Rick Pitino Firing is Just The Beginning of College Basketball Change

March 19th, 2017. That is the last time anyone will have seen Rick Pitino on the sidelines coaching at Lousiville. I hate the use the cliche, but unless you have been living under a rock the past two days, you know college basketball is about to change. That first change came today when Pitino was fired by the University of Louisville. School Athletic Director Tom Jurich was also relieved of his duties. The firing comes a day after the FBI dropped an atomic bomb on the basketball world. The Bureau handed out 10 arrests, and announced they had been undergoing a two year undercover investigation of corruption within college basketball. Coaches from Arizona, USC, Oklahoma State and Auburn were arrested yesterday. Later on in the day, news regarding Louisville broke.

The news surrounding the Cardinals consisted of an assistant coach, a representative from Adidas, and $100,000. The money was for a recruit, as a way to influence him to committing to Louisville. The FBI has recordings and text messages of the exchange, making it a very clear cut case. The announcement of corruption in college basketball is sadly not shocking news. The involvement of the FBI, and their desire to keep the NCAA in the dark, is the surprising bit. Yesterday, the FBI said the investigation is still ongoing and they are conducting interviews “as we speak.”

While Tuesday’s news was enough to talk about for two weeks, this news is probably just the beginning. Earlier this morning forward EJ Montgomery withdrew his commitment to Auburn, following yesterday’s news. You can count on the recruiting world to take a complete 180 in the coming days. While the firing of a Hall of Fame coach on the tails of corruption is groundbreaking, it appears to be one of the early dominos to fall in what could be a very long game.

Update: Wednesday 2:00 pm – 2018 recruits Anfernee Simons and Courtney Ramey have withdrawn their commitment to Louisville amid scandal.

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