The George Sourlis Track Record

How long would it take to the list the accomplishments of Coach Sourlis? Too long for one page, that’s how long. Not just because the numbers are staggering, but more importantly, these records are not out of longevity but rather due to excellence.

rfh group 2 champs

 “George Sourlis truly cares about his kids and this milestone is a combination of terrific coaching, solid players and a lifetime of commitment of guiding his teams and players to be the best they can be”  Fordham University Head Coach Stephanie Gaitley
Below is a list of 1000 point scorers who played for George Sourlis, notice there is one name missing?  You got it, Georges very own Sister Dorothy, who played for Coach Sourlis, in his very first year. As a freshman she was not allowed to play varsity as those were the rules of the day. Then in her senior year, she got injured towards the end of the season. This is why she was 60 short points of joining that list.

I played for George for 4 years. He was a very good coach. I enjoyed playing for him. So happy for him reaching his 600th win! I learned a lot from him. I became a coach because of him. I wanted to have the impact on players like he had on me.

Alison Vetterl ’91



The 1000 Point Scorers Club

“I’ve created so many friendships from playing basketball for Coach Sourlis. Even though it was 28 years ago to this day I continue to see and speak to my high school teammates. We will never forget the memories and fun times we all shared together. A great memories I have from my playing days under Coach, Like having pizza every time we kept a team under 30 points, Coach presenting me with the game ball when I scored my 1000th career point and Signing my Letter of Intent to play at Villanova” MaryBeth Tukis

MaryBeth Tukis
Karen Anderson
Sara Squires
Jill Fallon
Erinn O’Neill

-Chrissy Fisher winning goal at little Olympics.

Chrissy Fisher
Caitlin Hyduke
Kate Miller
Ashley Cooper


“The record and dignity he coaches with speaks for itself but one sign of who he is and his love for the game is when you talk to about other players or opponents it’s always positive and not coach speak, it’s a real appreciation for the talents of others without focusing on the negative”  Quinnipiac women’s Coach Mountain MacGillvray

The Rumson Fair Haven basketball program has enjoyed a great deal of success under the leadership of George Sourlis. RFH has been considered even by others, as SOMETHING SPECIAL. The championship banners, the numerous trophies and records are all a testament to the victories of the Bulldogs.  Yet to view these symbols of success is to only witness the tip of the iceberg.  There would be something basically wrong with sports if the term champion referred only to the team that wins it all. At Rumson the word Champion has always referred to a state of mind and a code of conduct which makes every player who wears that uniform special. George Soulis has done something rarely seem in sports, he has created an atmosphere where memories are made and dreams come true.  The kids who come though the RFH program work hard and are held to a standard that at times is hard to maintain. Some people may even ask why these kids put up with such a do demanding coach. Well the answer is really a question…Have you ever been part of something special?  This is the true genius of what George Sourlis has done…he has created a fraternity of special players, these players known as BULLDOGS have had the chance to wear a RFH uniform and play for a man who  has gotten it done over and over…in fact he has  gotten it done …600 TIMES!!

CONGRATULATIONS COACH SOURLIS!!!-Large from Jake Brahney on Vimeo.

Coach Sourlis Milestone Victories
1st win. vs. Shore
100th. vs. TR East
150th. vs. Keyport
200th. vs. MonDon
250th. vs. RBC
300th. vs. Shore
350th. vs. Colts Neck
400th. vs. Marlboro
450th. vs. Holy Spirit
500th. vs. Manasquan
550th. vs. Matawan

600 win
600th. vs HOLMDEL


Here is an interesting few facts for those old timers…George Sourlis teams have NEVER HAD A LOSING SEASON. His teams have qualified for EVERY SCT and STATE TOURNAMENT! His 5 TOC appearances well only 3 schools have more (RBC, Shabazz and SJV)

14 sectional state titles
5 state group titles
5 Tournament of Champions appearances
(Only 3 schools in state have more:  SJV Shabazz and RBC)
15 Shore Conference Titles
14 Shore Conference Tournament Final Fours(SCT used to take only the top 16)
23 – “20 win” seasons.


”.I appreciate the recognition, but my family, great players, coaches and a lot of other great people surrounding our program made this happen!
This is as much theirs as it is mine. This feat is a team effort and was reached through the hard work and dedication of countless people. When and if 600 wins occur I will, in my heart, dedicate the win to all of them.  I thank them all for such wonderful memories and I am overwhelmed at the outpouring support at this moment which I am receiving”

Coach George Sourlis


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