Lock Up Defense with Coach Seth Greenberg

Hoop Group Elite Camps not only allow you to get the best competition and exposure, but also the best instruction. We support this claim every day of camp by providing early bird and sweatshop workouts, morning station instruction, film breakdown sessions and guest lecturers. This afternoon’s guest lecturer was a special treat; former Virginia Tech Coach and current college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg spoke to the camp yesterday.

Coach Greenberg’s focus was on one thing: defense. In a world where a lot of focus is put on offense and scoring, Coach Greenberg decided to focus on the other end of the floor during his lecture. Coach reminded guys the real reason they are here. “You’re here this week because you want to get better.” he said. One can always get better on defense.

The first drill coach Greenberg showed the camp was a close out drill. Players lined up around the arc and one defensive player started under the hoop and worked on closing out on every player who stood outside the three point line.

Next, the former Virginia Tech coach showed players how to fight their way through screens, something he noted would be a crucial ability to play at the next level.

As important as it is to have great defense on every possession, it is wasted if you cannot secure a defensive rebound. That’s why coach wrapped up his drills with a rebounding drill to help guys work on getting a body on guys, boxing out and securing defensive rebounds.

It’s not everyday you get to hear from a coach who has coached against some of the best in this business. Coach Greenberg has tremendous knowledge of the game of basketball and these campers were fortunate to have been able to listen to what he had to say. Offensive players are important, but when the game is on the line and teams need stops, coaches will always turn to the guys who can lock down on defense. Message received coach!

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