Skills Camp I July 7-11 Blog

After a great week of basketball, our first Skills Camp of the summer is officially in the books! This was a very successful week of basketball in the Pocono’s. We had a good turnout for our Early Bird morning workouts, which demonstrates how motivated the campers were to improve their game while at camp. On Tuesday, our “Tournament of Champions” took place, consisting of Free Throw, Hot Shot, and 1 on 1 championships, which all led up to our All-Star games on Wednesday night. We had so many talented campers with us throughout the week , making Championship Thursday as intense as we have had all summer. All four leagues (ACC, SEC, Big East, and NBA) had championship games that were decided in the 4th quarter.
The coaching staff this week was outstanding. We had High School, AAU, and College coaches with us for the week. One of the great things about this staff was their desire and willingness to improve their player’s games. After skill development and/or games were complete, I constantly saw coaches pulling players aside to give more instruction and advice. The coaches loved being around the campers and gave them everything they could to help their games. The campers were also fortunate enough to listen to two great lectures throughout the week. Tobin Anderson, from St. Thomas Aquinas, came early in the week to speak with our campers and Steven Rosenberry, a scout for the Portland Trail Blazers, came on Tuesday to talk to the campers about offensive development, their work ethic, and what it takes to play at the next level.
The Hoop Group Skills Camp would like to send out several well-deserved thanks. First, we would like to thank the parents of our campers. Without you, the campers would not be fortunate enough to have had such a great week with us. Next, we would like to thank the campers. They were highly motivated and a pleasure to coach throughout the week. Finally, we would like to thank the coaches and staff who worked all week to assist campers in developing their game.
Listed below are the Award Winners from Camp:
Early Bird Workout Star – Tim Orr
Free Throw Champ – Tanner Richmond
Hot Shot Champ – Terence Mullin
1 on 1 Champ – Jack Boyle
Mr. Hustle – Zachary Charles
Floor General – Anthony Pinkney
Most Improved Player – Harold Lane
MVP – Josh Cash
All-Star MVP – Josh Cash
Team Champs – Duke: Vaughn Telepo, Aiden Horan, Gavin Golick, Dylan Haroff, Ryan Collins, Tim Orr, Adam Aquaro, Josh Cash

Early Bird Workout Star – Dan McKinney
Free Throw Champ – Ryan Knoeller
Hot Shot Champ – Mark Walker
1 on 1 Champ – Jacob Herrera
Mr. Hustle – Mark Walker
Most Improved Player – James Lavacca
MVP – Jamir Lattimore
All-Star MVP – Jaylen Colon
Team Champs – Georgia: Sebastian Haddad, Liam Kennedy, Ryan Knoeller, Jaylen Colon, Elijah Carroll, Nicholas Vespole, Jack Whelan, Shane Keenan, Justin Gurth

Big East:
Early Bird Workout Star – Evan Czulada
Free Throw Champ – Kevin Murray
Hot Shot Champ – Trevor Herbst
1 on 1 Champ – Julian Briggs
Mr. Hustle – Jared Wimberly
Floor General – Miles Longstreth
Most Improved Player – Sean McKinney
MVP – Eric Dean
All-Star MVP – Evan Czulada
Team Champs – St. John’s: Bradley Delaney, Eric Dean, Trevor Herbst, Michael Watkins, William Landy, Shawn Johnson, Reggie McCann, Nasir Williams, Natrell Nichols

Early Bird Workout Star – Adrian Voysey
Hot Shot Champ – Anthony Alicea
1 on 1 Champ – Zach Kobb
Mr. Hustle – Josh Nelson
Floor General – Zaheem Garrett
Most Improved Player – Malik Maxwell
All-Star MVP – Shahee Aurelus
Team Champs – Celtics: Andrew Santuchi, Nate Charles, Charles Kobus, Anthony Dow, Isaiah Robinson, Nicholas Hudson, Malik Salandy, Corey Nelson, Anthony Alicea, Rene Destine, Keyon Butler

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