in the youth division was off the charts this week. The division was loaded with advanced high skilled players. What I found interesting their games were the most competitive of the week…BRAVO TO THOSE KIDS