Basketball Recruiting Advise – The National Letter of Intent



This is the first of a weekly blog that I will be doing to try to help educate players, parents and coaches about the basketball recruiting process. I am constantly asked, “What can I do to get recruited?” My first response is always to become the best player you can be and the best student you can be. These are the most basic, yet important, factors in trying to “Separate Yourself.”

Each week I will cover a different topic to help guide you through the basketball recruiting process. This week is a huge week for a number of Division 1 prospects as Wed is the start of the Fall Signing period. It’s a good opportunity to take a look at the National Letter of Intent and what it really means. I will take you through 4 important questions that any player, parent or coach needs to ask a school before signing the NLI. Enjoy the video and email me any questions at