The Shore Conference Ultimate Point Guard

Next week Point Guard Camp at Hoop Group will take place, so with that in mind I thought I’d put together the ultimate Shore Point Guard. You see the Shore Conference has long been known for having great point Guards and this year is no different. But as everyone knows finding the compete point guard is not easy, so I thought I’d have a little fun today and build the perfect point guard using the best attributes of the best point guards in the Shore Conference. Great Point Guards are getting harder and harder to find. But building one from the best of the best is easy…


The Brains of my operation would be Katie Healy

The first thing every coach want’s in a point guard is a great HEAD on their shoulders, a player who is a coach on the floor and communicates with teammates from A-Z, while controlling the game. KATIE HEALY of Colts Neck is so smart and has such a unique feel for the game that she would be my HEAD. The Seton Hall bound Katie Healy understands the strengths and weaknesses of her teammates AND opponents better than any point guard in the Shore; she is the master of understanding clock and situation. Katie Healy is a winner and if I’m starting a team, this is the point guard that is going to be the brain and HEAD OF MY TEAM.

The Heart of Kelly Campbell would be in my Point Guard

I believe the point guard is the HEART and soul of any team. They must be tough, gritty and love pressure. The HEART of your team must be a gym rat and the hardest worker in your program. The HEART of my Point Guard would be KELLY CAMPBELL of SJV. She is a warrior and loves pressure and big games. The HEART of your team must step to the free throw line late in the games under pressure and deliver, Campbell is murder to opponents in this situation. The HEART of your team must want the ball late and take care of it. The HEART of your team must be able to lead when everyone else is questioning can it be done? Kelly Campbell can take a beaten and keep on ticking…no question she is fearless and has a big HEART…My Point Guard has to have a big Heart and no HEART is bigger than Kelly Campbell’s

The Motor is always important and nobody has one like Stella Clark

No question the best point guards have a big MOTOR and no question the biggest MOTOR in the shore belongs to STELLA CLARK of Manasquan. Great Point Guards find another speed when everyone is dying with fatigue. Stella Clark is the energizer bunny and hits the floor and just never stops. She is the player that when all hope is lost and nobody has the energy to keep on keeping on, like in the SCT semi- final she finds another speed…and energy to keep playing hard. Like all great point guards her MOTOR never stops and STELLA seems to always have another gear. My point guard needs a big Motor and Stellar Clark has the biggest motor of all

Morris’s creativity is not just on offense

A CREATIVE point guard is a must for a great team. CREATIVE point guards can break the script and re- writes a better one than the coach wrote at the right time. NICOLE MORRIS of RFH is so CREATIVE with the ball at times it shocks me. She stays in the RFH style most nights, but when she needs to, she can go into her bag a tricks and make something out of nothing…this folks is something that all teams need to be successful in close games against great opponents who take away your pet plays and sets. But knowing when to be CREATIVE is very important and Morris is never too creative, she picks her spots. Maybe this why she just may be the most in demand point guard in the shore. I like a Creative Point Guards, who can go by opponents and make the right play and Nicole Morris is just want the doctor ordered.

Chelsea Crowe Deep Shooting is just what I want when I see ZONE OR A SAGGING DEFENSE

If your team does not have a point guard that can stretch defenses that sag in on GREAT POST PLAYERS and cheat to your best shooter; you’re in trouble. The DEEP THREE POINT shooting point guard prevents all of this and CHELSEA CROWE of Mon Don is the best deep 3 point shooting point guard in the shore and her 38 shooting pct from that distance is proof of the fact. Crowe range is scary because she shoots the deep 3 with ease and comfort; it forces teams to prepare for her …I always want a Point Guard that can wreck zones and force teams to leave there defensive comfort zone…Chelsea Crowe is the perfect stretch point guard.

Well you really can’t have point guard who can’t dribble, but having an elite BALL HANDLER makes any team better. When you have a BALL HANDLER who can break the press off the dribble and can split traps it makes life a little easier, the great ball handler also can get a team or crowd into a game very quick with an exciting play and on the road can turn YOUR home crowd against your team at the drop of a time. Knowing your team cannot be pressured is a coach’s dream. The best ball handler I have seen in years is still in 8th grade. Christina Antonakakis who will be attending Holmdel High School has the sickest handle of any kid since former All American Shakenna Richardson. Her ball and hand speed along with her change of pace is unmatched. Her ability to break down defenders of all levels of quickness at times is hilarious…she is that rare point guard that people get to the gym early to see!…I WANT A POINT GUARD THAT BRINGS A GREAT HANDLE AND EXCITEMENT TO THE GYM AND MISS ANTONAKAKIS DOES THIS!

Your Point Guard must pass like Kelly Crouch

This has to be the number one talent of your point guard. They must be able to find shooters and most important get the ball to your post players. Kelly Crouch of SJV has D1 offers already and the #1 reason for this is her ability to pass the ball. NOBODY feeds the post or runs pick and roll like Kelly Crouch; she is easily the best PASSING point guard in the Shore Conference. The young lady just makes her teammates life easier by getting the ball in the right spots. Crouch is willing to give up the spotlight to make her teammates better….RARE. But the best part of her passing skills folks is that she knows when to make the pass…If I want my point guard to make the right pass at the right time to the right player… Kelly Crouch is my choice.

A quick way to ruin your night is to have Mayfield Show up!

The point guard is the head of your DEFENSE and if your point guard doesn’t defend your team is in major trouble. Jane Mayfield will play the point position in college one day and HERE is a fact… I have never seen an on ball defender like her in all my years watching Shore or any other kind of girls’ basketball. She is strong, quick, and fast with active hands. No player has broken up more fast breaks in shore history single handily. If you wanted a point guard to anchor your defense there is no other choice than Jane Mayfield. She can ruin an opponent’s offense with ball pressure and her ability to create deflections and steals. A team’s defense starts with a point guard and I want my point guard to defend like Miss Mayfield.

I you need to get “ONE” this is the answer to your problem

The truly super point guard has the ability to get your team a BIG BUCKETT. When all is lost and your team needs a basket and when all your teams fancy, pretty, cute offensive sets don’t work…your point guard has to go get you “ONE” as in a bucket. But remember your point guard has to be able to get to the foul line, post up, hit a “3” or score in traffic without flopping or begging for that foul call. This is the rare point guard I’m talking about; and only one point guard in the shore can do all these things and her name is Stephanie Karcz and she built like a Mac Truck and is as quick as a cat…If your team needs a basket late, can your point guard go get you one? Well if I need a basket late I want Stephanie Karcz of Middletown South to be my point guard.

As you can see building creating the perfect point guard is not easy but I know the shore conference has the best group of any conference in America and that my friends is a fact….we start Point Guard Camp this Monday and I know we will see a few more special ones….. Point Guard still has open spots


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