5 Steps to Prepare for Your School Basketball Season Tryouts

So it’s time to get ready for your high school, middle school and grammar school basketball teams.

So what do you do to prepare for your tryouts?

So often parents and kids are not sure what approach to take to get ready. Here are 5 steps to prepare for your basketball season.


Condition is always the number one area all players should address at all ages. The better shape you are in, the longer and harder you can play. There is nothing more impressive to a coach than players who play hard or who come back in shape. Players who are in basketball shape send a message to their coach that they are ready to work and have been working all off-season. Those out of shape find the coaches have less patience for them and in most cases it affects playing time early in the season for sure.

Balance Training & Games

Get in the gym and work on your game. Be careful, so many players have personal trainers. Some have trainers for shooting, for speed, for dribbling or post moves. These are very helpful in some cases, but there is a big difference between being a player and a drill master. Some people train all day but can’t move things to a game situation. Playing and training are two difference things. I believe competition and getting in front of an opponent is the key to every kid’s development.

Develop a Routine

Players need to develop a weekly routine. Some kids have tons of homework, some kids play multiple sports, and others simply wait too long to start getting ready. Time is limited for all during the fall training period and you must use yours wisely regardless of your personal situation. Get to as many team work outs as possible if your school coach is running them. AAU coaches run workouts this time of year as well. Take advantage of these opportunities. Not everyone can get to every work out and coaches know this, but don’t miss practice because of lack of organization. A routine will help you focus and achieve your preseason goals.

Strengthen Your Strengths

So often kids think it’s about who the best 12 players are that make up a team. But coaches know better, maybe you school is returning everyone except a shooter. Whether your team may need a defender or a rebounder, finding a role and filling a team weakness is far more important sometimes than just having talent. If you develop what you’re best at you will find time on the floor.


Get in the gym and repeat, repeat, and repeat. Eventually your ball handling, shooting, etc will become instinctive muscle memory. The more you practice the better you will become. Keep a record of your workouts to see your progression.

Good luck to everyone this season and remember Hoop Group is a resource to you for instruction & education throughout your journey to fulfill your dream to play college basketball.

Shore Conference News & Notes

  • Sophomore Katie Healy of Colts Neck High School gave Iona College a verbal commitment last night. She becomes the 2nd player from the Shore Conference that Iona College head coach Anthony Bozzella and staff has received a verbal commitment from this year. Senior Player of the Year candidate Kat Eganof St. John Vianney gave Iona College a verbal commitment this past summer.Healy, the daughter of Colts Neck Head Coach Jeannie Healy decided to make this decision with 3 years of high school basketball still ahead of her. But her mother’s word this summer tells the entire story “Iona College is my daughter’s dream school, she has such a great connection with coach Anthony Bozzella.” Those words made this decision not very surprising and very predictable.

    It is not often players are so rock sure were they want to attend college and a college actually feels the same way about them so early in the process. Healy no doubt has broken a number of college coaches hearts with her decision. Katie Healy had visited a number of Division 1 schools this fall before making this decision. I Guess it’s true the early bird does gets the worm. Congrats to both the Healy family and the Iona coaching staff.