Spencer Mahoney: Junior Elite Player of the Day

Spencer Mahoney
New York, NY
Ballercise Elite

Scouting Report: Mahoney is a difficult match-up for opponents due to his unique skill set. The seventh grader is nearing 6′ tall, making him effective in the paint and on the glass, however he possesses strong ball skills and has shown the ability to play in space from the perimeter. This combination makes him a tough cover for many teams in his age bracket. What has impressed us most about Spencer has been his ability to play in different roles. While at camp, he has shown he can control a game in the paint, but has also played against older players and had success on the wing as well. If he continues to develop his strength and outside shooting, he can become the total package on the court.

Events Attended: NYC Jr. Elite, Jr. Elite Weekend, Kevin Boyle Skills Camp


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