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This afternoon, the Hoop Group’s fourth and final Skills Camp of the summer finished up. We had an incredible week for basketball, with great weather and campers who were highly motivated to improving their game while at camp. This week’s group of campers were special. They were some of the most dedicated and hard-working campers of the summer. They worked extremely hard in their skill development on the court, as well as participating in optional Early Bird morning workouts and after dinner sweatshops.

All 3 leagues (ACC, Big East, NBA) were highly competitive this week at camp, with championship games decided by single digits in the 4th quarter or overtime. At camp, it’s hard to top seeing the kids compete with one another to be crowned champions during Thursday’s tournament. The kids bring their ‘A’ game to the court and play with so much heart, camaraderie, and passion – it is really enjoyable to watch! Players step up for their teams in crucial situations in the game or take on a new leadership role for their team – even in a few days at camp, it is easy to the growth and development in camper’s games, which is extremely rewarding for their coaches. The coaching staff puts in unmatched effort to develop players games while at camp and the strides made throughout the week is highly rewarding to see.
Similar to our other Skills Camps, we had our Tournament of Champions on Tuesday evening, starting with Free Throw Championships, Hot Shot Championships, and 1 on 1 Championships. On Wednesday evening, we had our league All-Star games under the lights on our main courts. Finally, as stated above, we concluded camp with the always popular Camp Championships.

The Award Winners from camp will be listed, by league and award, below and pictures are posted to our Facebook Page (The Hoop Group). Please visit for more information on upcoming events, including our last camp of the summer: Shooting Camp II from August 23-27th. Don’t forget to check out the Hoop Group on Social Media!
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Early Bird Workout Star: Zach Rocco
Hot Shot Champ: Zion Harmon
1 on 1 Champ: Zion Harmon
Mr. Hustle: Cole Roddi
Floor General: Ajani Simmons
MIP: Charlie Santio
MVP: Zion Harmon
Team Champs: UNC – Marcus Von Recklinghausen, Sheal Singh-Varma, Cole Roddi, Cooper Mandel, Hunter Paone, Will Jenkins, Nicholas Semon, Aaron Roberts

Big East:
Early Bird Workout Star: Will Melson
Free Throw Champ: Maurice Widset
Hot Shot Champ: Nick Stillwell
1 on 1 Champ: Will Melson
Mr. Hustle: River LaPLante
Floor General: Wes Jones
MIP: William Liotti
MVP: John Flair
All-Star MVP: Jaden Goins
Team Champs: UCONN – Riley Dempsey, Jake Meissner, Manas Kaushik, James Sabo, Eli Hill, Ethan Chavis, Branden Ortiz

Early Bird Workout Star: Charles Kobus
Free Throw Champ: Vieux Toure
Hot Shot Champ: Jacob Grandison
1 on 1 Champ: Michael Sharpe
Mr. Hustle: Anthony Dow
Floor General: Dave Rotando
MIP: Shek Toure
MVP: Royce Chester
All-Star MVP: Jurelle Pruitt
Team Champs: Knicks – William McDaniel, Jake Reichenbach, Carlton Coleman, Lucas Schaffner, Khalil Reaves, Jacob Grandison, Michael Evans, Aaron Sims

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