Pat Andree Chooses Lehigh

Pat Andree

Yesterday, Christian Brothers Academy forward Pat Andree committed to Lehigh University. After taking official visits to Lehigh, William & Mary and George Washington, the 6’7 wing decided to call Lehigh home for his college career. The decision made Andree, who played AAU with the Jersey Shore Warriors program, the first commitment in Lehigh’s Class of 2016, and it’s a pretty solid foundation for a Mountain Hawk team that finished 16-14 last season.

The news adds a shooter to a team that shot just over 34% from three last season. But, while Andree is known for his shooting ability, ESPN’s Adam Finkelstein points out that his game is more well rounded than most may think.

As Finkelstein points out, Andree should be able to provide an immediate impact for a Lehigh team that finished third in the regular season in the Patriot League. And, as Steve Keller of the National Recruiting Report put it, he has the chance to be more than just an average player there.

Before he gets to Bethlehem however, Andree gears up for his senior season at Christian Brothers Academy, located in Lincroft, New Jersey. As a junior, Andree helped lead the Colts to a State Sectional Championship and also reached a personal milestone, scoring his 1,000th career point.

The bar is set high for Andree and CBA this season, and we look forward to seeing them compete again this year during our Hoop Group High School Showcase series. Congratulations again to Pat!

Future All American, littered with High Major Prospects: By Elite Director Bryan Weber




Hoop Group’s Future All American Camp has become the nation’s premier basketball camp for grades 6-10, and this year was no different. We attracted some of the highest rated players from across the country, and they certainly did not disappoint. I would like to highlight some of the players who had excellent performances and should be on the radar’s of every High Major school in the country.

2018 Silvio De Sousa 6’8 PF MVP — Highlighted by a number 6 and a number 1 play on Sportscenter Top 10, Silvio is an absolute monster. He has a grown man body right now, and he uses it at every possible chance. I have never in person, seen a rising sophomore who is more impressive physically on a basketball court than this young man. Standing at 6’8 De Sousa has the size to dominate on the block, but he also shows signs of transitioning to a Lebron type 1-5 man, who can get the ball off the rim and take it the length of the floor. Throughout the entire week he lived up to ESPN’s number 2 ranking and if not for Marvin Bagley (one of the best prospects in the last 20 years), Silvio could easily be the top player in this class. However, the most impressive part of Silvio’s game is his work ethic and drive to be great. Whether it was dominating the station work, or running sprints by himself outside to get warmed up, he showed he has a drive to be great that will serve him for years to come.

2019 Maxwell Lorca 6’9 PF MOP– A long skilled power forward headed to Northfield Mount Hermon, Maxwell has a chance to be very special. He has the ability that very few players his age and size have, and that is running the floor. In the top 20 all star game at camp Max and Sean Good (class of 2018) got dunk after dunk by running the floor on every play. He is definitely a shot maker, however he needs to continue to work on getting his shot off much quicker, and only a Freshman, he will have plenty of time to do this. Look for Max to be another PSA Cardinal big man to end up at a High Level School (Chris Mccullough, Cheick Diallo, Kasoum Yakwe, Etc). Off the court it should be noted that he is a tremendous kid who is willing to get better and seems very receptive to criticism, which should lead to a very very bright future.


2018 Jalen Smith 6’8 PF — In a camp full of High Major Prospects, Jalen “Sticks’ Smith holds my vote for greatest upside. Already recognized by ESPN as the 14th best player in the class of 2018, Jalen has a ton of untapped potential. A Skilled 4 man who has range out to the three point line, throughout the week Sticks showed us a wide range and ability to score the basketball. With a 7 foot wingspan, Sticks blocks shots consistently and also has the ability to keep smaller guards in front by moving his feet. The only knock on Jalen right now is obviously his slight frame, but with a little size and bulk put on he will be able to pick his school when it is all said and done. Already holding offers from Miami, Providence, etc, look for his recruitment to continue to skyrocket.

2018 Sean Goode 6’11 PF — Sean is my vote for biggest blow up at camp. Attending Trinity High School, Sean came into camp as an unknown commodity, but definitely did not leave that way. Earning a spot in the Top 20 all-star game, Sean proved he belong early getting dunk after dunk, blocking shots, running the floor, rebounding, and even making 3’s!! If he does not end up a top 50 player in this class I would be shocked. He appears to be a Dylan Painter who is more developed and better athletically at this age. Sean’s publicity is bound to sky rocket and he has a chance to play basketball at the highest level. Much like other players his height and age, Sean needs to keep putting more size and bulk on, so stronger players can’t push him off the block, and he needs to continue to develop his back to the basket game, but Sean is an absolute STAR in making. He should be a fun one to watch over the next few days.

2018 Myles Dread 6’4 SG — Myles is a kid who I have known for a few years since his middle school days playing for the Metro Flyers. The most impressive attribute that Myles possesses is an undeniable competitiveness to be the best. He does not care who you are, he is going to go at you neck to prove he is better than you (and usually he is). Myles has gone from being a four man in middle school, to a 3 during his Freshman year at Gonzaga, to now being a true combo 1-2. This is a testament to his ridiculous work ethic.  Throughout the week, he got the basket at will, made open 3’s, got his teammates involved, guarded, and won. Myles needs to get a little more elusive because he often is able to over power his way to the rim using his size and strength now, but as he gets older this will not be as easy for him. As Myles continues to hone all of his guard skills, he is a no brainer HM kid, who will 100 percent help his team WIN championships.

2018 Luther Muhammed 6’4 SG — Luther is a scorer who has one speed, “get buckets”. A high volume shooter and scorer, Luther has the ability to LIGHT the scoreboard up in a variety of ways. He can make threes and score in the paint at will. A big time athlete with elite quickness, he scores the ball in every way imaginable. It really doesn’t matter who he is playing against, Luther is going to impose his will on the offensive side of the ball. The one thing Luther needs to continue to improve on is his decision making, but with the attention he will continue to attract from defenses both on the UA circuit and at Hudson Catholic, he is bound to become a great distributor. He is another player from camp who definitely has Top 100 type talent.

2018 Daniel Sackey 5’9 PG —  An undersized guard with ELITE level quickness, I would be shocked if there is a faster guard in the entire all of North America than this jet. The Canadian guard capped off a great week of camp by winning the MVP of the Top 20 all-star game. He has the ability that most do not of being able to change directions, pull up for jump shots, get to the basket, and get his teammates involved all without slowing down (even a little bit). He keeps the pressure on the defense at ALL times, and I have yet to see someone keep him in front. He may be one of the players that High Major coaches pass up on because of his size, and end up regretting it in the NCAA tournament when he is torching their team. I am a huge fan of this kids upside, and as of now he is still looking for a prep home in the United States. High level player.

2019 Mikeal Jones 6’7 SF — A top 25 player in the class of 2019 by most people’s accounts, Mikeal “Hollywood” Jones has the feel of a future blue blood. An infectious personality, and a monster game give him the ability to lead others on the court. One of only 2 2019 players at camp to make the Top 20 all-star game, the future Roman Catholic product showed an ability to play both inside and outside, and a basketball IQ that was very advanced for his age. I usually at this age use the terms “could be” and “should be”, but in Hollywood’s case I am will to say he will be the next big thing to come out of Philly.

2018 Tyree Pickron 6’3 SG — The main reason why I am a huge fan of this Archbishop Wood product is the way he plays the game. Watching him play, he plays as if he is a player just trying to make the team, by bounce passing, jump stopping, communicating on defense, taking charges, diving on lose balls, but in the end you realize that he is also a HIGH level player. In the period of one game I watched him make the correct play 5 straight times while not forcing it and on the 6th possession he rose up and dunked it ON the defense. Tyree is an absolute coaches dream, and the only gripe I have about him at times is making sure he realizes just how very good he really is. After almost averaging a double double as a Freshman in the Philly Catholic League, he is primed for a MONSTER Sophomore season, and I have faith that he is going to live up to expectations. Tyree looks to be at least an A10 prospect and most likely will be on a HM roster before it is all said and done. He should be on St Joes/Temple/Lasalle radars very soon.

2018 Noah Locke 6’1 Combo — A winning floor general, he is a major prospect coming out of the DMV. He has the ability to make pull up jumpers consistently, get his teammates involved, and very rarely makes the wrong basketball play. He may be someone who it takes more than 1 evaluation for a coach to realize the value he brings to a game, but the more you watch this kid the more you realize how good he really is. Another top 20 all-star at Elite Session 2 and Future All American camp, Noah is a humble kid who is hungry to get better.

2018 Justin Winston 6’6 SF — Justin is a freaky athlete with a developing skill set. He has shown the ability to take games over with his offensive rebounding, deflections, and energy, and he has also shown a streaky ability to make 3’s and get to the basket against slower and less athletic opponents. When motivated, he has shown all the makings of being the NJ Playaz next HM player, and his motivation seems to be getting better every time I see him. He will 100 percent be flying all over the rims for the next few years in NJ High School basketball, and then flying all over the rims on ESPN some day at a High Major school.

2018 Immanuel Quickley 6’4 PG — A little bit under the radar, Quickly proved to be the best PGs and one of the best prospects at camp. Also having a very good GPA, he has attracted some of the best schools in the country to recruit him at an early age. A savvy, pass first, PG Immanuel has the feel of a high level guard who will be playing for money some day. Long arms and the ability to dribble through tight places makes him a nightmare for the defense to keep in front, and the vision and court sense of a young Jason Kidd. I am a HUGE fan of this kid, and I know he is destined to do great things. He had one stretch in the top 20 game where he hit 3 or 4 straight threes and made it look easy. Could easily end up a Kansas or Duke recruit some day, and he will continue to jump on the national scene with every person who watches him. He is THAT good.

2018 Marcus Littles 6’10 C — An Absolute beast, Marcus has the height and the girth of very few players in High School basketball. The Team Final product has shown great touch around the basket and even made some smooth 15 footers throughout the week. Sometimes with Marcus his strength is a little bit of his weakness, as he needs to continue to work on his foot speed to hedge screens and recover, but his potential to be great is through the roof. Also, Marcus has a better back to the basket game than most players his age, and obviously with his size and strength, once he gets down there nobody is moving him. Another kid with a great personality who is fun to be around, and his teammates really seem to like as well, which is always good to see when dealing with high level recruits. With a little refining and some elbow grease, Marcus will be another FAA HM big man that we will be reading about in the sports section of the newspaper.

2018 Isaiah Mucious 6’8 SF — That is not a typo ladies and gentleman Isaiah is a 6’8 small forward as a rising Sophomore. He showed his full arsenal is the Top 20 all-star games and kept his team in the game with 3 straight possessions nailing a three, and a fourth crossing over his opponent and scoring at the basket. Isaiah is a tremendously skilled 3 man with the length that very few players in his class can rival. Once his basketball IQ matches his talent and his decision making improves, he has the ability to be a another Kevin Durant type point forward.

2018 Emmanuel Ummofia 7’1 C — New to the northeast, Emmanuel was hard to miss at Future All American Camp. A True 7 footer with a 7’7 wingspan, Ummofia is an imposing figure in the paint. More surprising than his massive size is his ability to stretch the floor and make shots from the outside, while also showing great touch around the basket. He has a developing feel for the game, and once he plays more basketball the big guy will be on the radar of many High Level D1 Schools. Already getting strong interest from Florida, Emmanuel has a huge upside and the work ethic to go with it. James Barrett, who is responsible for much of the development of Seton Hall star Isaiah Whitehead, and now is working Emmanuel out, says he has the ability to end up a Top 100 type prospect before it is all said and done (and I do not disagree). It is hard to find this kind of size and when you can add a strong work ethic to the mix, it will be interesting to see where he ends up!!

2018 Chase Audige 6’4 SG — The Hill School’s newest addition may be the BEST prospect they have ever had. Chase, a ridiculous athlete who can also consistently make threes, showed himself to be one of the best 2018 prospects in the northeast and maybe the country. Playing alongside fellow high major prospect Tyree Pickron, he was one of the funnest and most intriguing prospects to watch all week. Constantly finishing with dunk after dunk at the rim, the guard showed a tight handle and smooth 3 point shot on more than one occasion. Along with Sean Good, Chase wins the award for most unknown prospect to make a splash at camp. All week long Chase had scouting services circling his name and talking about him. If he is able to transition to a one, which he shows a lot of the ball skills to be able to do, he could be SCARY good. He should be a key piece to the Hill School team that should threaten for a league title as only a Sophomore. and from here on out his destiny is in his own hands. He has all the tools to, like many of these other prospects, be playing at a very High level college in a few years.

2018 Jonathan Kabongo 6’3 PG —   Taking after his older brother Myck, Jonathan is an explosive scorer who also showed the ability to create for his teammates throughout the week. The Huntington Prep future star was one of the best PG’s in camp and he lived up to the offers he already has from Washington State, Indiana, and Virginia Tech. Sometimes taking some ill advised shots, he will need to continue to become a true PG, but this will come with time as he is working with one of the best coaches in the country Arkell Bruce at Huntington Prep. All you need to do is watch some of his electrifying highlights from this week to know he will be a name to remember for a long time.

2018 Martin Mann 6’6 PF — One of the more fundamentally sound players at camp, Martin (younger brother of Florida State’s Terrance), was a player that grows on you the more you see him. Not an overly explosive athlete, Martin relies on his court sense, hands, and finishing ability to put the ball in the basket. Earning his way into the top 20 all-star game, Martin showed a consistent ability to produce, a quality that is often overlooked. Coaches will always be able to have a spot on the roster for a stat stuffer like this BABC product. Martin appears at this stage in the process to be a Mid to High player, and no matter where he ends up he will help his team win at a very high level with his production.

2018 Brandon Slater 6’7 SF — A long, athletic, slippery small forward, Brandon can get to the basket at will. He will be a key contributer next season at Paul VI for coach Ferello, one of the best High School Basketball coaches in the country. Brandon, who also can step out to the three point line and drill shots, is one of the most athletic players in the country at this age and is being tracked by high major schools across the nation. Brandon needs to continue to work on his guard skills to make sure he is a true small forward at the next level, but according to one high major coach that I spoke to, what will always separate him as a major prospect is his motor and offensive rebounding ability. Yet another stud in the loaded WCAC.

2018 Bryce Wills 6’4 PG — The best prospect in the New Heights program, Bryce has all the tools to be great. At this point in his career he is a jack of all trades, and has the ability to improve in each area. Already a top 20 all-star at camp, he has rapidly improved into one of the BEST guards in NYC. Chris Alesi is known for developing guards, and he will continue to help guide Bryce to an inevitable High Major future. I really liked the way Bryce wanted the ball in the top 20 all-star game, and no matter who he played against he had the mentality to go at the other players neck. A true star in the making.

2018 Chris Childs 6’0 PG — Chris is the only player on this list that was not in the top 20 all-star game, but the reason he makes this list is NOBODY in the country has improved more over the past 3 years than Chris has. The future Wilbraham and Munson guard is a stud now. He can score at will and lead his team to a championship at Future All American Camp and a spot in the top Sophomore All Star game. He has transitioned into a true point guard as well, taking care of the ball and helping his teammates to easy shots all week. Chris is starting to develop an underdog swagger and playing with a chip on his shoulder against each and every player he sees. The Harlem United Guard will continue to see his stock rise, and he has made himself a definite Division 1 prospect (maybe mid to high). If he improves even a quarter of the amount he improved over the last few years as I have watched him, he will be one of the best guards in the area (and beyond). It also should be noted that he is a great student, which will make him marketable to many colleges, and it shows his work ethic as a whole.

2018 Nate Roberts 6’8 PF —  One of the more surprising players of the week was 6’8 Power Forward Nate Roberts of Baltimore. He was the most skilled big guy at camp, and at times it wasn’t event close. He showed the ability to catch in the high post and attack with either hand, and also make shots with a smooth lefty shot. Also, with a long, lanky body, Nate runs the floor relentlessly for easy buckets. He has a motor that never stops, and is looking for every opportunity to score as he proved with a very productive top 20 all-star game. Nate needs to add strength to a skinny frame, but he is an absolute stud. I would be hard pressed to find a more skilled player with his height and length in the country.




Jr. Elite Weekend II: Recap, Stars that Shined, & Scouting Reports

Jr. Elite Weekend II: Recap, Stars that Shined, & Scouting Reports

Our final Jr. Elite Weekend took place yesterday and today at Hoop Group Skills Camp in the Pocono Mountains. Hoop Group Skills hosted players from nine states (PA/NJ/NY/MD/VA/CT/MA/CA/FL) and had over 100 of the top players on the East Coast at camp for an intense two-day workout. Campers competed in several skill development workouts and also played four games on the weekend, to showcase their talents and begin to make a name for themselves before entering High School. Our staff was made up of 14 veteran coaches, including 6 High School varsity coaches, 6 college (DII/DIII) assistants, and two Division I Managers. This was a great opportunity for campers to prepare themselves for high school and college-level coaching, including popular workouts, basketball terminology, and in-game strategy. On Friday, St. Thomas Aquinas (DII) Head Coach, Tobin Anderson, gave the campers an individual workout that will help develop their ball-handling and shooting ability, while talking about what he looks for in skillsets when evaluating potential recruits. This afternoon, NRR representative and Head Coach at Bryn Athyn (DIII) College, Justin Baxter, spoke to campers about things college coaches look for during the recruiting process, how to separate themselves from other recruits, and the differences between each level (D1, DII, DIII) of college basketball. We had a very talented weekend of basketball and listed below our Jr. Elite Weekend Award Winners, as well as scouting reports on some of camps Stars that Shined.

Our award winners for Jr. Elite Weekend are listed below:

Big East Mr. Hustle: Alex Tepedino
Big East Floor General: Jacobi Baker
Big East MVP: Brett Rumpel

NBA Mr. Hustle: Triston Hilliman
NBA Floor General: Ben Ordonez
NBA MVP: Daniel Schlakman

Jr elite ii

Stars that Shined: Scouting Reports

#69 Daryl Banks III: Banks III is an elite-level combo guard. He is a willing and unselfish passer that sees the floor extremely well. Darly sees plays develop before they happen and delivers the ball on-time. He can use either hand around the rim and finishes well through contact.

#92 Daniel Schlakman: The NBA MVP was a force on both ends of the court from the moment he arrived at camp. Schlakman, a 6’5 forward, possesses strong footwork in the post and can score with his back to the basket, but is also a capable face-up player. He showed he has range out to the 3 point line and also led the break for his team after several rebounds. The Milton Academy (MA) product projects as a face-up 4 man as he enters high school. Also a high academic student, he is a very intriguing prospect to keep up with.

Dan Schlak

#35 Matthew Tepedino: Matt is an aggressive guard that likes to attack the rim off of the dribble. He likes getting to the paint to get his shot up, but also has range to the three point line as a catch and shoot player.

#102 Ben Ordonez: The NBA Floor General Award Winner is everything a coach looks for in a point guard. He is tough-nosed, has a high IQ, and always seems to make the right basketball play. Ordonez constantly found his teammates for easy shots, while making sure his team was set on the defensive end. Whenever you watch Ben play, it seems as if he is in the paint, distributing the ball to a teammate for an easy lay-up. All coaches hope for a player with the rising 8th graders skill-set and attitude.


#80 Jayson Pilsitz: Pilsitz is a strong catch and shoot 3 point shooter, who will consistently knock down shots when given time and space. When Jayson drives, he is looking to get all the way to the rim and score the basketball.

#96 Ryan Szatkowski: Ryan is at his best when he shoots his face-up jumper from 15’. Szatkowski, a rising 8th grader, has a strong build that helps him control the glass on the defensive end of the floor. He is a player that is capable of getting a double-double without a single play called for him.

#4 Jordan Miller: Miller has a great feel of when to change his pace of play. He uses his ability to change speeds and change direction to break down the defense and get to the rim. When attacking, he can score with either hand around the basket, but has also shown he will kick the ball out to open shooters.

#91 Nathan Rosahac: Nathan, a rising 9th grader from PA, was one of the most competitive players at camp. He has a nose for the basketball and always seems to be in the right place on the floor. Rosahac has soft hands that allow for good touch around the basket and makes him an effective scorer inside.

#83 Wes Reinagle: Wes is a guard that loves to attack. He is looking to drive the defense when he has the basketball. Reinagle is crafty around the rim and is capable of using a variety of finishes. On the defensive end, he has quick hands, which helps him get deflections and steals.

#47 Jack Riley: Riley controls the paint when he is on the floor. He challenges shots, rebounds on both ends, and has a soft touch from the block. Jack demonstrated a strong left hand, which kept the defense honest when he had the ball in the post.

#68 Michael Jackson: Jackson is a long, athletic wing that in constantly in attack mode. He is at his best when he has the ball in the open court creating transition opportunities for himself and others. His explosive first step will keep defenders on their heels. As his three point shot becomes more consistent, he will be a dynamic force on the offensive end.


#97 Zayon Marsh: Zayon is a lefty that can score the ball in many ways. He can take his defender out to 18’ and consistently hit jumpers, but can also attack off the dribble for himself and others. The rising 7th grader was a match-up problem all weekend. When a guard defended him, he would score inside. When he was played by a bigger player, he would get out in transition and show his effectiveness from the wing.


#37 Zach Rocco: Rocco is the ultimate competitor on the floor. As the leader of his team, Zach is as unselfish as they come with the basketball. He knows how to get his teammates open for scoring opportunities and makes sure they are in situations where they can be successful. Even as a capable scorer, Rocco is everything a coach looks for in a point guard, especially on the defensive end. He makes his opponent work by defending full-court for the entire game.


#36 Christian Daley: Daley runs the break well and is always passing the ball ahead to open teammates and putting pressure on the defense. While guarding the ball, his quick hands are always in passing lanes and creating easy scoring chances for his teammates.

#39 Josh Minton: Minton is a strong scoring lefty. He demonstrated his ability to score in multiple ways, first by making several floaters in the paint. Josh followed up these baskets by taking his man to the perimeter and knocking down three 3 point shots.


#23 Dax Kaye: Dax came to Jr. Elite Weekend all the way from Miami, Fl, and he did not disappoint. One of the top point guards at camp, Kaye has a handle well beyond his years. Although he is undersized, he scores well around the rim due to his great touch and strong ability to finish with either hand. It is virtually impossible to speed him up with the basketball, and his tight handle makes it look effortless every time he beats his defender and gets into the paint.


#89 Xavier Hill: Hill is a walking double-double. His physical presence inside serves as the anchor to his team on both ends of the floor. It seems as if he gets every rebound, whether it be on offense or defense. Xavier is not shy of contact and gets many of his points on offensive put-backs.

#10 Ajani Simmons: Simmons is a lightening quick guard that can put up points in a hurry. With a nice shooting touch from the outside, Simmons compliments his three point shot with a deadly floater.


#87 Marcus Dyes Jr.: Dyes Jr. was one of the most dynamic players at camp this weekend. He seemed to make a few plays every game that caught coaches eyes. Dyes Jr. is an elite athlete that is strong with the basketball and can score in many ways. Every time he touches the ball, it feels like a highlight tape play will soon follow. With his talent, the sky is the limit.


#20 Justin Rockmore: Rockmore, a standout who will be entering Dieruff High School in Allentown, PA as a 9th grader this fall, is a physical point guard with an impressive handle. He is very effective with the dribble and was one of the most efficient scorers we saw at camp. There isn’t much Justin can’t do on the offensive end, as he is a strong shooter from the outside, uses his strength to score inside the paint, and has a smooth pull-up jumper.

#60 Quinn Kelly: Quinn was one of the top defensive players we saw this weekend. His effort and intensity set the tone for his team at camp. He has a great feel of where and when to pass the ball in transition. He delivers the ball on-time and on-target, creating open shots for his teammates.

#76 Erik Valencia: The East Stroudsburg, PA product likes to drive the basketball. He is at his best when he puts the ball on the floor and is an aggressive driver. He is a capable three point shooter and can make the defense pay when given time and space.

#86 Conor Geelan: Geelan has made tremendous strides since the beginning of the summer. He is a jack of all trades that can do anything on the court. He is a consistent three point shooter, but is developing a better handle and ability to score at the rim each time he steps on the floor. One of the hardest workers at camp, Geelan competes at 100% and raises his teammate’s level of play.

#105 Jack O’Grady: O’Grady, a native of Fairfax, VA, is an effective guard that can succeed in many positions on the court. He is capable of scoring the ball and putting up points in a hurry, but prefers to run his team’s offensive and get others involved. Jack has a strong three point shot that he does not need much time or space to get up.

#106 Rasheed Dupree: Rasheed is a tough, hard-nosed guard. He does not shy away from contact while on the court and uses his strong build to finish among taller players. With the ball, Dupree is more of a slasher, but showed the ability to make the 3 with his feet set.

#45 Ray Ford Jr.: The Hilltopper Heat wing creates a mismatch every time he steps on the floor. A wing with great length and athleticism, Ford Jr. uses his strength to be effective in the open court and off the dribble. His explosive first step allows him to get to his spots with the basketball and he shoots a very high percentage for a scoring guard.

#77 Ben Peacock: Peacock is a prospect to keep up with as he develops. His best basketball is ahead of him and he seemed to get better each time he took the floor this weekend. He has a nice jump shot out to 18’, soft hands, and good footwork in the post. As he continues his growth, he is only going to get better.

#8 Triston Hilliman: Hilliman, the NBA’s Mr. Hustle, has a motor that goes non-stop. He challenges shots with his length and athleticism. Triston can speed up the game and creates extra possessions for his team by his ability to play hard at all times.


#90 William Soucie: William is a versatile forward who can drive his defender off the dribble, especially when going towards the baseline, but also shoot the ball, with range to the three point line. Already over 6’ tall with a well-rounded skill-set, Soucie will be a player to watch out for in the next few years.

#11 Arius Francois: Arius is an athletic, combo-guard that can score in bunches. On the offensive end, there is not much that he cannot do. At his current stage, he is more successful as an off-guard, but showed glimpses throughout camp of being able to be an elite point guard.

#44 Christian Cevis: Cevis, another Hilltopper Heat standout, is a strong, scoring guard that is always attacking and getting into the paint. When he has the ball, he is going to be aggressive and create scoring chances for his team. He will become a lethal offensive weapon as his three point shot becomes more consistent.

#84 Michael Curran: Curran, a solid three point shooter, is an effective and efficient player. He does not need many shots to score points. He protects the ball well, has strong fundamentals, and a high basketball IQ, always making the right pass, shot, and play for his team.

#6 Jacobi Baker: Baker, the receipt of the Floor General Award in the Big East, has exceptional court vision. He passes it ahead in transition better than anyone at camp, which allows his teammates to get uncontested finishes. When he drives, he is looking for shooters or diving post players, and almost always gets them an easy shot. As his teams point guard, he controlled the tempo during games throughout the weekend.


#21 Jacob Melady: Jacob is a selfless player who does whatever his team needs to be successful. He will defend the opponent’s top scorer, rebound the ball, make open shots, and be a leader for his teammates, he is a jack-of-all-trades. His basketball IQ allows him to be effective on the court, as he knows that game, including time and score situations.

#61 Reid Slott: Reid is a shooter. He has one of the best jump shots that we saw this weekend. His basketball IQ and ability to move without the ball create open shots for him. When he gets hot, he can change the game by knocking down several shots in a row.

#50 Jack Harris: Harris can get hot in a hurry, and once he does, he is hard to stop. A high and quick release on his three point shot makes him effective at getting off his shot, even if the defense does not allow much space. He had several instances this weekend where we made multiple shots in a row.

#1 Zyion Kirkland: Zyion is a competitive point guard that is a vocal leader on the court. He is always communicating with teammates, making sure that they are matched up and in the right spots. From the moment he arrived at camp, he was a leader and commanded the respect of his peers.

#95 Nicolas McGlynn: McGlynn is a knock-down shooter. He has a high release, textbook follow-thru, and great rotation on his shot. When given time and space, he is going to make the shot. He uses his high IQ on the defensive end to contain the ball and be in the right spots when helping.

#53 Jules Bikoy: Bikoy is a developing offensive player, but motor and defensive ability already make him a standout. Jules will only get better the more he plays, but he is relentless on the glass and alters shots with his length.

#24 Nick DeMarco: DeMarco has a great first step off the dribble and can break a defense down when he drives. He is an effective three point shooter and plays as hard as anyone while on the court.

#48 John Bonney: Bonney is a tough-minded, physical guard from Brooklyn. The rising 9th grader loves to drive baseline and initiate contact on his finishes. With his upper-body strength, he can score amongst bigger players in the paint.

#88 Brett Rumpel: Rumpel, the MVP of the Big East, dominated from the opening tip. He showed his entire skill-set this weekend, by scoring at will, getting teammates easy shots, rebounding the ball, and defending the top players on each team. His imprint on the game was felt every second that he was on the court.


Click Here for Jr. Elite II Photo Album

Rising 8th grader Dax Kaye discusses his Jr. Elite experience

Milton Academy (MA) freshman Daniel Schlakman revisits his last four summers at Jr. Elite Weekend

We had a competitive weekend here in the Poconos at our second session of Jr. Elite. It was a pleasure to work with the top 6th-9th graders in the region. Our Jr. Elite Weekends are now complete for the 2015 Summer. Our Fall Jr. Elite Tour will begin in September. Dates and Locations will be announced soon.
Stops on the Jr. Elite Tour will take place in:

-New York City
-Metro (NJ)

If you have any questions about Jr. Elite Weekend’s, or the upcoming Fall Tour, please contact Skills Camp Director Joe Gutowski (

Elite Session 2: Summer Recap

11235280_928238793907319_1226942165783342333_n 2

Elite Session 2 had more hype coming in than any other second session in the last five years. With another deep list of players coming in to Albright, the stage was set for a spectacular week of camp. Here are some of the things we took away from Elite 2.

Wabissa Bede was pound for pound the best player at camp

Standing in at 6’2, no guard was more productive than Cushing Academy’s Wabissa Bede. A member of the 2017 class, Bede was dominant with the ball in his hands. He found ways to get to the hoop, was hitting shots from the outside, and controlling the offense for his team all week long. He supported his good play at camp by walking away with camp MVP and Top 20 Game MVP.

Cushing Academy is stacked next season
Elite 2 MVP Wabissa Bede will be at Cushing Academy next season, and he won’t be alone. Aside from the point guard, wings Jarrod Simmons and Kimani Lawrence will be playing at Cushing next year. With three high majors playing on the outside, it should be a ton of fun watching them play together this upcoming season. Simmons, who told us he hears from Texas coach Shaka Smart quite frequently, and Lawrence both hold a handful of high major offers heading into their junior years. All three players cemented themselves as Top 20 players at camp, and future big time prospects!

Mamadou Doucouré is New York’s next big player

2018 Mamadou Doucouré is a name that will be relevant in the New York area for the next three years. A 6’8 forward, Mamadou currently holds offers from Connecticut, Pittsburgh and St. John’s, but will have many more coming his way. As Hoop Group’s Ari Rosenfeld wrote during camp, Doucouré showed an ability to protect the rim and rebound the ball. He was selected to the Top 20 Game, as well as named Most Outstanding Prospect at camp’s end. For more about Mamadou, you can read Ari’s full article here.

Mamdou Doucouré receives MOP of Elite 2 from Elite Camp Director Bryan Weber

Mamadou Doucouré receives MOP of Elite 2 from Elite Camp Director Bryan Weber

There were hundreds of college coaches at Elite 2

From high majors like Virginia and West Virginia, to terrific D3s such as Franklin & Marshall and St. Mary’s, college coaches were out recruiting for Elite Camp.

Ryan Gomes Commits to Mount St. Mary’s

Mount St. Mary’s was the only Division I school to offer DC’s Ryan Gomes a scholarship. A few hours after Elite 2 ended, Gomes gave the Mount his verbal commitment to play ball there. It could not have come at a better time for Ryan, who had just capped a great week with an appearance in the Top 20 Game. The 6’10 big from Friends School earned a spot in the game, going up against some of the premier bigs at camp and shining. Showing toughness on both ends, and finishing well inside, Ryan was one of the most impressive post players at Elite 2. Mount St. Mary’s is getting a good big in their 2016 recruiting class.

More D1s need to jump on Tyrn Flowers

Ty Flowers was one of the best kids at camp with the least amount of offers. The 6’7 wing balled out during Elite Session Two, capping the week with a lights out Top 20 Game performance. His jump shot was working all week long as he was knocking down catch and shoot threes and making step backs look effortless. His performance during camp, mainly from his play in the Top 20 game, drew interest from USC, but more schools should be taking a look at the Sacred Heart senior. (Video from Next Best Basketball)

Samuel Japhet-Mathias showed flashes of high major talent

The list of schools offering Samuel Mathias is impressive; Cal, Seton Hall, Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Clemson, Oregon, Georgetown, Dayton, UMass and Providence have all offered. The 6’10 post showed why during camp. He does not rush inside. He’s big bodied and turns well over both shoulders. He had some of the prettiest moves of the week, showing coaches on hand why he has the offers he does. While other bigs like Chris Baldwin (Notre Dame Prep ’16) and Jimbo Lull (New Hampton Prep ’16) had good weeks, it was hard to find a better big at camp.

Underclassmen flourished

There was a ton of young talent at Elite 2. So much so that five players in the class of 2018 found themselves in the Top 20 Game at camp’s end. Rasir Bolton (Benedictrine), Tyree Pickron (Archbishop Wood), Justin Winston (West Orange), Noah Locke (McDonogh) and Mamadou Doucouré (Our Savior New American) all played in camp’s “top” game. What was more promising to see was how all five players go to school in different states, supporting how much talent Hoop Group brings in from all over. The basketball future is bright in the Northeast.

UMass will love Unique McLean

Unique McLean is a 2016 guard who has already committed to the University of Massachusetts. The 6’1 guard will bring an incredible amount of athleticism to the team that will have fans falling in love. He put on a show during Session Two, including one late night dunk off with PSA Cardinal teammate Hassahn French. Check it out here:


Unique McLean vs Hassahn French! Comment down below who won‼️ Video (🎥) by @nextbestbasketball


A video posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

Northfield Mount Hermon restocks with young talent

NMH has a history of molding players for Division I basketball. Graduating five players to D1 programs for next season, and already having several 2016s committed, NMH has restocked with some underclassmen who appear to be following the same path as those seniors who just graduated. Calvin Whipple will return for his sophomore season, and will be joined by newcomers Nate Laszewski and Maxwell Lorca-Lloyd. All three players showed promising futures, making the Underclassmen Game at E2. Whipple and Laszewski are lights out shooters from deep while Lloyd, who re-classed to 2018 and has offers from Penn State, Seton Hall and St. Peter’s already, is a growing big man inside. Add to the mix 2017 Jerome Derosiers, another Top 20 Game All-Star, and NMH is set for another great year in New England.

Stars Shine at Hoop Group Elite Session 1 and 2: By Elite Director Bryan Weber

11214099_929040007160531_2836054462961970039_n 2

Throughout the summer, a number of high level prospects have attended Hoop Group Elite camp with the intent of making a name for themselves. A tremendous amount of players did just that. This is a master list of players who came and played well garnering attention from college coaches and media outlets across the country.

2016 NATE KNIGHT 6’8 PF Nate wins the award for biggest blow up at camp. The versatile 6’8 power forward from the DC Blue Devils (NH) came to camp with very limited interest. His coach TJ Thompson told me before camp that he was prime to turn heads and get some offers, but even he could not have seen the end result. Following camp, Nate received hard scholarship offers from 26 Division 1 schools, including many A10 schools. Goes to show that, if you keep working hard and putting yourself in good situations, its never too late to play college basketball at the highest level. It should be noted that Nate is a tremendous student as well, which many colleges are factoring in with their offers. If you need a do it all, swiss army knife, 4 man who can shoot it out to 3 point range, this is your guy.

2017 Ejike Obinna 6’9 C — Coming in at a VERY close second place in the blow up category, following an MVP performance at Elite Session 1 Ejike went from having zero offers to 12 (11 being from High Major Schools). The ultimate play hard, glue guy, Ejike played like an absolute monster at Elite Session 1. He had multiple games with 5+ Dunks and 10+ rebounds, he has a motor that will not stop. A developing skill set and leadership from Virginia Academy’s Duval Simmons, would lead one to believe the sky is the limit for this kid. Just about every High Major school in the country should be on him, and don’t be surprised if the school that recruits him hardest and longest wins out.

2016 Brandon Anderson 6’0 PG — Brown got an absolute steal with Brandon Anderson, which is a testament to identifying this kids special talent when nobody else in the country did. Following a top 20 all-star performance at Elite Session 1, Brandon went from having 1 offer to 6 or 7 offers from some of the best Academic Schools in the country. Coaches realized they needed to recruit him because he never gets sped up, and with an IQ off the chart is an absolute winner. Add in the fact that he has been making shots at a ridiculous clip, he looks like he could be one of the best prospects Brown has had in a really long time. Congrats to coach Martin and his staff, and congrats to the Anderson family!!

2018 Luther Muhammad 6’4 SG — A top 20 all-star at Elite Session 1 AND Future All American Camp he is one of the best scorers we saw the whole summer regardless of class, Luther has a knack to put the ball in the bucket. A very streaky shooter, who can score in bunches when he get hot. Also, what does not get looked at enough, when talking about high level prospects is what kind of kid they are. The Hudson Catholic product, Luther is a HIGH level kid. respectful and motivated to get better. Look out for this kid to end up at the highest level.

2016 Chuba Ohams 6’7 SF — Following a 7 inch growth spurt, Chuba went from being a 6 foot marginal recruit to a 6’7 do it all small forward. The best way to describe Chuba is a hunger to improve. Already with A10 interest and offers across the board, this kid has a crazy desire to be great. 5:45 Am during Elite Session 1, I looked down at my phone surprised to see Chuba calling me. Even more to my surprise, was when I answered and he said “Coach, I am in front of the gym can you let me in, so I can get shots up?” Although, needing to obviously put on some muscle and strength, Chuba has a chance to be a special long term prospect, and one of the next grade small forwards to come out of NYC.

2016 Ceasar Dejesus 6’2 SG — Ceasar has been a long time Hoop Group camper and he really saw his stock rise with us this summer. Attending Mt. Zion for a post grad year this fall, Ceasar proved that he is one of the best scorers in the country. Following an MVP performance at Hoop Group Academic Elite Session 1, Ceasar proved that he belong with the upper tier players in this region, when he won the MVP of the Top 20 all-star game during Elite Session 1. People had questioned his shooting before the summer, but after watching him throughout this summer it is clear that not only is he working on his outside shot, he has become a more than adequate shooter.

2017 Nate Pierre Louis 6’2 Combo — Coming into Elite Camp with offers from Miami, Uconn, Providence, Seton Hall, St Joes, St Louis, Texas Tech, to name a few, Nate came into camp with one of the biggest reputations and did not disappoint by making the Top 20 game!! Nate can play the 1 or the 2, and showed his ability to get his teammates involved consistently, while getting to the basket and scoring himself at times. Nate still has some work to do on his outside shooting, but playing for one of the best high schools in the country and for one of the best AAU programs (Sports U) in the country, there is no doubt he will be a high major Guard and will succeed at that level.

2016 Davion Mintz 6’4 PG — Playing for North Mecklenberg (NC) in High School for legendary coach Duane “Nascar” Lewis, Davion has been on people’s radars for a while. The 6’4 wiry point guard showed us why throughout all of Elite Session 1 and Team Camp, and attracted attention from everyone from Fordham to Vanderbilt. Although, not necessarily looking the part upon first glance, Davion does a great job of letting his game speak for himself. With great length, he is able to get into passing lanes and cause disruption defensively, while have a crafty ability to attack the basket and draw multiple defenders offensively.  There is no question he deserved his top 20 status, and showed his winning mentality while taking North Meck. to the championship of Team Camp before losing to eventual champion Hill (PA).

2016 Stevie Jordan 6’0 PG — Despite having success for one of the marquee AAU programs in the northeast (Philly Pride), Stevie has surprisingly had an underwhelming overall recruitment, that is sure to change. Holding an offer from Hampton and Richmond, Stevie played like a monster at camp that was going at the necks of all of the highly regarding point guards. Highlighted by an ankle breaking crossover that left the defender on the ground, Stevie showed his ability to score as well as set his teammates up for success. Look for his recruitment to pick up throughout his senior year, once various colleges wake up and smell the coffee.

2016 Jose Martinez 6’9 SF/PF — Following a Senior All Star game MVP Jose Martinez received offers from San Diego and Canisius and interest from many more. Although upon first glance you see a skinny unassuming, yet tall frame, Jose is deadly because of his ability to knock down shots at his height. Clearly still needing to put on more weight, he showed how difficult he can be to guard when he is making shots. Playing for one of the BEST up and coming AAU programs in the country, Under Armour’s NY Jayhawks, Jose has turned himself into a desirable recruit.

2017 Jahlil Jenkins 6’0 PG — One of my favorite players from the entire summer, another Duval Simmons (Uncommon Bulls) product Jahlil Jenkins and just about ready to burst on to everyones scene. After his Top 20 All Star nomination Jahlil recieved his first three Division 1 offers, and I would be SHOCKED if he does not end up with many more. He is a true point guard who is lightning fast, with a tremendous feel for the game. Between Jahlil and Ejike Obinna, the Uncommon Bulls are set to be one of the best 17U teams on the East next season.

2017 Wabissa Bede 6’1 PG — High Majors need to get off of their hands and pull the trigger on this kid. He is a superstar in the making. A winner on and off the court, he won the MVP of Elite Session 2, and is hungry for more. Beyond any of the skills he has on the court, which are through the roof, he is also clearly a leader off the court. An infectious personally, that will lead a HM team to a championship much the way that he lead the Mass Rivals this AAU Season. Can’t wait to see where the next few years take this kid.

2016 Chris Baldwin 6’9 PF — No player in the country has grown up as much over the last few years as Chris Baldwin. Already being recruited by some of the biggest HM programs in the country, Chris has answered every question people have had with his attitude. Not much I can put here on paper that people don’t already know about his ability to dominate a game with his size and skill, but what I saw at camp was a kid with a motor who was a tremendous teammate all week. Looks like he is focused and ready to take his talents to the next level.

2017 Samuel Japhet- Mathius 6’10 C — A dominating presence when you first see him, Sam was one of the largest players we had at camp all Summer. However, Sam is more than just a big body. He has a versatile game in the post that was evident during the Elite Session 2 Top 20 All Star game. Already with offers from multiple High Major Programs such as USC and Oregon, Sam should be one of the most heavily recruited players in the nation after his Junior season at Vermont Academy. With a little work on his conditioning and handling of adversity, Sam’s ceiling is through the roof.

2016 Jimbo Lull 6’10 C — I am a little surprised more High Major schools have not expressed more interest in the NE Playaz big man Jimbo Lull. An imposing figure, standing nearly 7 foot tall with a huge frame, Jimbo has improved more over the past year than almost any prospect in the country. He has a decent amount of skill and his footwork is constantly getting better. With his size and rapid development, Jimbo should be moving into the eye sights of various HM schools across the country.

2016 Ryan Gomes 6’10 C — An absolute STEAL for Mount St. Mary’s, another situation where a coach doing his job, much like Brandon Anderson and Brown, landed a great get for Coach Christian. Ryan is active, and wiry, but also tough and finishes around the basket. He has a chance to be VERY good in that league for all 4 years that he is there. Although only getting a few offers, all of the schools that showed interest, but did not pull the trigger, will regret the hesitation throughout his college career. Congrats to Ryan and Mt. St Mary’s!! A Top 20 All Star at Elite Session 2.

2016 Tyrn Flowers 6’7 SF — A shot DRILLER. Tyrn has been overlooked as a fourth option on Adidas powerhouse NY Rens. Ty is one of the smoothest players in the country who is another player who hit a late 5 inch growth spurt. High major coaches from across the country want to complain that they do not make enough shots, and then want to tell me that Tyrn’s ceiling is A10. Any High Major coach who needs a versatile shot MAKER who is rangy and athletic, feel free to recruit Tyrn. You will NOT regret it.

2018 Mamadou Doucoure 6’9 PF — Elite Session 2’s Most Outstanding Prospect, looks like Mamadou will be the next in line for the PSA Cardinals (and Our Savior New American) in terms of HIGH major big guys. Mamadou dunks everything around the basket and has a yes sir/no sir mentality. Also, one of the best factors about this prospect his his ability and desire to sprint the floor on every play. I have a feeling he will be in a situation where he will be able to choose whatever school he wants to when this recruiting process is over.

2017 Hassan French 6’7 SF/PF — Beast Mode. Hassan French is a man-child that has no regard for human life when he attacks the basket. Attracting interest from everyone from upper tier A10 programs to HM programs in the ACC and Big 10. A hybrid Power Forward who has the skills to take it out to the three point line, there is no question that he will continue to be a highly sought after commodity. A top 20 all-star at Elite Session 2, Hassan has been a Hoop Group Camper for a long time, and I love to see the way he continues to develop.

2016 Najee Garvin 6’8 PF — Two things that often do not go hand and hand are under the radar and Team Loaded. Ty White has turned Team Loaded into one of, if not the, premier AAU program in the country. And with that, Team Loaded attracts some of the most exposure out of any AAU program in the country. However, when you are on a team that has multiple HIGH HIGH major players going to the likes of Kentucky, Virginia, and NC State, a Mid Major player can get lost in the shuffle. Najee is 100 percent a mid major college basketball player. He is a high level athlete that can make shots out to 15 feet, and defend multiple positions. He has a coming out party by making the top 20 All Star Game at Elite Session 2, and I would be SHOCKED if someone from a Mid Major program did not pull the trigger on him during the high school season.

2017 Aaron Wheeler 6’7 SF — Fresh off an amazing week at Elite Session 2, Aaron just picked up an offer from Providence, which is sure to spur MANY more High Major schools to come forward. Aaron is an elite level athlete that can do a little bit of everything. Mostly a slasher, but he has the ability to make shots from the outside, and with his length, when motivated, can be on of the best defenders in the country. A times he tends to shy away from contact, but as time progresses, he has as much raw talent as anyone in the country, and if he is dedicated he could end up being a hot commodity to play at a High Major school.

2018 Nate Laszewski 6’6 SF — This kid has Wisconsin or Iowa written all over him. One of the premier shooters in his class, he is also one of the more sneaky athletic players in the country. Nate is a quiet kid who tends to lead by example, but his quiet demeanor quickly turns to a killer on the floor. Playing for TJ Gassanola and the NE Playaz, he will clearly continue to develop, and if he gets to 6’8 or 6’9 which seems likely, this kid is going to be scary.

Click here for a full list of all-stars and award winners


Stay tuned for a recap from Future All American Camp….


Summer Recap: Elite Session 1

Continuing the theme of the week, we are breaking down the summer that was for Hoop Group Elite Camps. Today we look at Elite Session 1. A usual home run during the summer, this year’s first session of Elite Camp did not disappoint. Let’s look at the takeaways from camp.

Introducing Nathan Knight

Kimball Union’s Nathan Knight came into camp relatively unknown. By the time he left he was on a number of D1 recruiting lists. Knight, a 6’8 power forward, came into camp with no offers to his name. Right now he currently holds 27. That’s not a typo, 27 schools jumped on the Nate Knight train this summer, including Temple, James Madison, Robert Morris, William & Mary and Drexel. There arguably was not a bigger storyline than Nate’s rise this summer.

Austin Harriott with the play of the week

Austin Harriott committed to Loyola (MD) this past weekend. He helped his stock tremendously with great play at Elite Camp, and this dunk didn’t hurt either…

A video posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

Luther Muhammad took home MOP honors

You won’t find many players tougher than 2018 Luther Muhammad of Hudson Catholic. A gritty, 6’4 guard with loads of toughness, Muhammad stepped up on the big stage as an “underclassmen” at camp, being one of two 2018s to make the Top 20 Game (Koran Moore was the other) and receiving Most Outstanding Prospect at camp. This was not the last we would hear of Luther in the summer. He would return for Future All American Camp in August, and gave us a lot to look forward to.

Luther Muhammad stands with Elite Camp Director Bryan Weber after receiving MOP honors. Currently has offers from Pittsburgh and Rider.

Luther Muhammad stands with Elite Camp Director Bryan Weber after receiving MOP honors. Currently has offers from Pittsburgh and Rider.

Floor Generals were everywhere

Nate Pierre-Louis, Jair Bolden, Brown-commit Brandon Anderson, Jahlil Jenkins, David Beatty, Stevie Jordan…the list goes on. Division I point guards were all over at camp. Nate Piere-Louis excelled, showing flashes of dominance and leadership. 2017s David Beatty and Stevie Jordan turned their offensive games up a notch and Bolden, Jenkins and Anderson showed to be true point guards. Bottom line, if you needed a floor general, Elite I had them.

St. Benedict's point guard Nate Pierre-Louis was one of the best guards at camp. Has offers from Iowa State, Connecticut, Miami, Providence, Creighton, SMU, Florida State and many more

St. Benedict’s point guard Nate Pierre-Louis was one of the best guards at camp. Has offers from Iowa State, Connecticut, Miami, Providence, Creighton, SMU, Florida State and many more

One point guard from Emmaus stole the show

Another name that came out of a lot of people’s mouths was 2017 David Kachelries. A point guard at Emmaus High School in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, David drew coaches and media to his games at Elite One with his grit and toughness at the point guard position. As the buzz around him grew bigger and bigger, offers started coming in. He now has four going into his junior year: Binghamton, Lafayette, Fordham and Dartmouth. His play resulted in a spot in the Top 20 game at camp as well.

Chuba Ohams has the work ethic to be a next level stud

As the NY Post’s Zach Braziller wrote last week, a growth spurt helped Chuba Ohams turn into a 6’7 wing with guard-like handles. He’s long and can guard just about all five positions. A great slasher who can attack and finish at the basket, Chuba showed improvement in his jumper this July at camp. A big reason for the drastic improvement is cause of his work ethic; Chuba was up every morning before camp started getting shots up. There’s a reason why VCU, Providence and DePaul, among others, are interested in Chuba’s services: he’s a worker.

Ejike Obinna proved high major status

We first heard the name Ejike Obinna last summer when he blew up at Future All American Camp. For an encore, Ejike came back to Elite Session One and left as the camp MVP. Having only been playing the game for two and a half years, Ejike is still learning the game. He plays the game with a high motor and uses his 6’10 body to try to dunk and block everything. As Ejike’s feel for the game continues to grow, so does the interest college coaches have in him. Following camp, he received high major offers from Miami, Xavier, Seton Hall, LSU, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. Don’t expect those to be all either. See his mixtape here!

Ejike Obinna poses with Elite Camp Directors Bryan Weber after receiving MVP of Elite Session 1

Ejike Obinna poses with Elite Camp Directors Bryan Weber after receiving MVP of Elite Session 1

Wings Melo Eggleston, Walter Whyte are special talents

While they’re two different players, 2017 wings Melo Eggleston (Clinton Christian) and Walter Whyte (St. Luke’s) showed they can contribute to a D1 program during Elite I. Eggleston, who holds offers from ACC, SEC and Big 12 schools, is an athletic and versatile wing who is at his best going to the basket. Whyte, who’s biggest offer thus far is VCU, is a bigger, stronger small forward who can bully players around and force his way into the paint. Both guys are capable of playing well above the rim as well. Expect big junior years from them both.

Making the trip from Minnesota, Steffon Mitchell and Nate Reuvers impressed

Playing for the Minnesota Fury AAU program, 2017 Nate Reuvers and 2016 Steffon Mitchell made the trip to Reading from the North Star State. A year ahead, Steffon holds 18 offers, including one from Wichita State. He saw a lot of success in transition. Nate was the opposite. The 6’9 wing showed his sharpshooting ability and was a threat from long-range at all times. We had a chance to sit down with both of them at camp and talk a little hoops.


North Mecklenburg has a special duo

Davion Mintz and Jaylen McManus are a fantastic one-two punch for North Carolina’s North Mecklenburg High School. Mintz is a crafty guard with the ball in his hands. He can create his own shot and dish out masterful assists. With 16 offers on hand already, he drew the likes of SEC’s Vanderbilt to see him play this summer. His teammate, 6’6 wing Jaylen McManus, was just as impressive. He was lights out shooting the basketball, burying multiple threes during game play; he even finished one quarter with six made three-pointers.

Kendrick Gray is athletic, really athletic

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ll just let this video do the talking.

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Summer Recap: Academic Elite Session 1


Another summer at Albright College has come and gone. As the summer comes winding down, we will take a look back at all of our Elite Camps this summer, reminiscing about a summer that was. First on the list: Academic Elite I. It seems like session one of Academic Elite Camp was years ago. While the first #HGElite Camp of the summer was only six weeks ago, a lot has happened in Reading, Pennsylvania since then. Let’s flashback to Academic Camp.

  • Mikey Dixon is a bona-fide scorer

Mikey Dixon showed a fantastic ability to put the ball in the basket. Whether it was from inside or out, Dixon could not be stopped with the ball in his hands. The 6’2 point guard is capable of knocking down shot after shot, and he hit step back threes effortlessly. When his shot is working for him, he becomes even more deadly, as he can get defenders off their feet and score at the tin. Dixon saw offers come in from Fairfield, Robert Morris, Central Connecticut State, Coppin State, Canisius after the first live period. He is now down to Rider, Quinnipiac and Maine. All three schools will be lucky to have the dynamic scorer added to their recruiting class.

  • Rick’Keem Mixson arguably helped his recruiting stock the most

While a number of players had good weeks of camp, no one helped themselves more prior to the July live period than Ricky Mixson. Mixson out toughed the other guards at camp. He’s strong physically and with the ball in his hands. When Ricky put his head down and decided to get to the rim, he did. Mixson, who had Division I interest coming into the summer, started to get more serious looks as the summer progressed, and for good reason. He capped off a great week of camp with an all-star bid and the Academic Elite MVP award.

  • Justin Porter exemplifies Academic Elite Camp

Justin Porter’s list of schools showing interest is quite impressive. Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, as well as local NJIT and Rider are all interested in Justin’s services to help their program. Schools of that nature speak volumes to Justin’s work in the classroom. On the court, he’s just as good. At 6’5 Justin focuses his play on the defensive end. He can get in on the boards and rebound and is a safety blanket for teammates as he’s always in proper help position. Justin realizes that without academics, basketball does not exist. Motivation like that on and off the court will help him succeed in the future.

A photo posted by Hoop Group (@hoopgroup) on

  • Kiski Prep will love Jake Forrester this year

Jake Forrester is going to be a stud. The 6’8 forward reclassified to 2018 and will attend Kiski Prep next year. Jake’s week at Academic I foreshadowed what would be a great overall summer for him; he showed off great athleticism and energy on the floor, giving him a Nerlens Noel-like look out there. He defended at a high level and attacked the rim any chance he had. Division I basketball is in Jake’s future, it’s just a matter of how high he will be able to go.

  • D2 and D3 coaches had a lot to recruit

Taking place outside the D-1 live period, Academic Elite Camp was a Division 2 and 3 coaches dream. Leading the group was Dwight Whitlock, a 6’3 bouncy guard who since camp has committed to D2 Mercyhurst. Other guards who are high on coaches radars are Chaz Platt (Holy Cross ’16), Ennis Thomas (Westerville South ’16), Michael Boice (Donovan Catholic ’16)  Jordyn Owens (St. Peter’s Prep ’17) and Michael Rice (Point Pleasant Beach ’16). In an exclusive HG One-on-One, Rice told us he was being heavily recruited by high academic schools like Rochester, Franklin & Marshall, both of which are top teams in their respected conferences.

After the guards, we saw players like Yannic Williams (Holy Cross ’16), Markus Stevenson (Academy of New Church ’17), Cutch Ellis (Benedictine ’16) and William Miller (Halifax County ’16) were some wings and forwards who made names for themselves in the first Academic Session. It was easy to see why over 60 school came to recruit during the course of the week.


  • Caesar DeJesus took All Star Game MVP

Talk about another player who helped make a name for himself, Caesar DeJesus is a name that is known across the country. Having 11 Division 1 offers from nine different states, the word on Caesar’s game has gotten around; he showcased it at Academic Camp. He’s a shifty guard who can create his own shot at all times. Whenever the ball is in his hands he’s a threat to shoot it. He capped his week with an All-Star Game MVP award and since then has seen a number of D1 schools, including George Mason, Robert Morris and Winthrop, offer him a chance to play for them.


Academic Session I was a great first course to the five course meal that was Hoop Group Elite Camp this summer. We saw talented players who have next level talent, from D1 all the way toD3. We look forward to seeing where many of these players end up, and following them closely this upcoming season. Stay tuned for our next recap, where we breakdown our first major Elite Session.

Future All American Camp Award Winners

NCAA Champs:

NCAA Champs

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NBA West Champs

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NBA East Champs

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Sweatshop Star
Picture not availableNCAA: Titus Wilkins8Easton AreaEaston, PA
Picture not availableNBA West: Zion Whyte10EwingEwing, NJ
NBA East: Will Yarborough10Seton Hall PrepWest Orange, NJ
Station Star
NCAA: Andre Screen8St. Stephens & St. AgnesAlexandria, VA
NBA West: Nathaniel Nicholson10Roman CatholicPhiladelphia, PA
NBA East: Max Kammerman10RoslynRoslyn Heights, NY
Mr. Hustle
NCAA: Connor Buck6ArdsleyArdsley, NY
NBA West: Brady Shea9Christian Brothers AcademySpring Lake, NJ
NBA East: Marcos Dajer10Belen JesuitMiami, FL
NCAA: Jaden Lorenzo5Ginny Avenue SchoolNewburgh, NY
NBA West: Phillip Wellener9PhoenixvillePhoenixville, PA
NBA East: Chase Wells10West HolmesMillersburg, OH
Most Outstanding Prospect
NBA East: Maxwell Lorca9Northfield Mount HermonGill, MA
NCAA: Posh Alexander8I.S. 392New York, NY
Picture not availableNBA West: Christian Ings9Neumann GorettiDrexel Hill, PA
NBA East: Silvio De Sousa10Montverde AcademyMontverde, FL

Future All American Camp All Star Rosters

Elite Camp Director Jared Czech coaches one of the Top 20 All Star teams at FAA Camp

Elite Camp Director Jared Czech coaches one of the Top 20 All Star teams at FAA Camp

Hoop Group Elite Camp ended the summer with a bang. Future All American Camp was arguably the best camp of the summer. As always, camp ended with awards and all-star games. Below are the rosters for the 5 games from this week.

Top 20 Game

Super Sophomore Game

Fab Freshman Game

NBA West Game


#FAA Camp Day 3 Top Performers

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Reading, PA– As we head into the last day of Future All American Camp, we’re beginning to see how deep of a camp it is. So many talented top performers still on day three, take a look at some more guys who impressed.

Chris Childs | Wilbraham and Monson | 2018
Childs was the ultimate floor general today. He is able to change pace with ease and keep defenders off balanced. He controlled the tempo for his team all week long. When needed, he was a scorer, shooting the three ball with confidence and attacking the paint with aggression.

Brandon Slater | Paul VI | 2018
Brandon’s athleticism shined today, and has shined all week. His leaping ability has paid off when it comes to rebounding, shot contesting and shot blocking. He had a number of blocks today, pinning a few off the backboard. On offense he gets

Bryce Wills | Iona Prep | 2018 
The NYC guard once again had a great day at FAA camp. He was very smooth and didn’t force the issue. He is very young for his grade as he is turning 15 in October. He should have a breakout year at Iona Prep and will make plenty of noise in his sophomore campaign. His overall skill set and really sets him apart and should continue to for the rest of his high school career.

Anthony Harris | Paul VI | 2019 
Harris really showed what he was made of on Day Three of camp. He started to show why he was so highly talked about from the DMV area. He is an explosive and athletic guard that should make an immediate impact at Paul VI (VA). The class of 2019 guard also has great playmaking ability and could be one of the best kids to come out of the DMV area for his class when it’s all said and done.

Chauncey Sterling | St. Anthony’s | 2018 
Sterling is a tough NJ guard that came into came with a big reputation and he definitely lived up to it on Day Three. He did a great job getting into the lane and finishing through contact. St. Anthony’s definitely has a good one and he should be a huge help to them next year and the remainder of his high school career.

Noah Locke | McDonogh | 2018
Noah is gifted offensively; he simply knows how to score the basketball. He’s not overly tall at six foot, but that does not prevent him from taking it to the basket, and scoring. He showed the ability to make good decisions with the basketball, limiting his turnovers while displaying a tight handle.

Treston Richardson | Holy Cross | 2019
Yet to play a high school game, Treston looks like he can become a big time scorer. He’s currently 6’1 playing the point guard position. He’s a good passer, but a very good scorer. He puts his head down, gets himself into and finishes through people. His strength at the rim finishing was the his best quality this week.

Sean Good | Trinity | 2018
Sean has impressed as one of the better bigs at camp this week. Listed as 6’11, the post player has shown he can run the floor very well and can finish around the rim; he has nice touch inside. Sean also showed an ability to stretch the floor. As his jump shot develops, his upside gets bigger and bigger.

Kenny Tyree | Anacostia | 2018
Kenny is like the Energizer bunny, he never stops going. So quick, he’s all over the floor with or without the ball in his hands. In transition he’s off to the races; he’s hard to catch when he gets going. He showcased a smooth step back jumper while also blowing past guys. Showed he’s multidimensional.

Michael Schretter | Ridgewood | 2018
A top performer from Academic Elite Session 1, Michael looked very good playing with players his age. The 6’6 forward showed aggression on the boards and was never out of place defensively. On the offensive end he has great touch. He’s soft around the hoop inside and can step out for a mid range jumper that is improving everyday.

James Albano (@JN_Albano) and Pat Lawless (@GiveNGobball) contributed to this blog