Pooley’s Picks

Pooley’s Picks

Check out our newest Hoop Group Production: Pooley’s Picks!

The Hoop Group has given me the platform to create Pooley’s Picks, something I’m very passionate about.  The goal, in short, is to help the exposure of athletes, coaches, and teams from Maine down to Virginia.  The topics, which vary from week to week, will be governed by qualifications laid out just before the picks.  After each top ten list, I’ll add some notes to the readers on some of my self-admitted snubs and give another “expert” a chance to debate a few candidates that I’ve missed.

My background is really one of basketball, basketball, and more basketball.  I played high school basketball in the state of New York for a Class D school and a Class AA school; played AAU for a team based in upstate New York; went through a similar recruiting process to many of the players I work with here at The Hoop Group; and played my college basketball at two great NCAA schools.  After graduating I started work here at the Hoop Group as the Director of Operations.  Since then, I’ve had the privilege to direct the Hoop Group Elite Camps and Top 100 Showcases and now oversee the Elite brand as well as marketing and operations here at HG.

Over the past five years, I’ve had access to over 50,000 student-athletes at Hoop Group alone as well as the luxury of a full-time job evaluating and recruiting programs and teams up and down the Northeast.  Most importantly, this gives me the opportunity to share information with players, parents, and coaches alike.  Please comment, share, and argue as every view and interaction helps the candidates. I hope you enjoy Pooley’s Picks as much as I do.


Week 1: Top Basketball Players in New Jersey by PRODUCTION

Week 2: Top Northest Backcourts…Maine to DC

Week 3: Top Available 3-Point Shooters…Maine to VA

Week 4: PSA Prep School Showcase

Week 5: 2016 New Jersey Tip-Off