Spring Decision Time

The spring is a time of year when so many tough decisions are made. Players are preparing for their freshman year of college. The class of ’14 seniors are hoping to get noticed by college coaches, which in some cases can become stressful. The 8th graders preparing for their first high school practices in June are no doubt excited and nervous. For parents the decision of where to send their kids to summer camp is always tricky.

For seniors going to college who have signed at school,the big decision is what to do with all that free time they have for the first time in years. In some cases the player now wants to rest, relax and enjoy the spring for the first time in years. They tend to shoot in a gym and run a few miles a week. This folks is nothing like what they will be up against in college. College works outs are intense and all-consuming at times. Many times freshman come in behind and simply never catch up, it’s an old story that is repeated year after year. My advice to those getting ready to attend college get in the gym against the best competition you can find as often as possible.

For the class of ’14 seniors hoping to be seen by college coaches the big decision is how best to get ready. I say establish some name recognition first, it will NOT get you a scholarship. But it will drive coaches to watch your games, then of course you must perform, coaches only want you if you are good enough. I say set the table before the summer starts. Call coaches, go to elite camps, visit colleges of all levels, send tape and by all means practice against live competition. Please do not limit your practice to your AAU team and drills. One more bit of STRONG ADVICE…Do what is best for you ALWAYS! AAU basketball is a revolving door, try to be a good team member but NEVER put any team before your personal exposure. Lastly parents “PLEASE” stay away from social media negativity and attention grabbing behavior in the stands. COACHES are watching!

For 8th graders getting ready for high school, let me give you the best advice you will ever get. Make sure you are playing against high school players as often as possible. Understand the HS game is faster and much more physical. You will need a few weeks to adjust to this and I don’t care how good you are as a player, seek older, physically stronger competition and REST YOUR BODY, when it tells you too. Many high school coaches pretend the summer workouts mean little. This is total nonsense, because opinions are formed about players during these work outs and stick with you in many cases throughout your HS career. So be prepared. Remember your high school Career starts in June so get ready.

PARENTS so what type of camp should your child attend? l believe the best camps are where the coaches are not parents or HS players. Next any camp that allows your child to build self-esteem while pushing them at the same time is a home run. Know what type camp fits your child; do you want teaching of a certain skill set? For example the hoop Group runs a ball handling/ shooting camp. This camp does not play games but has a total concentration on these two skills set. It’s a great event for kids wishing to improve these areas. Maybe you want a camp that plays games and touches all skill sets such as Core Skills at Hoop Group. Maybe your child is highly competitive and you may try a camp such as NBSPD. It’s very important that you know what is best for your child and understand research is the name of the game. Your local High School camp is always a must for any child in order to get to know their future coach. I believe kids should attend camp early in the summer so they can have a longer development period. Every kid should try to attend at least one camps that challenges them and gets them out of their comfort zone.

The spring and summer can be great time for improvement for all, but everyone must understand that rest is also a very important thing for every kid,regardless of age or ability. Below is a link to the hoop group summer camp line up…remember do research and ask questions.


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