How to Assess Your Game Midway Through Your Basketball Season

Assessing yourself at mid-season is something all good coaches and players do this time of year. So here are 7 questions that each must answer when looking in the mirror:

7 questions for Players
1. Have you asked your coach to help you improve one of your WEAKNESSES?
2. Do you have a true UNDERSTANDING of your role? Has your coach given you one?
3. How did you preformed in your teams BIGGEST games?
4. Are you a box score junkie and only STATS define you as a player?
5. How do you prepare yourself MENTALLY for practice and games? Is it ENOUGH?
6. Do your teammates RESPECT you?
7. Have you represented your team and school in a POSITIVE manner?

7 Questions for Coaches
1. Have you held to your Preseason Philosophy or has the win/loss Record changed your course?
2. Has your team improved since the START of the season?
3. Has your team developed an IDENTITY?
4. How has your team preformed in its BIGGEST games (notice I did not say win)?
5. Does your team play for the name on the back or the FRONT
6. Do your players TRUST you?
7. Does your team know YOUR goals for the remainder of the season? Do you know THEIRS?


1. RBC– A true team, Mary Kate Caverly at some point will get her due
2. Pt. Boro– Lauren Hughes is an all shore player…PERIOD.
3. Middletown South– Stephanie Karzc is having a MONSTER freshman year!
4. SJV– Feel Good story of the year…Dawn Karpell Coach of the year?
5. Pt. Beach– They have done everything that has been asked of them.
6. Freehold Boro– Spahn, Dana and the Cobb girls getting it DONE!
7. Holmdel– Tara Inman is having a season to remember…
8. Manasquan– A new star has arrived… Courtney Hagaman!
9. Neptune– So how long will they be waiting?
10. Rumson– Scored 25 points vs. Raritan so it’s back to the drawing board

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