Father/Son Weekend: A Weekend of Basketball and Bonding


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6/15/15 DAY 3

12:17 pm
With camp coming to an end, everyone is packing up and heading out to spend the rest of Father’s Day with their families. A big thank you to all the campers and their Dads for making our first weekend of camp this summer an absolute success! Our next camp is Kevin Boyle Point Guard Camp June 21-22. Spots are filling up quickly so sign up now and reserve a spot to work with 3-time Coach of the Year Kevin Boyle! We hope to see you there!

11:47 am
Doesn’t get much better than this out here! Beautiful weather, basketball and bonding!

11:01 am
Looks like a lot of campers will be walking away with some free stuff! After a good workout by Coach Finch, campers participated in some shooting games. A lot of tee shirts being won right now! Great way for them to end camp. –@TheHoopGroup

9:43 am
We have a winner! After a weekend of competing, we are happy to crown our first ever 94 Fifty champions! Congratulations!

9:15 am
We’re set for a beautiful last day here in the Poconos! We’ve been fortunate to have good weather all weekend long. Here’s a picture from last night!

8:00 am

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, especially the ones at camp with us this weekend!

6/14/15 DAY 2

9:30 pm
The day is coming to a close, but don’t tell the kids that. They’re still running around and full of energy! Don’t forget to check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a full day’s recap, pictures and more!

9:02 pm

8:13 pm Sons vs Sons game taking place on the main court right now. Dads vs. Dads to follow! IMG_71456:32 pm No surprise here: Coach Hurley’s lecture was a hit!


6:23 pm
The sun came out just in time for our Father/Son barbecue!



5:06 pm
Here’s a picture of Bob Hurley speaking with the campers earlier in the day.

5:00 pm
We’ve done so much today already and we’re STILL NOT DONE! Time for a barbecue outside. Sons vs Sons and Dads vs Dads games headline our night cap later!

4:33 pm
The name of the game is Ultimate Knockout. We are looking for one winner. Who’s going to win some free gear?!

3:57 pm
After some free time to relax and regroup, it’s time for campers to play some games! Coach Finch has a few tee shirts to give away for the winners. –@TheHoopGroup

2:33 pm

2:00 pm Dad’s and campers getting a special guest lecture this afternoon from Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley! 1:16 pm

  12:49 pm Coach Finch monitoring dribbles and accuracy with his iPad through the bluetooth technology within the 94 Fifty balls.

12:32 pm Those of you following from home, don’t forget to check Facebook for all the photos taken of this weekend! 12:06 pm Getting into it with some 4 on 4 games before lunch. Campers and dads showing what they learned in stations this morning! IMG_6838 11:37 am

11:01 am Ending a good day of workouts with a game of dribble tag! Down to our last two. IMG_7016

10:46 am Stations this morning focused on defense! Campers learned the proper stance and footwork during several drills this morning. Let’s see if they can put it to use in our 4 on 4 games later! IMG_6860

9:20 am Great camps have great coaches and Hoop Group Skills Camp has two of the best in Coach Zupko and Coach Finch! tweet

9:07 am A special announcement made by Coach Finch before stations! New to skills camp this summer is the 94Fifty basketball! This new ball will actually help monitor your ball handling and shooting technique and tell you where you need to improve. This weekend we will be having a 94Fifty Father/Son contest. Stay tuned for a winner! 94fifty-basketball-lead-full

7:45 am Rise and shine! Day 2 of Father/Son Weekend has begun with everyone coming together for breakfast. Good chance for campers to fuel up before a long day of basketball and bonding. Stations are up next. –@TheHoopGroup

6/13/15 DAY 1

9:54 pm Day 1 is in the books! Be sure to look for photos on Facebook and check back here tomorrow as the live blog continues bright and early!

9:07 pm After some 2 on 2 games between the dads and their sons, it’s time for an appetizer buffet. Campers definitely worked up an appetite! 8:50 pm A camp classic: sharks and minnows! 8:18 pm Coach Finch teaching the campers the most important drill for any aspiring shooter: Form Shooting! unnamed 7:56 pm Dads are out their playing point guard,setting their sons up with great passes for jump shots in the first round of stations. photo1 7:33 pm

6:53 pm
Registration is nearing a close and we are getting ready to start!


6:06 pm
This weekend is a guaranteed bonding experience for father and their sons. Be sure to follow along all weekend using the hashtags #HGSkills and #FatherSonWeekend. You won’t regret it!-@TheHoopGroup

5:43 pm
Shaping up to be a great time in the Poconos. Emmaus High School Coach Steve Yoder is here with us for the weekend!

5:00 pm
After a long winter of snow, summer has FINALLY arrived for Hoop Group Skills Camp in the Poconos. The grass is cut, the courts are power washed, the balls are pumped up and father’s are beginning to arrive for registration…2014 summer camp is here!

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