Scouts Say: 14 Players Who Impressed

NEPTUNE, N.J. — Day one of the Hoop Group Buzzer Beater Classic, a full day of 98 games, is in the books. More than 35 coaches from every level of college basketball made the trip to Hoop Group’s headquarters on the Jersey Shore in the final throw’s of the summer’s live period.

With championship games still to come on Sunday, those coaches didn’t go to bed disappointed.

Hoop Group asked 15 coaches to name players who impressed them on Saturday. They gave us 14 different names, sometimes the same player. Coaches agreed to respond under the condition of anonymity in order to discuss recruiting information.

Players are listed with comments from coaches based on how frequently they were named.

Isaac Vann 

USAD (Ct.) | G | 6’5″

“He’s good. He’s smooth. I’m surprised more high-majors aren’t going after him.”

“Playmaker. He really drove the ball hard.”

“He’s great in transition. He just makes things happen.”

Mustapha Traore

Team FOE (Pa.) | F | 6’9″

“He knows how to play. He’s got great footwork. Good skills. Pretty good athlete. I like him a lot.”

“He was really active defending and rebounding.”

Jermaine Ukaegbu

Force 1 (Md.) | G | 6’3″

“He showed a lot of poise on the perimeter against a team that pressured a lot. He made long range shots, he drove the ball and he had a lot of fluidity on offense.”

“He’s one of the better athletes I’ve seen here. He goes to the rim hard.”

Bobby Casey

JB Hoops (Pa.) | G | 6’0″

“I think he’s the best shooter I’ve seen. He can just flat out score.”

Koree Hargraves

Wayne PAL (N.J.) | G | 6’1″

“Stand-up point guard. Always in control. Very hard to take him off the ball. Great court vision. Excellent inside passing.”

Quinton Dixon

NJ Roadrunners (N.J.) | G | 6’4″

“Played well. Did a little bit of everything. Got to the basket.”

Jack Laffey 

Shoreshots (N.J.) | G | 6’5″

“He made shots and played with a lot of toughness.”

Shawn Witherspoon

Team FOE (Pa.) | G | 6’2″

“He attacked. He was really aggressive. He didn’t shy away from anybody.”

Marques Jackson

Team FOE (Pa.) | G/F | 6’6″

“He was aggressive. He had a high motor the whole game. As a coach, that’s really what you want to see, guys going hard the whole game.”

Brandon Anderson

NJ Roadrunners (N.J.) | G | 6’0″

“He’s got a tight handle and he shoots it well.”

Malik Petteway

USAD (Ct.) | F | 6’7″

“A 6-foot-7 four-man who can handle the ball. His midrange game is really good. He attacks all rebounds.”

Justin Lynch

Bay State Jaguars (Mass.) | F | 6’7″

“Very skilled. They ran some Princeton stuff on offense and they had him in the high post and he passed it well. He hit a big jumper late and he looked pretty tough, too.”

Marcus Blackwell

CT Elite (Ct.) | G | Height not listed

“Just a really solid guard. Put together. He’s probably got a college-ready body already.”

Tommy Capuano

CWB (N.Y.) | G | 5’10”

“Probably the only good scorer on this team. He’s a shotmaker with a really tight handle.”

Some quick takeaways:

  • Only three players were mentioned more than once.
  • Only three teams had two or more players named by coaches. Team FOE had three players named to the list. USAD had two players. The NJ Roadrunners had two players named to the list, but they were from different age groups.
  • Only one player named is listed under six feet (Tommy Capuano of CWB is listed at 5’10”).
  • Coaches named eight guards, three forwards and one combination guard/forward (Marques Jackson of Team FOE).
  • Teams from Pennsylvania and New Jersey each landed four players on the list. Connecticut had three players. Maryland New York and Massachusetts each had one.

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